Best Bagged Vacuums

Have you noticed your vacuum performing a bit worse than usual? Maybe you’ve been noticing pet hairs collecting on your carpet even though you’ve been diligently cleaning.

However, with so many kinds of vacuums on the market, you might need a bit of guidance shopping for a new one.

Bagged vacuums have been around for a while, so something must be keeping them popular! Firstly, bagged vacuums can seal away dirt, resulting in less mess for you.

If you want debris and dirt to be trapped inside a bag after you vacuum, bagged vacuums are probably for you. Below, we’ll examine the benefits and drawbacks of bagged vacuums.

Why Should You Choose a Bagged Vacuum?
There are many benefits to bagged vacuums, but this doesn’t mean they’re right for everyone.

* Bagged vacuums offer lots of capacity: Some bagged vacuums can hold as much as a gallon, and some even hold up to two gallons.
* Bagged vacuums reduce mess: Disposable bags are more common than reusable bags, so replacing a bag is as easy as taking it out and putting it in the garbage. However, there are some eco-friendly and compostable vacuum bags on the market.
* Bagged vacuums are easier on allergies: Most vacuums are fitted with HEPA filters in their bags, which clean the air. This is good because it keeps dust from becoming airborne when you go to replace a disposable bag.
* Bagged vacuums are budget-friendly: These vacuums are offered at fairly reasonable prices – think anywhere between a mere $50 to $500. High-end options are available at a higher cost, like the brand Miele, but will also feature more perks and superior motors.

* Disposable bags: It’s true that disposable bags reduce mess, but the drawback of using them is that they can be inconvenient and even expensive. When you run out of replacement bags, you’ll have to buy more, and it can be a struggle to find a compatible bag for your vacuum.

What to consider before buying your new bagged vacuum
It goes without saying – your vacuum must work for your lifestyle. Consider the following points:

Length of Power Cord
Cord length will dictate how much you can maneuver your vacuum while cleaning. Moving your vacuum and needing to unplug and re-plug during cleaning is annoying, so we recommend a cord with at least 20 feet in length. Even those living in smaller houses or apartments can appreciate the added ease of extra power cord length.
On the other hand, a cord that’s too long can become a tripping hazard and a pain to keep track of.

Retraction System
Most bagged vacuums these days come with a retractable cord. These cords usually rewind when you hold down a button. That being said, some machines still don’t have this feature, so it’s important to be sure what kind of cord your vacuum comes with.

Bag Capacity
It’s recommended to empty the dust bag once it’s approximately 50 to 70 percent full. Based on average usage, this is typically a once-a-month occurrence. So, if you vacuum frequently, having a large capacity is a huge plus.
On the other hand, people who don’t vacuum nearly that often won’t need or want a large bag. This is because dust bags can develop bad smells if left in for too long. For pet owners, this is even more likely. Therefore, even if you don’t use your vacuum very often, it’s good to change the bag well before it’s almost full.

Floor Type
Some vacuums perform better on thick carpets, and some are better for hard floors. Therefore, your floor type really matters.
Houses that have both hard floors and thick carpets might want to look into vacuums with adjustable heights. Adjustable heights let you vacuum hard floors closely and move smoothly over carpeted areas.

Pet owners know the struggle of having lots of fur on their floors and carpets. Vacuums are expected to deal with pet hair, but some are superior to others.
Some vacuums come with special attachments for dealing with long hair and pet fur, such as upholstery tools and crevice attachments.

Some people want to minimize the weight of their cleaning tools to preserve their backs or just have a more ergonomic experience. A vacuum sometimes needs to be carried from room to room or up flights of stairs, so the weight of your vacuum is a legitimate concern.

Asthma and Allergies
People with asthma or allergies will appreciate vacuums that can take care of allergens. This requires HEPA filters and microfilters. More on that later!

Vacuums aren’t typically going to be loud enough to hurt your ears or require hearing protection. Modern vacuum cleaners are usually designed to reduce noise. This doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be quiet, though. Reading customer reviews will help you gauge how loud your vacuum will be.

Useful Features of Bagged Vacuums
Extra features are intended to make your vacuuming experience easier, and bagged vacuums offer many conveniences. However, not every feature is a necessary one. Let’s take a look at a few below.

Add-On Tools
Most vacuums will include three basic add-ons. These three are usually enough for most households.
Crevice tool: This is a narrow tool for attaching to the vacuum itself instead of the wide head part of the vacuum.
Upholstery brush: This is a special brush intended for use on sofas, chairs, and mattresses. A flat, wide head helps concentrate suction power.
Dusting brush: This brush has long and delicate bristles for use on delicate pieces and items of furniture like lampshades, blinds, windowsills, bookcases, and even framed art pieces.

Canister vacuums sometimes offer a little more regarding add-ons:
Motorized brush: Sometimes called a “power nozzle,” this tool is usually used for cleaning carpets. A small brush head rotates, agitating and removing debris and residue from your carpets.
Hard floor brush: This is a narrow and long tool containing short and stiff bristles. These bristles help scrub and remove fine dust and dirt from your hardwood floors and tiles.

Edge Cleaners
People with carpets on every floor surface of their house might appreciate having an edge cleaner. This attachment can vacuum right next to the edge of the wall where it meets the carpet.

Floor Settings
Most vacuums only have floor and carpet settings. These settings affect the brush agitator/roller brush located underneath the head of the vacuum. They are put into use when vacuuming carpets and should be disengaged when the vacuum returns to hard floors.
Certain vacuums might offer special settings for different types of carpets, depending on their thickness. It’s something to consider if you have different kinds of carpets at home.

Suction Control
This setting lets you change the suction level as needed. If you use attachments like dusting brushes, you’ll want to lower the suction power to avoid inadvertently vacuuming away or disturbing light objects.

As the name suggests, self-propelled vacuums help you control the vacuum, namely when pushing or pulling it around. This lowers the amount of effort required to operate the vacuum by using a transmission and drive system.
The contradictory drawback to this feature is that self-propelled vacuums will be heavier than average.

Headlights illuminate in front of your vacuum. These lights help you to better see where you’re cleaning in dark or tight spaces, such as under desks or behind bookcases. This is a popular feature in modern vacuums.

Surprisingly, not all vacuums are efficient at removing dirt and allergens. Some just rearrange dust instead of trapping it and disposing of it. Those with allergies or asthma need sturdy filters.
HEPA or micron filters are the best options for those with sensitivities or special requirements.
Micron filters come with dust bags, but HEPA filters are the best available protection from dust particles. HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate air.” It directly cuts down on how many particles are released by trapping them in layers of filtration.

Types of Bagged Vacuums
There are two types of bagged vacuums: upright and canister.

Canister vacuums
Sometimes called “cylinder vacuums,” these vacuums have a container and a hose. The container holds the motor and dust bag. This is mounted on wheels to allow it to easily maneuver during cleaning. A metal tube, head, and flexible hose are also attached.
These vacuums are light and can be easily moved into tight spaces with their long tubes and hoses. Canister vacuums are great for people who need to clean under furniture without any lifting. Machines with suction control can also be used for blinds and drapes without any issues.

* Lightweight with good maneuverability.
* Excellent for reaching hard-to-get spots.
* Can be used for drapes, blinds, and car interiors.
* Comes with add-on accessories for different cleaning jobs.

* Can be bulky to store.
* Generally offer less power than upright vacuums.

Upright Vacuums
Upright vacuums are extremely popular, so you’ll probably see a lot of them. Unlike canister vacuums, upright vacuums hold all their parts in one piece, which is all connected with a handle. They tend to come with big suction heads of 12 or more inches and do a decent job on carpets.
If you have a lot of dirt and dust to take care of, upright is definitely the way to go. With dual motors equipped for extra power, upright vacuums tend to be heavier. So, make sure you’re fine with the added weight before purchase.
Upright vacuums also tend to have functions and settings to adjust height, change suction, and turn brushing on or off.

* One piece, easy to handle.
* Strong suction power is good for heavy-duty jobs.
* Useful extra functions controlled via handle switch
* Great for cleaning carpets and bare floors.

* May not be the best for cleaning crevices and narrow places.
* Some can be heavier than other vacuums.
* Some can be louder than average.

The Best Bagged Vacuum
Using a quality vacuum will make your cleaning much better. We’ve compiled a lot of research on bagged vacuums and their features. Here are seven great bagged vacuums that are evaluated based on expert advice and customer reviews.

Miele Limited Edition Classic C1 Canister Vacuum
Best Overall Bagged Vacuum
The Miele C1 combines incredible power with an aesthetic exterior. Miele’s quality goes far beyond its pleasing aesthetics.
This vacuum carries a 1,200-watt motor that promises a ridiculously good amount of suction. There are three levels that allow you to decrease to as low as 300 watts. Icons point out the available settings, which are controlled with a tunable dial.
The Miele vacuum is made with an exterior of high-quality ABS plastic. This offers incredible durability that is supported by a seven-year warranty. It also features an AirClean filtration system.

Why We Love It
Great Design
Do you like having aesthetically pleasing tools? Miele has a limited edition vacuum with extra aesthetics, boasting a curved shell covered in graphite grey.
This product’s beauty is only matched by its durability since ABS material is both light and strong.
Not only is it great to look at, but it’s also tough as well. The ABS material is sturdy yet lightweight.

Lots of Power
We all know that power is what really matters in a vacuum, but power without control is meaningless. Hence, this Miele vacuum lets you lower the power to as little as 300 watts.
Power suctioning every dirt and crumb off the carpet has never been easier. You can also use your vacuum to remove dust from blinds and curtains without creating chaos with the lower settings.
This vacuum also comes with a Pure Suction Combination Floorhead. With the included footswitch, you can use it on both carpeting and hard floors. A metal soleplate with rubber wheels allows it to glide smoothly over the floor without scratching it.

Perfect Maneuverability
Located beneath the canister are three 360-degree wheels, which make travelling smooth and silky. Steel axles stabilize these without compromising maneuverability. The 29.5-foot power cord is also included.
When you need to step away for a moment, you can replace the wand in the vacuum’s park position. This way, you won’t need to lean the unit against any walls.

Filter Included
The AirClean system in these vacuums combines the dust bag protection filter. It should leave barely any debris in the air. It also comes with a self-sealing collar that keeps dirt inside the machine.

Keep In Mind
Cord Is Shorter Than Stated
The Miele official description claims that the vacuum cord has a length of 29.5 feet. However, customers have noticed that the cable is, in fact, too short and measures at about 17 feet.

Miele Marin Complete C3 Canister Vacuum
Best Canister Bagged Vacuum
Another Miele product is on this list, and with good reason. The C3 is a cute marine color and offers 1,200-watts with fitted suction control. It comes with five different adjustable height settings.
The Miele’s carpet cleaning capacities are also notable, owing to the Electro Comfort brush attachment. The practical Parquet Twister offers 100-degree swivel action, illuminated by LED headlights for dark spots and narrow areas.
This vacuum can even self-adjust automatically according to what surface it detects, saving you the extra step!

Why We Love It
Premium Brush
This brush head is a favorite of ours – it’s an electric roller custom designed to clean carpets better. At about 14 inches wide, it provides a good radius.
When turning this vacuum on, this brush will spin to grind dirt and dust right out of the carpet and into the suction power. This brush can also be retracted using the footswitch when you get to hard flooring.

Five Floor Settings
Apart from its carpet features, this vacuum also has settings for bare flooring. There are five different height settings to choose from!
The vacuum’s six speeds also allow custom changes. Alternatively, the vacuum can automatically sense a carpeted surface and reduce its power. It will then readjust to an increased power when you arrive at a floored surface.

Large Working Radius
According to the manufacturer, you should have 36 feet before needing to switch outlets. The long cord can retract on command, and the stainless-steel wand offers a decent range.

LED Lights and Swivel
The brush of this vacuum comes with a row of LED lights that brighten areas as you clean them. It’s also a very aesthetic and high-tech visual feature.
The head of the vacuum has 180-degree turn functionality, giving you better reach.

Keep In Mind
Suction Clogs at 90-Degree Angle
Customers have reported that turning the 180-degree head to a 90-degree angle seems to have a negative effect on the vacuum’s suction power. It’s speculated that the angle is blocking the tube, causing a clog.

Oreck Commercial, Professional Upright Vacuum
Best Commercial Bagged Vacuum

Looking for a vacuum that’s both upright, lightweight, and effective? Look no further than the Oreck Commercial Professional Upright Vacuum that weighs only 8 pounds.
A cog-V Endurolife belt motor keeps the suction engaged while spinning the helix head brushes at 9,500 RMPs. This is a super effective option for hard flooring.
The 620 cubic inch vacuum bag was made to hold debris without affecting suction. In addition, the 40-foot power cord gives you lots of space before needing to unplug and move on.

Why We Love It
Powerful Brushes
This vacuum has quick and turbulent brushes that loosen up small pieces of debris to be easily pulled into the suction.
The Endurolife belt was designed by Oreck to turn the brush without incurring damage from aggressive use.

User-Friendly and Only Weighs 8 Pounds
Due to a light weight of only 8 pounds, this vacuum can be easily carried around the house. The handle is also ergonomic and user-friendly, allowing you direct control with the button located on top.

Large Bag
With a 620-cubic inch dust bag, this vacuum can store plenty of dirt before needing a change. As it fills, it also helps with the vacuum’s suction power.

Easy Cord Replacement
The cord of this vacuum can be easily replaced since it’s held on with a clamp. If something goes wrong, you can replace it after removing it.

Keep In Mind
No Cord Retraction System
There’s no retraction system for the 40-foot power cord on this vacuum, so buyers need to beware of dealing with this feature without extra help.

Bissell Zing 2154 Bagged Canister Vacuum
Best for Multi-Surface Homes Bagged Vacuum
This vacuum is both practical, light, and built for multiple surfaces. Its specialty is clearing pet hair.
This Bissel does its best work on carpets but can also work on hard flooring.
It comes with an ergonomic handle design that complements the shape of the human hand and a switch to adjust settings. There’s also a wand that can extend under furniture and narrow areas. Finally, a retractable cord offers you convenience and organization.

Why We Love It
It’s Practical
Practicality is the main feature of this vacuum! Everything in it is geared towards outstanding practical performance. The hose is flexible and long for extra extension and length. The handle is easy to hold and control.
For use on different floors, a multi-surface nozzle can be adjusted with a button. Customers who own pets are also raving about its effectiveness on pet hair.

Cord Retraction
Although it doesn’t offer an especially long power cord, the retractable feature self-rewinds, saving you time and frustration when it’s time to put away your vacuum.

Multi-Layer Filtration
Multi-layer filtration is an extra feature of this vacuum, which uses multiple layers to catch debris before entering the exhaust. Dust sensitive folks will appreciate this feature.
However, HEPA filters are still the gold standard for those with severe allergies.
Bissell provides filters and dust bags for purchase when your old ones are worn out, and it’s probably a good idea to change filters regularly. The problem is that this machine happens to lack any signal to indicate that it’s time to change the filter, and you’ll just have to watch the situation yourself.

Keep In Mind
Not Optimal for Carpet Work
There is one area where this vacuum might fall short on carpets – it has very small wheels on the side. These small wheels prevent the vacuum from moving smoothly over carpets where it might get caught or tug.
Understandably, many customers have complained about this issue. Pet hair is often stuck to carpets, which will need more vacuuming, so it’s something to be aware of.

Not for Heavy-Duty Work
The Bissel has a good track record with household cleaning like dust and crumbs, but it’s not really meant for heavy-duty work. This might be annoying to people, considering it offers 9 amps of power.

Hoover WindTunnel Pet Upright Vacuum
Best Bagged Vacuum for Pet Hair
Let’s face it – owning pets is messy, especially when they shed fur. This Hoover vacuum was specially designed to accommodate pet owners!
A Pet Approved WindTunnel System – nicknamed P.A.W.S. for short – is made with WindTunnel Technology that uses HEPA filters to eliminate dust and pollen.

A One-Touch and Clean-Drop Bag system lets you have easy access to the dust bag, so you can drop it into the garbage without even coming into contact with it.

Why We Love It
It’s Excellent for Pet Hair
This P.A.W.S system uses two features together to minimize pet allergies.
The WindTunnel system will loosen up dirt and hairs that have been engrained into surfaces. It also lowers the event of blowbacks while you vacuum.

The activated carbon HEPA filter is also a key perk. It’s an incredibly extensive filter that can catch 99.9% of dust and pollen particles, even at 0.3 microns. Activated carbon is capable of absorbing odors while you’re vacuuming, giving it a multi-tasking purpose.

No-Touch Bag Release
Allowing you to completely avoid touching the debris you’ve vacuumed, the No-Touch Bag release and Clean-Drop Bag systems keep your hands clean. These are both release systems on the bag door that release junk into the trash at the push of a button.

Practical Settings and Long Cord
The cord has a decent length of 30 feet, letting you move between rooms without needing to unplug. The vacuum head features a brush roll that can be switched on or off, depending on the surface you’re vacuuming.
Heigh adjustability can vary between five options, which suit floors and carpets alike. It also comes with practical accessories like a pet upholstery tool, an extension wand, a crevice tool, and an air-powered tool.

Fitted Headlight and No-Scuff Bumper
The headlight of this vacuum will illuminate hard-to-spot pet hairs or dirt. In addition, the No-Scruff bumper protects your furniture with a rubber coating on the head of the vacuum, cushioning any contact with your surroundings.

Keep in Mind
We understand that pets can be easily frightened by loud noises and often don’t like vacuum cleaners for this reason.
Many customers noted that this vacuum didn’t scare their pets but was still a noisy vacuum.

Cord Tangles
Since the cord is so long, the obvious drawback is when you need to maneuver it or put it away after vacuuming. Without a hook to hold the cord or any auto-retraction system to pull it back in, the length can quickly go from a benefit to an annoyance.
At this length, cords can tangle during vacuuming, provide a tripping hazard, and be irritating to put away and store.

Eureka Bagged Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum
Best Lightweight Bagged Vacuum
Looking specifically for a lighter vacuum that doesn’t sacrifice suction power? Eureka’s vacuum is only 9 pounds but still manages to deliver 1,500-watts with its motor.
Along with a selection of attachments and accessories for pet hair and crevice reach, it also comes with a HEPA filter! Remember, HEPA filters can tackle 99.97% of dirt and dust.
Arm and Hammer is also included, which has odor-absorbing capabilities.
With the hose reaching 6 feet, an included extension wand, and a travel radius of 20 feet on its cord, this vacuum travels a respectable distance.

Why We Love It
Only Weighs 8.9 Pounds
Weighing in at just under 9 pounds, this bagged vacuum is similar to the canister handheld model. There’s a handle on the top to facilitate easy carrying, especially up carpeted staircases.
The compactness of this model is also incredible. It’s only 11 inches tall and 17 inches wide, so it’s a storage-friendly solution, even for those with limited space.

1,500W Suction Power
This is incredible suction power for such a small unit – its canister contains a 1,500-watt motor, one of the most powerful items on this list.
This suction lends itself well to practicality since the height adjustment lets you vacuum more bare and carpeted floors. Complementing the suction power is the 10-inch suction head, which gives you a wide cleaning surface.

Practical Accessories
A motor isn’t the only thing that can affect the practicality of a vacuum. Mighty Mite comes with several interesting and useful tools to help you clean more efficiently.
Let’s start with the pet attachment, arguably the easiest and most effective feature. The pet attachment contains a small, bristled brush head that can be attached to the wand. This brush head loosens hair in carpets, helping it to be easily removed by the suction power.
You can also fit a crevice attachment onto the tube for targeting narrow areas. There’s even a blower port that you can use to blow dust from surfaces, such as your car or high shelves. The light weight of this vacuum makes it possible to hold up for a decent period of time, so you can blow surfaces instead of just pushing the handheld device.

HEPA Filter
This vacuum already includes a HEPA filter and an odor control dust bag. This filter traps 99.97% of indoor dust and stops it from escaping through the exhaust.
The unique Arm and Hammer dust bag will help crush pet-related smells and keep your indoor area fresh.

Keep In Mind
Not Great on Carpets
Although this vacuum comes with brushes for carpets and rugs, customers have noticed that this same brush becomes incredibly different when pushing across surfaces. Some customers even report that suction power is lost with this feature.

The Hose Is Very Soft
Though the 6-foot hose is long, it’s soft and flexible. It’s been noted that past models of the Mighty Mite had a more rigid hose.

Oreck XL2100RHS Commercial XL Upright Vacuum
Best Bagged Vacuum for Low- Carpet Homes
This vacuum combines light weight with extra size, giving you as much power as possible with a light frame. It weighs in at 8 pounds with a 500-watt motor.
Noticeably, this motor is not as strong as some others on this list. However, it still advertises a rotation of 6500 per minute with its dual helix brushes. The 12-inch-wide head with side brushes allows you to vacuum next to baseboards.
Finally, this is a very user-friendly vacuum for its size. Users can customize its handle for comfort and adjust its height depending on preference. It also has an advantage in areas with low carpets.

Why We Love It
Lightweight and Powerful
Compared to other vacuums of this weight, this is a pretty powerful model. An 8-pound model is remarkably light among upright vacuums. Weight makes a world of difference in maneuverability and ease of use.
The power is also impressive at a mere 500 watts because it compensates with great spinning speed on its brushes.

12-Inch Cleaning Path and Side Brushes
With a 12-inch cleaning path and the ability to lay the vacuum completely flat, you get ease of access under furniture. The 36-foot-long cord also gives you a lot of space to travel.
Wall corners are notorious for accumulating dust, but this vacuum comes with side brushes to tackle dirt and dust on walls. The bumpers included will spare your walls from being scratched during cleaning.

User-Friendly Handle
Oreck has been awarded by the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use notice for its ergonomic handle. It doesn’t require any squeezing or bending of the wrist.

Keep In Mind
Lacks Tools
This model doesn’t include as many tools as other vacuums, limiting where it can be used. Accessories like crevice tools and hoses are absent, making operating on crevices and stairs more difficult.

Bagged Vacuums FAQ
Bagged or Bagless — Which Is Better?
This is a difficult question to answer outright because the answer will depend on your needs and your lifestyle.
Dirt disposal is at the center of this debate because these two models handle it differently. Some claim that bagged vacuums are a good choice for those sensitive to dust because you can throw the dust bags right into the garbage without coming into contact with its contents.
If you use a bagless vacuum, the dust compiles inside a removable canister. To empty it, you need to take it out of the can. This process can expose the canister’s contents to the air, as well as your face and sinuses, again.

When Should You Change the Dust Bag?
Here are some helpful signs that it might be time to change your dust bag:
* An indicator light is on: Not all vacuums will come with this feature, but it will give you a clear indication that it’s time to change the bag.
* If it’s been more than a month since the last change: Regular use of a vacuum for a month should compile enough debris to require a change.
* If suction power decreases: When dust bags fill, suction power can decrease. If you’ve seen a noticeable reduction in suction power, it might be time to replace the bag and see if suction improves.
* If you’ve vacuumed dusty materials: If you’ve just vacuumed up a lot of dusty or dirty materials, you should replace the bag immediately. Those contents could be bad for your vacuum.
* If there’s a bad odor: This is a sure sign that it’s time to replace the bag!

A Note on Bad Odors
Debris like pet hair can make your vacuum stink well before your bag is full. If you don’t want to change your vacuum bag so often before it’s full, you can try putting cinnamon or similar spices in with the bag or container. As the vacuum runs, the scent should spread.

Are Cheap Vacuums Worth Buying?
This question requires consideration of who is manufacturing the vacuum. Vacuum prices vary, and sometimes the only thing separating an expensive and cheap vacuum is the presence or lack of more features.
You might be surprised to learn that some budget vacuums can perform better than expensive ones. You can learn a lot through customer reviews. However, you also need to beware of lower prices. This could indicate poor durability, less suction, or a short warranty period.

Bag, Please!
The consensus is that bagged vacuums are the best choice for those with dust sensitivities since they keep contact with allergens at a minimum.
The only major issue with bagged vacuums is the need to repurchase disposable bags continuously.
What are your thoughts on this compilation of vacuums? Please let us know in the comments below.

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