Ballarini 36414-200 Tesoro Blender, 800 Watts, Cherry Red Review

Every kitchen should have a good blender. Not any blender, but a good blender. A blender that allows you to take whatever ingredients that need to be blended, and to blend those ingredients in a thorough and precise manner that allows you to create the best version of the dish that you are currently in the process of making.

Ballarini 36414-200 Tesoro Blender, 800 Watts, Cherry Red Review

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy finding a blender like that. There are a lot of blenders on the market, and many of them “get the job done”. But, sometimes, “getting the job done” really isn’t enough. Sometimes, if you want to cook truly excellent dishes, you need a blender that goes above & beyond.

In this buying guide, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at one of the best blenders on the market. This is a blender that comes from Ballarini. Ballarini is a company that has manufactured a wide variety of cooking tools, and the Ballarini Tesoro Blender is one of the best cooking tools that they have manufactured.

Ballarini 36414-200 Blender

You are going to learn all about the Ballarini Tesoro Blender. You are going to learn all about the unique features and attributes that it offers, and what it can do to make the dishes you cook even better!

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What Does The Ballarini Tesoro Blender Offer?

Immediately, you’re going to notice the design of the Ballarini Tesoro Blender. This is a sleek and well-designed blender that has a beautiful and stylish design. While this design is quite practical, and practicality is the main focus, there is a great sense of style and color that emanates from the design of this blender. Along with that, this blender is quite small so that it can fit into a variety of different spaces, and it doesn’t take up that much space on your countertop.

Ballarini 36414-200

Right on the front of the blender, you’ll notice that there is a small set of buttons. Ten of these buttons are buttons related to the speed of the blender. You can choose from ten different speeds, and each speed is efficient, but different. If you are cooking a dish that requires certain ingredients to be blended at a particular speed, then the Ballarini Tesoro Blender is a fantastic blender to use, due to the options that it gives you.

You also have several other buttons that are on this same little console. Each one of these buttons is designed to accommodate a particular type of food, they are “Blending Pre-Sets”. If you want to blend vegetables, there’s a pre-set for that, just as there are several other presets for several other foods.

When you are using the Ballarini Tesoro Blender, you’ll notice that the performance is fantastic. You have access to some great performance with this blender, and this performance lends itself to swift and efficient blending.

Ballarini 36414-200 Tesoro

Much of this performance comes directly from the motor. The Ballarini Tesoro Blender has a motor that gives you eight-hundred watts of power. Now, for a blender, that is a lot of power. With this much power, you can blend all kinds of things. But, that’s only if the blades that the blender uses are strong enough to handle the power of the motor, because if they aren’t, then the blending process won’t be as efficient as it could be.

Fortunately, the blades that the Ballarini Tesoro Blender uses are fantastic! Each blade is made of stainless steel, and these stainless steel blades are sharp, and they move quickly thanks to the motor giving those blades the power that they need to be as efficient as they can. No matter what you put into this blender, and no matter what setting you choose, it will be blended, and it will be blended exactly the way that you want it to be blended.

Ballarini 36414-200 Tesoro Blender Review

When you need to clean the blades, you can simply detach them from the blender, and wash them off. It’s that simple.

As for the carafe, which is where all of the ingredients you blend will go into, it gives you thirty-two ounces of capacity. For a blender, this is pretty standard. And, you have a personal blending cup that gives you sixteen-ounces of capacity.


Ultimately, the Ballarini Tesoro Blender is one of the best blenders on the market. It’s a fast, efficient, powerful, and easy-to-use blender that doesn’t cost too much money but gives you a great deal of value.

If you’re looking for an excellent blender that lets you blend your foods the way you want to blend them, then this is an excellent blender to use!

Ballarini 36414-200 Tesoro Blender

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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