Best Car Gun Safe in 2022

People carry guns primarily for self-defense and having a gun in your vehicle can ensure that for you; but what happens if your vehicle is stolen?

In this article, we’ll tell you the best ways to keep your gun safe. After all, you wouldn’t want the gun in a criminal’s hands, would you?

A gun safe for your vehicle is the answer! Since we spend a lot of time in our vehicles, we tend to leave many personal belongings there – belongings that risk being stolen. As vehicles are mobile and have windows that are easily broken, they aren’t the most secure of places. This is where a safe comes in. Even if your vehicle is stolen, there is an additional barrier of security between your belongings and the thief.

While it would be incredibly frustrating if your laptop was stolen, having a firearm stolen will bring far greater risk to others. For this reason, we’ve decided to review vehicle gun safes and show you the best ones on the market for you to choose from. We will cover both permanently mounted and tethered gun safes for your vehicle.

Portable lockboxes and tethered gun safes are attached to the vehicle with a security cable. Gun safes that are mounted permanently are part of the vehicle they are attached to. Both types have advantages and disadvantages, which we will share below.


The theft risk is higher when you travel with a firearm.
Although vehicle safes for your gun are an essential purchase, it can’t be ignored that your risk of theft is higher when there is a gun safe in the vehicle. A simple mistake such as forgetting to lock your vehicle may lead to catastrophic effects on your community if the firearm falls into the wrong hands.

Gun thefts are estimated to have risen by 60% recently. Because vehicles are easily broken into, they tend to be targeted by thieves and you risk losing valuable items and your firearms if you’re not careful.

While gun safes aren’t foolproof, they can still deter break-ins. Thieves want to get in and out of your vehicle as quickly as possible and having a gun safe presents them with an additional obstacle.

How to reduce theft risk

Due to the dangers outlined above, you must purchase a vehicle gun safe that is as secure as possible. Minimizing the risk of a break-in specifically for the contents of your gun safe is a key factor in keeping you and your property safe, especially if you are going to be away from your vehicle for an extended period. If you are unable to take your firearm out of the vehicle, a portable vehicle gun safe can be moved to the trunk where it is hidden away from peering eyes.

It is important to ensure that you move your gun safely to a location that is less conspicuous where others aren’t able to easily find it. The tips that we’re about to share in this article will enable you to protect yourself against break-ins.

You must know the storage requirements and gun-carrying laws of the state you may be traveling to.

Understand the Law

The last thing you want is to be caught or penalized for not obeying the law in the jurisdiction that you are traveling to. Understanding the laws of the state you are in is therefore critical. Concealed carry permits are often required to travel with a firearm in a vehicle although there may be further restrictions such as storing your firearm away whilst driving. Having a gun safe is an easy way for you to abide by these laws in addition to the benefit of having your firearm protected.


What are the best gun safes for me?

It can be hard to find the best vehicle gun safe for you as there are many on the market. It will be a matter of your convenience, safety, and budget. This article will detail specific features that you should look out for and important factors to consider before making a purchase.

Vital factors in choosing your vehicle gun safe:


Choosing the right vehicle gun safe can be very personal and you should not feel pressured into buying a particular model by anyone else. Make sure that you are 100% happy with your choice before making the purchase.


You want to ensure that your vehicle gun safe is as small as possible for portability. Most people like to store their cases under the driver’s seat. Therefore, it’s important to check its dimensions before making your purchase. A smaller safe is also easier to hide in a vehicle as well as to install in the vehicle. That being said, a full-sized handgun will not fit inside a smaller safe, so bear that in mind.


Steel is the material that most gun safes are made from and are sturdy in their construction. If the gun safe isn’t made out of steel, ensure that it is made out of other high-quality materials. Plastic safes are inferior as they are unable to ensure your privacy or safety.

Locking Mechanism

Without a good lock, a safe is useless. Most thieves will break a lock first rather than try to break the exterior of the safe. This means that a good lock is imperative to the functionality and security of your vehicle gun safe.


Most safes that are manufactured for this purpose are small. Because of this, burglars will try to steal the entire safe rather than try to break the lock on site. Therefore, your safe needs to be anchored securely to your vehicle. While some models come pre-drilled with holes for you to anchor your safe, the majority rely on security cables that allow you to attach the safe to your vehicle seat. Arguably, the best accessory for anchoring your safe is an anchor sleeve.


The specifications state ten-gauge or twenty-gauge steel, what’s the difference?

Generally, the thinner the steel, the lower the gauge. For example, twenty-gauge steel will measure 0.38 inches thick while a ten-gauge will measure 0.14 inches thick. A lower gauge will be heavier and thicker.

What is the difference between gun safe specifications that state ‘California Department of Justice-certified’ (CDOJ) and ‘TSA-certified’?

For TSA-certified gun safes, the standards are quite simple. The case must be hard-sided and locked.

For California Department of Justice-certified gun safes, the standards are stricter. The CDOJ specifies that vehicle gun safes should have a minimum number of potential combinations on a combination lock, the number of locking bolts (thickness as well as quantity), and a twelve-gauge shell as a minimum.

Often, people who own guns use the CDOJ standards as the minimum standard for quality in gun safes. If you need to travel on a commercial airline, you can read the guidelines for legally transporting ammunition and firearms at

I’ve heard of console vaults and vehicle gun safes – what’s the difference?

Vehicle gun safes are what we have discussed above. They’re small boxes that usually fit under the front seat of your vehicle and are often secured in place with a cable. Bolted-down vehicle gun safes can be secured inside trunks as well.

Console vaults are specifically designed to fit the central console in your vehicle and are therefore semi-permanent. Many of them also have keyed locks.

What sized gun safe do I need in my vehicle?

The average vehicle gun safe will generally fit popular calibers such as a .38 (e.g. Ruger LCR) or 9 mm (e.g. Glock 17), both of which measure about 7.3 and 6.5 inches respectively.

If you are carrying a larger weapon such as a Desert Eagle that measures 10.6 inches, you need to ensure that its dimensions are compatible with your vehicle gun safe.

Overall, you need to purchase the gun safe that suits your needs best. This will be dependent on your budget, vehicle size, level of security, and the size of your firearm. High-quality materials, durability, and safety are the most important factors to keep in mind.

Ultimately, the safety of both you and your loved ones is of paramount importance, and getting the best vehicle gun safe will help ensure that.

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