Best BT Headphones Under 100 Dollars: Buyer’s Guide

Bluetooth headphones are among the best wireless headphones you can buy. But trying to find a top quality pair for under $100 can be challenging. This buyer’s guide will go over some of the main aspects to consider when shopping for Bluetooth headphones, as well as list some of the best ones available for less than $100.

Best BT Headphones Under 100 Dollars

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What Is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology known for its affordability and ease of use. Bluetooth headphones typically come with a range of 10 to 30 feet, although some models can go much farther. This makes them perfect for use with smartphones and other devices.

Why Should I Get a Pair of Bluetooth Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones will make your life easier by leaving your hands free to do other things while talking on the phone. This makes it safer to drive because you’ll be able to keep both hands on the wheel. You may also avoid a traffic ticket because it’s against the law in many places to use a phone with your hands while driving.

Bluetooth headphones are designed to work automatically whenever they’re in range of your device, making them very user-friendly. They’re also compatible with virtually every device out there, so they’ll be the only pair of headphones you’ll need.

Should I Get Over-Ear or In-Ear Headphones?

Deciding whether to get over-ear or in-ear headphones is a matter of personal preference and lifestyle. You should know the pros and cons for each kind of headphones to determine which is right for you.

Best BT Headphones Under $100

In-ear headphones are small and therefore the easiest to carry around. Over-ear headphones, by comparison, are less portable due to their size. But over-ear headphones tend to be more comfortable, and are much better at blocking outside noise.

Lifestyle is also a factor to think about when browsing for Bluetooth headphones. Those with active lifestyles may want to get in-ear headphones, as it would be difficult to exercise or run around all day with a large pair of headphones on. Over-ear headphones are better for those who are going to use them at home most of the time.

Are There Any Other Benefits to Using Bluetooth Headphones?

There are several other benefits to owning a pair of Bluetooth headphones including:

Bluetooth headphones have voice control options available for various devices. This will make using your device more convenient, and enable you to drive more safely with the ability to make and receive telephone calls using voice commands.

BT Headphones Under $100

Bluetooth headphones typically have batteries that will last all day without having to stop to charge them.

If you call a company’s customer support line and get placed on hold, you won’t be stuck with a phone sandwiched between your hand and your head for minutes on end.

Bluetooth technology is designed so that wireless signals from other devices do not interfere with yours.

It’s nice not to have a wire constantly getting tangled up and in your way.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Under $100

What’s the Best Way to Clean My Bluetooth Headphones?

It’s important to keep your Bluetooth headphones as clean as possible for the best performance and sanitary purposes. The longer you go without cleaning your headphones, the more dirt, dust, ear wax, and germs will build up inside them, so it’s best to clean them with some regularity.

If you purchase over-ear headphones, you’ll want to clean the ear pads about once a week. Remove the earpads and wipe them down with a soft cloth dampened with warm soapy water. Only use a mild soap like dish detergent because abrasive cleansers like alcohol may destroy or discolor the material. Wipe them once more, using only water this time, to rinse off the soap. Dry with a soft cloth or allow them to air dry.

Bluetooth Headphones for Under $100

For those who use in-ear headphones, remove the tips of the headphones and set them aside. Take a soft q-tip, moisten it with soapy water, and use it to remove any dirt or ear wax. Do the same for the earbuds using as little water as possible, and taking care not to get any inside of them. If you exercise with your Bluetooth headphones, you’ll want to clean them after each workout to remove sweat. Otherwise clean them whenever they start to get dirty.

Now that you have an idea of which Bluetooth headphones would be right for you take a look at the list below to compare some models available online. These are the best Bluetooth headphones you can find for under $100. Check some out, and you’ll easily find a great pair that won’t leave you broke.

Bluetooth Headphones for Under 100 Dollars

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