Best Binoculars for Hunting under 200 Dollars

If you’re a hunter or even just an outdoor enthusiast, you understand the value of a good pair of binoculars. It makes it much easier to spot wild animals and expands your view of the natural splendor you are enjoying. But how do you know which binoculars are the right ones?

There are a lot of moving parts to this accessory, and it can seem like your best bet is buy the most expensive ones you can afford. High price, high quality, right? Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there that will give you everything you need at a reasonable price. Read on to learn more about how to find the right pair of hunting binoculars for under $200.

Understanding the Traits of Binoculars

Looking at a pair of hunting binoculars can be a little intimidating, and talking to someone knowledgeable about them even more so. What is eye relief, what kind of prism type do I need, is this the right pupil size? Don’t worry though! There are a few guidelines to keep in mind that makes this whole process a lot simpler.

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Which Numbers to Know

When looking at hunting binoculars, you will see numbers like 7X40, or 10X50. Simply put, the first number tells you how much they magnify what you are looking at (e.g., it will look seven times closer) and the second number tells you the size of the lens (e.g., 40 mm). The larger the second number is, the more light gets into the lens, and the brighter your view is.

For the first number, and for most people, 7-10 magnification will be sufficient. At that range, you can get a closer view that is also easier to hold steady and doesn’t zoom in too much. Any higher and you start needing a tripod to keep the view level enough to be useful.

The second number depends on what kind of hunting you are doing! Will you be hunting mostly during the day? The lower light levels will probably serve you just fine. However, if you are planning on hunting around dawn or dusk, binoculars that keep your view bright are going to be helpful.

In the $200 range for hunting binoculars, you will find plenty of models with 7-10 magnification, and lens sizes that will meet your needs in the wilderness.

Other Features

The other features that are most important to know when looking at hunting binoculars are lens coating, eye relief, and body construction.

Lens Coating

The lens coating is what helps keep your lenses clear as possible, and thus best prepared for capturing lots of light. There are four different kinds – Anti-Reflective, Fully Coated, Multicoating, and Fully Multicoated (FMC). In general, FMC is the way to go, and several affordable pairs of hunting binoculars have this feature. If you can’t find a good model with FMC, go for multicoating.

Eye Relief

This sounds complicated, but it’s pretty simple: Eye relief tells you how far away your eyes can be from the binoculars while still having the full field of view. If you are comfortable holding the binoculars right up to your face, then a short eye relief will work just fine. If you wear glasses or want to be able to hold them a little more loosely, then look for a pair with larger eye relief.

Body Construction

Almost all binoculars are pretty solid in construction, so the issue here is more about personal preference and expected use. Do you expect your binoculars to have to take a little punishment or experience rough weather? Are you looking for a pair you can carry around easily, or has a sleek profile? Even under $200, there are plenty of good models for any expected use case you may need.

Even for Binoculars, a Few Simple Rules Makes All the Difference

Finding good hunting binoculars for under $200 is easier than you think. Even though you are buying a sophisticated device, most people will need a standard pair that has all the right features for them. It can seem like more money is necessary to get the right pair. But in truth, there are several options at a modest price that will meet everyone’s needs for a great experience.

By following the information in this article, you will be well set. As long as you know what you want to be doing (hunting, hunting, and hiking, hunting and birdwatching), be careful about which features meet all your expected needs and everything will work out fine, and at a great price too!

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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