Best Affordable Robot Vacuums

You have most likely already heard about robot vacuums and have begun wondering if they are worth getting, especially considering they are a lot more expensive than other models of vacuums.

However, there are enough models of robot vacuums that are affordable for you to choose from.

Robot vacuums have a few benefits that other models don’t have. For example, they can save you time and energy.

What is a Robot Vacuum?
Robot vacuums suck up dust and dirt from carpet and other floorings, just like the traditional vacuums. However, the robot vacuums have sensors to guide them.

The robot vacuums are not operated manually and work autonomously. There is no need to push or pull these vacuums.

Once a robot vacuum encounters a wall or any furniture, it will turn and move in a different direction than before.

Why Should You Invest in a Robot Vacuum?
If you have never owned a self-guided vacuum, you might be curious to know why they are so popular.

Various benefits come with these vacuums, even on a budget.

They Save Time
If you have a robot vacuum, you can spend more time working on other things and leave the cleaning of the floors to the vacuum.

You just have to choose a cleaning mode and make a personalized schedule in the settings. Even when you’re not home, the vacuum will get its cleaning done.

They Clean All Types of Floors
One benefit is that they can clean more than a single type of flooring. Robot vacuums can remove dust and debris from carpets, but they also work on hardwood and tile floors.

A lot of models will automatically adjust to the type of surface they are cleaning, such as changing suction power or extending a brush roll.

Some robot vacuums are also equipped with climbing wheels to tackle flooring of varying heights.

Ideal Tool for People Who Have Mobility Problems
Vacuuming can be a tough task for people who suffer from back and joint pains. Good news! The robot vacuum will take care of this task for you. You can use a remote control to customize the cleaning schedule, and you can relax in your seat.

Less Electricity Usage
A robot vacuum uses batteries and can help lower your electricity bill. The traditional vacuum cleaners must be plugged in and use continuous electricity while cleaning.

Personalized Schedules
Not only do robot vacuums work on a schedule that you decide, but they also offer different types of cleaning modes. The mode spot cleaning works great for ground-in dirt. For the walls and corners, you can put the vacuum on edge cleaning. Most models have between two and four different settings, and the specific modes can differ between models.

Cleans Those Hard to Reach Areas
Robot vacuums can get to those problem spaces, such as underneath your furniture, as they are a lot more compact and slimmer than the older devices.

Some models come with side brushes, and they can get into the nooks and crannies of the house, including those corners and edges other traditional vacuums are unable to reach. Usually, you would have to clean these with your hands, but you won’t have to worry about that with a robot cleaner.

How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum on a Budget
Of course, even robot vacuums can be found for almost any budget; however, some are less advanced than more expensive models. This does not mean they are less efficient at cleaning.

Here are some features that are included even in the less expensive models. Make sure to think of these when you look for a robot vacuum cleaner to buy.

Noise Level
A noisy vacuum cleaner might not be ideal if you have pets or small children who need to take naps. A loud cleaner could wake the kids up or scare the dog.

To avoid this, you can try to find a vacuum with a low decibel rating. This is ideally under 60 decibels.

Most people who choose to invest in a robot vacuum do so because they don’t have the time to do the work themselves. They can save a lot of time, especially for those with larger homes. Make sure to get a vacuum with enough power to finish the job.

The more affordable vacuums last from 30 minutes to 120 minutes before needing to recharge. If the robot has more runtime, then more cleaning can be done.

An App for Smartphones
A standard feature for robot vacuums is a remote control that lets you control the robot from other areas in the house. Some models come with a smartphone app.

With the remote control, you are limited to only having control inside the house. However, the smartphone app allows you to check up on the robot while you’re at work or shopping.
With some models, you can even schedule cleaning times and days, allowing you to come home from a long day at work to clean floors and carpets.

Boundaries or Virtual Walls
Are there any areas the robot vacuum is not supposed to go? Or do you want it to stick to a certain area?

You can search for a model that offers the option to install virtual walls or set up boundary strips. Once the unit reaches these boundaries, it will simply turn around and go another way.

Virtual walls usually require a Wi-Fi-enabled robot as they are most often created via the smartphone app.

The boundary strips are either sold separately or come included with the device. These can be placed on the floor to mark where the robot shouldn’t go.

HEPA Filter
For people with allergies, you can look for a model that comes with HEPA filters. This high-efficiency particulate air filter captures tiny particles in your home, including pollen, bacteria, and pet dander.

The robot that has this filter will release a lot less dust and dirt into the room. This can reduce the symptoms of allergies such as wheezing, sneezing, and irritation to the skin.

The Capacity of the Dustbin
Storage capacity is another thing to consider when looking at a robot vacuum. The storage capacity of robot vacuums is less since they are a lot smaller in size. The size of a dustbin can range from 0.2 liters to 0.6 liters. Therefore, it’s best to look for a dustbin with a larger capacity to make it easier for you. This can reduce the number of times you have to stop the robot to empty it.

The models with dustbins on the side are usually easier to empty. They can be removed with little mess and can be gripped properly. The dustbins that come underneath the robot are more likely to spill dust as they are more difficult to remove.

Best Robot Vacuums That Are Affordable
Our team has located the best affordable robot vacuums for you. We take our time to thoroughly research the models and their specifications before we recommend them to you. To find the best, we have also analyzed customer reviews for the product.

ILife V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum
The ILife V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum is the ideal product for those with pets.

It comes with additional filtering with its AirAway technology and a HEPA filter which can help with allergens. It’s also able to capture pet hairs with its spinning brushes.

This device is designed to clean hardwood, thin carpets, and even tiles. It is powered by a 2600mAH battery.

The robot has four cleaning modes: spot, auto, edge, and scheduled cleaning.

Auto-clean gives the robot a random pattern to follow, while spot cleaning is ideal for ground-in dirt. The edge cleaning is suitable for cleaning walls and corners. The scheduled option lets you create a specific start time for the robot.

This robot vacuum comes with a handy remote control that allows you to easily select which mode you prefer and then press clean.

Only three inches high, this robot vacuum has built-in sensors that safely guide the device around the house. These sensors prevent it from bumping into any furniture or even from falling down staircases.

It has a runtime of about 100 minutes and will return to its charging dock automatically when it is running out of battery.

It is recommended to empty the dustbin and clean the filter after every use. It is also important to replace the filter every month to ensure its best cleaning performance.

Why Do We Love This Model?
This is a great model for any pet owner due to its wonderful combination of AirAway technology, HEPA filter, and long spinning brushes.

You can even choose four different cleaning modes: edge, spot, schedule, and auto-cleaning. This allows you to tailor the cleaning to your preference.

The model comes with climbing wheels with a reach of up to 15 millimeters, letting it transition easily between different floor types.

Keep in Mind
This robot vacuum, unfortunately, doesn’t come with a smartphone app. This is a feature that could improve user experience and make it easier to create schedules and monitor the robot.

iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum
The iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum comes with dirt detection technology which is perfect for that stubborn dirt in the home. This technology recognizes dirt, focuses on the area that needs to be cleaned, and vacuums the area thoroughly.

This robot vacuum also comes with an edge sweeping brush that works at a 27-degree angle. It can get into those tough corners and around the edges of walls with no problems.

There are three buttons, clean, spot, and dock, on top of the unit. There is no remote control or app for this model. Instead, you choose with the buttons.

This Roomba comes with sensors that make 60 decisions per second and work at a 360-degree radius. It is also able to avoid dropping off high areas with its cliff detection sensors.

This model can clean hard floors as well as carpets with its three-stage system. It has multi-surface brushes that can loosen dust and debris, which then sucks it up and traps it in its dustbin.

There is also an option to auto-adjust the cleaning head, adapting its height for varying surfaces.

You can expect about 60 minutes of runtime. Like other robot vacuums, the Roomba will automatically return to its charging station, where it charges in 3 hours.

Why Is This a Model That We Love?
The Roomba patented dirt detection technology is definitely a favorite feature. It makes for an ideal unit to use on that stubborn ground-in dirt and is very suitable for high-traffic areas in the house.

The auto-adjust cleaning head allows the Roomba to switch heights when encountering different flooring types, such as a low-pile carpet and laminate flooring.

This robot comes with smart navigation and the ability to avoid any obstacles and high drops.

Bear in Mind
This robot vacuum does not have a remote control. Instead, you need to press the buttons that are located on top of the unit. This can be inconvenient since you cannot control it from a distance.

Technology Begins to Take Over
If you are tired of using your precious free time to vacuum the house, investing in an affordable robot vacuum could be the best thing for you. This type of vacuum allows you the chance to have more time to yourself.

It is suitable for almost all types of flooring and utilizes a lot less electricity than the canister or upright models. It is compact enough to be able to get those hidden dust areas.
It can even be personalized to your needs.

The more useful features to pay attention to are the low noise level, a smartphone app, and a long runtime. If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, you can also look for a model that comes with a HEPA filter.

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