Are Robot Vacuums Worth it? – Do They Really Work?

So you want to know if robot vacuums are worth it? Do they really work? And if so which one is right for you.

Well your in the right place we have tested quite a few robot vacuums, in all kinds of price ranges and this video will give a brief overview of everything we have learned, and Ill link a few of our favorites, as well as our big robot vacuum competition video in the description. And lets get started

In terms of the quality of vacuuming, we have found that at least on hard floors robot vacuums are as good or even better than most upright vacuums. For example Most uprights have trouble with larger debris on hard floors, but every single robot vacuum we have tested no matter the price, did excellent with larger debris on hard floors,

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I should mention here that robot vacuums often have a low and high power setting and its better to run them on high power with hard floors, especially if they are a cheaper robot vacuum, as having a higher airflow is important for getting fine debris on hard floors. Though More expensive robots like this Roborock S5 or Neato Robot vacuums do excellent on hard floors regardless of their power setting.

On carpets it’s a little different, while in terms of pickup ability on carpet robot vacuums are pretty much amazing across the board, picking up everything they come across from fine debris to pet hair to extra large debris, in other words they are all pretty much excellent at picking up whats on the surface of the carpet regardless of the price point. However robot vacuums not as good at deep cleaning carpets. We have yet to find a robot vacuum that can get more than 76% of the embedded sand in our deep clean test where regular upright vacuums usually get between 90% and 100%.

For carpet deep cleaning we have found that power is the most important factor and many robot vacuums are starting to have a feature where they automatically switch to high power when they detect that they are on carpet.

Probably one of the most important aspects when trying to decide if robot vacuums are worth it is the navigation and obstacle avoidance because if your robot vacuum is always getting stuck on cords or other clutter in your house you will probably wontlike your robot vacuum at all. Thankfully this problem has recently been solved but it will take a bit of explaining.

So all robot vacuums originally were random navigation robots meaning they kind of pinballed around randomly to clean your home. For this kind of robot its really important to buy one with a lot of battery life so it has time to get to the whole house by random means.

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