Best Air Purifiers for Nurseries

When preparing for a new baby’s arrival, the list of things to do never seems to get shorter. Suddenly, we can be faced with safety issues we never thought about before. The right car seat, a crib, and mattress that meets industry standards, baby gates, and plastic inserts in all the electrical outlets. Guaranteeing your child’s safety is what gives you peace of mind and therefore you take every precaution. But what about something critical to your baby’s health that you can’t even see?We often take the air we breathe for granted, especially in our own homes. If you or your significant other suffer from allergies, the odds are higher that your child will have them as well. Asthma is also a concern, with roughly 6.2 million people in the US under 18 suffering from this condition.

Putting an air purifier in your baby’s nursery can greatly reduce the number of allergy and asthma triggers (dust mites, dander, dirt, etc.) floating around in the air. There are several air purifiers on the market, with some much better suited than others for a nursery. In this article, we help you sort out which may be best for you.

Why Buy an Air Purifier for the Nursery?

If you are like most people, you clean your floors, do the dishes, and wipe surfaces free of dust. But it is natural for us to forget what we can’t see. Indoor air is chock full of dander, dust, and chemical compounds which assault our airways every time we breathe in.

Luckily, many people don’t experience noticeable or significant symptoms from breathing in these allergens. But it still isn’t good for you or your baby! And if you are one of the many who do have strong reactions, you do not want to expose your child to the same effects if you can help it. For new families with histories of asthma and allergies, an air purifier can make a huge difference in your daily quality of life and can prevent your baby from developing the same set of allergy/asthma triggers as you suffer from.

Finding the Best Air Purifier for Nurseries

When researching the best air purifier for your baby’s nursery, there are several characteristics you should be aware of.

HEPA Filters

High-efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA is one of the most important aspects to look for in an air purifier. These filters can catch up to 99.97 percent of impurities such as dust, dander, pollen, and chemical compounds. Their secret lies in tiny spaces which allow air through but capture airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Noise Levels

One of the big worries in a baby’s room is the noise level. You don’t want to wake up your baby if they are sleeping. Some air purifiers are pretty noisy and may even vibrate depending on the surface on which they are placed. This can be a no-go for a nursery.

But no matter how quiet your air purifier of choice, there will always be some noise, especially at the higher settings. Check for a model that isn’t louder than 27 decibels at the lowest power setting as this is probably the setting you will use while you or your baby is sleeping.

All that said, some babies love ‘white noise’ and find the drone of an air purifier soothing. Check the customer experiences carefully for noise levels.

Energy Star Certified

Not all air purifiers are as energy-efficient as others. It’s not a deal-breaker since air purifiers do not typically use too much power. But if you want to save on your energy bill, look for the Energy Star Certification.

Room Coverage

The amount of space an air purifier can cover is another aspect you need to consider. Most nurseries aren’t that big. For bigger nurseries, a 360 square foot rating should be fine. For smaller nurseries, 125 to 150 square feet will be sufficient.

Best Air Purifier for Nurseries

With those characteristics in mind, we research leading manufacturers and retail sites along with expert advice. We’ve narrowed down the choices to those air purifiers which are best suited for nurseries.

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

Best Overall

Living with a newborn is a challenge unlike any other. Thousands of products have been invented to ‘make things easier.’ The last thing you need is one more gadget to worry about. One of the reasons why we like this model so much is because it simplifies its operation, so you don’t have to keep up with one more thing. The Winix gets great customer reviews on its ability to filter air and its overall appearance. It offers numerous features that make new parents’ life much easier as it keeps their baby safe from airborne pollutants.


Smart Sensors.

Three stages of purification.

Several settings and sleep mode.

Filter replacement indicator.


High settings are noisy.

Why We Love It

Smart Sensors

The Winix has integrated Smart Sensors that constantly monitor air quality. An LED display will show you levels with red, amber, or blue colors. If the unit senses poor air quality, the display will flash red while increasing the fan’s speed to move more air. Once the air quality improves, the Winix will reduce its fan speed.

Three Stages of Purification

The Winix draws ambient air through three different levels of filtration and purification. The Advanced Odor Control (AOC) carbon filter absorbs molecular compounds that cause odors like smells from cooking, pets, or smoke. It also catches some larger airborne particles.

The second stage True HEPA filter, as described above, catches 99.97 percent of allergens including pollen, dust, pet dander, and mold spores.

The final stage consists of PlasmaWave Technology that deconstructs airborne particles down to their molecular constituents without producing toxic ozone.

Several Settings and Sleep Mode

The Winix comes with four settings. Low, Medium, High, and Turbo. A user can manually set their desired speed. Low and Medium modes are silent which is perfect for a nursery.

The Winx senses when the lights in the room are dimmed and enters automatic sleep mode which slows the fan speed down to ultra-quiet sleep mode. This sleep mode also dims the indicator lights.

Filter Replacement Indicator

When any of the filters need replacing, the machine will show this through the LED Filter Replacement indicator.

Things to Keep in Mind

High Settings Are Noisy

Some customers have stated that the higher settings can get noisy. But these settings generally aren’t needed when you are in the room so it’s not that big of a deal.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier for Large Nurseries

For larger nurseries, the Coway air purifier is a good option. A pre-filter removes larger particles while an odor filter removes unpleasant smells. Air is then sent through a True HEPA filter which screens the remaining particles. An ionizer then obliterates any remaining pollutants.

The Coway automatically adjusts its power as needed with an Eco Mode that helps reduce energy use when the filter isn’t needed.

This unit has gotten great reviews with people noting the Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier’s ability to remove odors.


Large room coverage.

Auto mode and timer.

Ion system.

Filter replacement indicator.


Strange sounds on high settings.

Why We Love It

Large Room Coverage

The Conway can cover rooms as large as 361 square feet, meeting the needs of larger nurseries as well as some apartments and larger open areas. The design extracts air from a wide degree arc.

The Conway also has an LED indicator that changes from red to blue when air quality improves.

Auto Mode and Timer

When the unit senses a decline in air quality, it turns up the fan’s speed. After sensing 30 minutes of continuous ‘clean’ air, the unit enters Eco Mode. There’s also a timer setting that lets you schedule a specific shutoff time.

Ion System

After the first three physical filters, air enters the Vital Ion System which creates an electrochemical reaction that further reduces the remaining pollutants to even smaller molecular parts.

Filter Replacement Indicator

As the filter absorbs more particles, the unit will show this via its filter replacement indicator.

Things to Keep In Mind

Strange Sounds on High Setting.

Some customers have mentioned some very loud sounds and vibrations at the highest settings.

Levoit Smart WiFi Air Purifier

Best Wi-Fi-Controlled Air Purifier

For new parents looking for ease of use, the Levoit offers a great choice. This model incorporates numerous features to make your life easier. Customers have commented on how easy it is to use and how the app compatibility settings allow you to control it from anywhere. This model is also very quiet, so it won’t disturb the baby.



Super quiet.

Filter life algorithm.

High efficiency.


The filter doesn’t last long.

Why We Love It


You can connect the Levoit to your smartphone using the VeSynch app. Once done, you can control the filter from anywhere. You can set a schedule, change fan speeds, turn off displays, and monitor air quality. The Levoit is also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. If you are busy with a baby in your arms, you can control the purifier with voice commands.

Super Quiet

The Levoit operates at approximately 27 decibels, which is comparable with rustling leaves. The higher settings can be used for white noise.

Filter Life Algorithm

The Levoit air filter uses a scientific algorithm to calculate the life of the filter in its current environment. This lets the unit inform you BEFORE the filters lose their ability to fully clean the air. It also lets you monitor filter lifespan via the app.

High Efficiency

This model uses a honeycomb active-carbon HEPA filter which purifies air 30% faster than other units. It can cycle air up to four to five times per hour in a 360 square foot room.

Things to Keep In Mind

The Filter Doesn’t Last Long

Many users have pointed out that the filters only last about two months before needing to be changed. This can be shorter if you have pets or smokers in the house.

Levoit Air Purifier

Honorable Mention

Though last on the list, the other offering from Levoit is also worth mentioning due to its quiet operation and highly efficient filtering. It works well in absorbing odors from cooking, smoking, and pets and can cycle air in a room a couple of times per hour. It comes with a nightlight that you can turn on and off. All this comes with a two-year warranty to make this model one to consider.


Efficient odor remover.

High efficiency.

Super quiet.


Buttons tend to freeze.

Why We Love It

Efficient Odor Remover

Cigarette smoke or pet odors are not a challenge for this unit. Air is taken through 3 stages of filters. In this model, the last stage is a high-efficiency activated carbon filter.


By cycling through a room’s air up to four times an hour, this model is very efficient.

Super Quiet

Operating at 25 decibels at its lowest setting, this model is one of the quietest. At night, you can turn on the night light that has two different brightness levels.

Things to Keep In Mind

Buttons Tend to Freeze

Some users have stated that the control buttons can get stuck or ‘freeze’. The good news is that unplugging and reconnecting the air purifier will resolve the issue.

Keep the Air Clean

You need to put a huge amount of effort into keeping your baby safe. The air around us is just one more thing to worry about. But with a good air purifier, your baby can breathe easier and healthier. When choosing an air purifier for your nursery, consider the area it can cover, the noise level, and if it has a HEPA filter incorporated into it.

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