Best Broom and Mop Holders

Storing brooms and mops can be a struggle since they’re usually shoved into corners where they’re prone to tipping and falling over. Luckily, there is a solution.

Broom holders are affordable solutions for storing sweepers, mops, and dusters, sparing you a ton of hassle with the simple investment. Not only will they save you room, but they’ll also make your storage area neater.

Why Should You Buy a Broom Holder?

Broom holders don’t look like a huge deal, but they offer lots of hidden benefits. Take a look at the information below to help you decide whether it is worth the purchase:

1. Easy Organization

A broom is a big, obtrusive piece of equipment, but a broom can be misplaced. If you have a big home, you might find that you forget where you left your broom. This can be avoided with a broom holder, which designates a space to store it.

Living in a smaller home with less space will mean that broom holders save you space, while keeping your house tidy.

2. They’re Safer

Who hasn’t tripped over a broom or a mop at some point in their life? Let’s face it: Brooms and mops are tripping hazards, but a broom holder can keep them out of the way and decrease your risk of injury.

Placing a broom in the wrong place could result in breaking or spilling something significant if it topples over. Broom holders offer the benefit of preventing brooms from tipping and knocking other things down.

3. Your Brooms and Mops Will Last Longer

Did you know that storing your broom off the floor can preserve the condition of its bristles? However, storing a broom upside down is counter-intuitive, not to mention visually displeasing. This is where a broom holder comes in handy. A broom holder will keep your broom elevated so pressure is taken off the bristles.

Mops can also benefit from this kind of storage, since hanging mops allows them to dry quickly. Keeping mops dry is important because wet mops are a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, which can spread throughout your house if left unchecked.

Mops will remain more fresh for longer if hung for storage. Maintaining the quality of your brooms and mops means that you’ll save money not having to replace them as often.

How to Mount a Broom Holder

Not everyone is great with tools, so some people might find installing a broom holder to be an intimidating project.

Many holders use adhesive applicants, while others require drilling. Here are some tips that will assist you regardless of your model.

Starting small is a great idea:

If your model requires drilling, make the smallest possible hole first. Making the hole too big will mean your screws won’t be tight and the holder could come loose.

Use the template:

Chances are that your broom holder will come with some template stickers to help you set up. If you get one, use it! It’ll save you a lot of effort.

Leave enough space:

Ensure that when you mount your holder, you leave enough space for your brooms and mops to hang up. Your broom shouldn’t be sinking into the holder. If it does, this means you need extra room so it doesn’t touch the holder or the ground.

Mounting Options

It is not always necessary to mount broom holders onto a wall. They can also be mounted on the sides of shelves or cupboards, as long as there’s enough space.

Swept Away

We’ve got a lovely assortment of broom and mop holders for you to choose from. They’re all high quality, affordable and will make a huge difference in your storage game! Remember to always ensure your installation area has enough room to hang your brooms.

Spot a broom holder below that suits your fancy? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Proofread by Scott Bouchard

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