Air Purifier Humidifier Reviews: What To Look For

You are either living in a dry part of the world or as Jon Snow so often warns us “winter is coming”. In the colder months the humidity drops which can cause problems with health and our indoor environment. But you also want to have a home with clean fresh air for a number of reasons. An air purifier humidifier can be an effective solution to both problems.

There are certain things you need to consider before making this purchase. To find a product that will suit your situation, just a little research is needed. In this article, you will find answers to many of the questions you have about air purifier humidifiers. If you would like to check out some air purifier humidifiers right away, click this link to amazon. Otherwise read on to find out about air purifier humidifiers.

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Are Air Purifiers And Humidifiers The Same Thing?
The straight answer is no! These are completely different machines that serve separate purposes. It is easy to get confused when it comes to machines that alter the indoor air. This is why it is important to understand which is used for what.

confusedAn air purifier is a machine that filters the air so that it decreases the amount of contaminants in a room or space. These can be dust mites, pet dander, hair, smoke particles, mold spores and pollen to name a few. They help to relieve the symptoms of many airborne allergies. Also, they are used in areas of high pollution. Their basic purpose is to clean the indoor air.

Most of them work using a filter to trap the unwanted particles. They have become more popular in the last 15-20 years. Many people who use them report having fewer symptoms of their allergies once they are used.

An air humidifier is used to increase the humidity of an indoor environment. Low humidity can cause a few irritating health issues as well as damage wooden furniture. Humidity can be high in dry climates as well as in the winter months. People use these machines to add moisture to the air of an indoor environment. Low humidity can cause problems like dry skin, respiratory distress, and dry sinuses. A humidifier can monitor the level of humidity in the room and adjust it to the ideal level.

What Is An Air Purifier Humidifier?
An air purifier humidifier is a machine that can both decontaminate the air and add moisture to it. They are usually put in a bedroom or living room to improve the air quality. You would only buy one if you are living in a dry environment.

What Does An Air Purifier Humidifier Do?
sneeze-allergy-outdoorIt does the same thing as if you bought the two products separately. An air purifier humidifier is aimed at saving you time and hassle. Only one warranty to worry about, one maintenance manual, one power source etc…

The air purifier part will decontaminate the air of the room or rooms that it is placed in. It will help with allergies, rhinitis, asthmatics and smoke pollution. The humidifier will add moisture to the air to help with health problems associated with dry air.

Who Would Buy An Air Purifier Humidifier?
desert-cactusYou would only buy this product if you need both to purify an indoor area and add humidity. Usually, people who live in dry parts of the world would consider using a humidifier. Also, people that live in places where it gets cold. We all know the problems that we can have when it is cold and dry. We get cracked lips, irritated skin, sinuses and throats, as well as itchy eyes.

If you are living in this kind of environment and also have an issue with indoor contaminants, then this is something you should consider. You will be able to control the symptoms of dry air as well as decontaminate your living area.

Air purifiers are very helpful if you suffer from dust mite allergies, rhinitis/hay fever, mold sensitivities, indoor smoke or asthma. They are also effective in lowering indoor air pollution. Did you know that indoor air pollution can be up to ten times worse than the air pollution outside?? Pollution gets trapped in our homes and can be very unhealthy for us in the short and long term.

It is not just the outside air coming into your home that can be harmful. Chemicals used in the construction of the house or the furniture can be bad for you as well.

Should I Just Be Buying An Air Purifier?
austin-hm400-air-purifierObviously, if you are living in a place that is humid and warm, this is not a good purchase. You would only buy an air purifier humidifier if you need more humidity in your home. In a more tropical environment, an air purifier is going to be enough. Don’t go assuming that more functions are better… Make sure that what you purchase suits your individual situation.

If you want to know more about air purifiers, have a look at my Guide To Air Purifiers. For lower range brands, have a look at the Honeywell 50250-S or Winix Air Purifiers, or some great upper market brands are Austin Air Purifiers (cover a huge area), or Blueair Air Purifiers (Ultra silent technology).

Should I Just Be Buying An Air Humidifier?
air-humidifierThe main reasons for buying an air purifier are allergies, asthma, smoke pollution and living in a polluted area. If you have no problems with any of these, then just buying a humidifier is a smart choice. Don’t spend more time and money than you need to.

The WHO announced recently that 90% of the world’s population are living in areas where the pollution is not at a safe level. It is a pretty shocking statistic! It can lead to pretty serious health problems and premature death. So generally I would never recommend against having an air purifier in your home. But we only have so much money, so this is always a personal choice.

Are They Dangerous?
I will have to answer this question for both the air purifier and the humidifier separately. They are both safe if you do your research and buy the right product. The maintenance and care of the humidifier its the only safety concern.

Normal air purifiers that use a HEPA filter are generally very safe to use. The problem with air purifiers comes when the machine produces too much ozone. Air purifiers that contain ionizers can (but not always) produce excess ozone as well as ones marketed as “ozone air purifiers”. Too much ozone IS bad for your health! Whichever way you look at the situation, this is a fact! It damages the lungs and causes a number of problems… So make sure that the product you are looking at does not produce more ozone than is naturally occurring in the environment.

For air humidifiers, the safety issues are in the maintenance. They have to be kept clean or they will become a source of indoor air pollution! You need to make sure that you have the correct water in them. If you use water with contaminants in it, the humidifier will spray them into the air. Use distilled or demineralized water for the humidifier. Just remember to follow the guidelines and clean your humidifier regularly and you will not have any issues.

What Humidity Level Is Healthy?
humidityYou may be asking yourself about the dangers of high humidity… and this is justified. One of the main functions of an air purifier is to get rid of dust mites. But the higher the humidity, the more dust mites thrive. It also allows mold spores and mildew to multiply. This is why it is important to know the ideal humidity of your situation.

When the humidity is too low, it can be bad for your health, furniture and comfort. But when it is too high it also creates other problems. The ideal humidity indoors is anywhere between 25-50%. Anything over 50 and dust mites and mold will thrive. Under 25 you will start to have problems that we talked about with low humidity.

So to make sure that dust mites and mold are not an issue, you just have to monitor the humidity levels. The air purifier will do a good job at getting rid of dust mites and mold. But you don’t want to create an environment where these pests are comfortable either. So keep your humidity under 50% to avoid this problem!

What Are Your Recommendations?
It is important to keep in mind what I have said about ozone generating air purifiers. A few of the air purifier humidifier combinations that I have seen do produce excess ozone. They are very tricky about how they advertise their products.

Sometimes it will be written in the finer details that you shouldn’t run it all day… That is a dead giveaway that the products is putting out too much ozone! If ozone is not mentioned, then you need to be sure it is safe to use.

The most important factor to consider before you buy is how big the area is you want to clean and humidify. For all you need to know about this, please read my article about Measuring Area Coverage For An Air Purifier.

Lower Range
Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function
This machine is a good lower price air purifier humidifier combination. It can cover 254 square feet, has long-life HEPA filters, is very quiet and has decent CADR. In general, customer reviews are positive. The only complaint is that people cannot place it too close to the wall. This is because the air flows backwards through this machine.

It has been certified safe for use with the California Air Resources Board. This machine would probably be best suited to a medium sized bedroom. Good value for money and covers the essentials of both air purifiers and humidifiers.

High Range
BONECO Hybrid Humidifier and HEPA Air Purifier H680
This is pretty much the bee’s knees of air purifier humidifier combinations. It can purify and humidify a room up to 1025 square feet! That is a very large area to cover! Features are a HEPA filter, sleep mode for lower noise, reminders for replacement of filters and water, remote control, as well as air humidity and quality sensors. You will be able to decontaminate and humidify lofts, city apartments or large offices. The customer reviews of this product are overwhelmingly positive! If you want the best of the best, then this is it!

Final Thoughts?
An air purifier humidifier combo can be a great way to solve two problems with one machine. You just need to do your research and figure out what product suits your space and situation. Measure the area you need to purify and humidify, then see what can cover this space properly. Many customers have reported feeling a reduction in allergy and asthma symptoms as well as not having to worry about problems associated with a dry environment. If you would like to check out some air purifier humidifier combinations, click this link to amazon. With the right choice, you will notice a difference in your quality of life when you have an effective air purifier humidifier combination.

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