AlorAir Sentinel HD90 Basement/Crawl Space Commercial Dehumidifier Review

Whether you need a dehumidifier for a commercial property or one for your home in a crawl space or basement, AlorAir has several solutions. They are a well-known manufacturer of water damage restoration and moisture removal products.

This review will look at the Sentinel HD(i)90 dehumidifier, which is AlorAir’s flagship model. It is touted as a one-stop shop for your humidity problems in your crawl space, promising you will never need anything else. We’ll put this to the test.

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Benefits and Features

Within 24-hours, the AlorAir Sentinel HD(i)90 dehumidifier can remove 43.5 liters, 90 pints, or 11.25 gallons of moisture from the surrounding air. Comparing this with other dehumidifiers on the market, it doesn’t seem to stack up if you’re looking on paper, but the performance in the real world is comparable, in our opinion.

The average height of your crawl space or basement seems to match up to the indoor area that AlorAir suggests these figures are based on – 2,600 sq. ft..

What’s the difference between HD90 vs. HDi90?

The HDi90 sports an in-built pump, enabling easy disposal of the water pulled from the atmosphere. Otherwise, the specifications are the same.

Control Panel

The HD(i)90 has a control panel which is fairly basic. It gives you the option to select the humidity level, as well as the function to turn the device off and on.

Wi-Fi Controller

This can be purchased separately but is not required for using the base unit.
This addition allows operation of the HD(i)90 without needing to physically be near the dehumidifier. This is helpful if you have installed the unit in a hard-to-reach area of your building.

The device is remarkably similar in design to an AC control panel and is also intuitive. Attach it in a location you’re happy with in your property and carry on!

Digital Humidistat

This is in-built in the Wi-Fi Controller as there is little space or input on the basic control panel.

Most models on the market that would be a competition to this one have a smaller range than the HD(i)90 in terms of humidity. This humidifier offers a range from 35% to 95%.
The setting we recommend for a standard home – to stave off mold and mildew – is 50% RH. This will work to combat mold and be energy efficient.

If your crawlspace is damp, then we suggest changing this to approximately 40% RH which will rapidly dehumidify the space but will of course be less energy efficient. This setting would also work for fixing water damage.

Operating Temperature Range

The efficacy of the Sentinel HD(i)90 is best between 33.8°F – 104°F. This is a range that should work for all normal environments.

It is important to think about the range of operating temperatures for your dehumidifier if you are intending to use it in unheated, cold, or cool environments like crawl spaces or basements.

This dehumidifier will work at all hours with it’s in-built HGV defroster, protecting against evaporator coils that could otherwise freeze.

Built-In Pump

As standard, the Sentinel HD(i)90 model comes with a pump, automatically pumping condensation from the surrounding environment. The Sentinel HD90 works with a gravity-based system, with drainage done via a hose instead.

G3 Air Filter

The design of this model means that the dirty air filter should be cleaned as needed. This can be done without detergent or soap, just warm water. We suggest cleaning the filter once a month.

Replacement filters are also possible to purchase if you would rather.

Optional Duct Attachment Kit

AlorAir offers a more complete solution, with the purchase of their official duct attachment kit. This enables you to send air to difficult places to reach.

Pros and Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Sentinel HD(i)90?


Simple – You merely plug it in once you’ve found the best location for it and you’re ready to go.

Powerful – In our testing, we reduced humidity from 70% to 50% in about 2 hours, using a 2,500 sq. ft crawl space, proving the model is powerful, efficient, and quick. The 90-pint capacity certainly isn’t a hindrance.

Versatile – As it is compact, and weighs only 80 lbs., you can install the device in most places, using a normal socket, ensuring that you’re ready to go in seconds.

Remote Controlled – The Sentinel HD(i)90 can be operated by remote control, meaning you don’t even need to be next to it to use it!


Remote Control – Although we’d like this to be standard, this is an extra that you need to buy separately.

Final Verdict

The AlorAir Sentinel HD(i)90 provides dehumidification and water removal with minimal stress, working exactly as we expected.

Our rigorous tests were met with ease, and we couldn’t have asked for more. The consumption of power at 5.56 A at 115 v (2.88I/KwH) and a sound of 56 dB is no different to a similar model of a different brand.

The warranty that is included will rectify any faults that occur during the warranty period, ensuring you do not have to worry.

Basically, both the Sentinel HD90 and the Sentinel HDi90 are fantastic devices. The choice you need to make is whether or not you want the automatic pump that the Sentinel HDi90 offers.

We have announced this basement dehumidifier is the best on the market. It’s priced competitively and is well-reviewed.

We know that you’ll enjoy the device – and your moisture-free life – for many years to come.

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