Best Central Vacuum Cleaners in 2021

For many of us vacuuming is a household chore that we wish we did not have to do at all, sadly it is something that must be done at least once a week or even more. Most vacuums are loud, some are heavy to move around and it is simply just a chore. If you use one that is portable, then you must drag it around to every area of the house too. Now this is where central vacuum cleaners come into their own. The vacuum is already built in and that gives you the ability to vacuum your house with ease.

Best Central Vacuum Cleaners
Central Vacuum

With the central vacuum cleaner, you will not need to carry it from room to room while you clean, you will only have to deal with its light hose. Little containers are fitted to each room of your house.

This means that you can simply attach your hose to the container and away you go. Normally, the cannister of the vacuum can is usually in the garage of properties or the basement so they are out of the way.

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Here are the advantages of having a central vacuum

They are super easy to operate

Central vacuums are perhaps the easiest appliance in your house that you will ever use. Gone are the days when you must carry around that heavy machine while you try and vacuum. Furthermore, many people find vacuuming with a central vacuum as pleasant experience. You can easily clean a 3- or 4-bedroom house with ease with the central vacuum.

Next to no noise

Thanks to a special technology that reduces the noise, central vacuums are reasonably quiet when they are being used. This is great because you do not want to disturb your neighbors with a loud vacuum cleaner.

They are flexible

Even the hardest to reach places in your home are no match for a central vacuum. They have a hose that can retract so you can in fact clean many different types of surfaces and corners in your house that other portable cleaners can not. Any type of house is ideal for this vacuum.

Central Vacuum Cleaner
Central Vacuum

The Buyer’s Guide to the Central Vacuum.

They have numerous features and together they all combine into a rating for suction for the vacuum. Now as many of us know, there is not an actual thing called a suction rating, instead we work out which specific vacuum is better solely based on how all these features work together.

There are many things to consider when we are looking at the vacuums suction. Water life, CFM and the drive diameter all determine its effectiveness. The motor that is has on board as well can help with this as well as the number of stages it has along with the amps will ultimately define how effective the motor is.

Lastly there is the clean up. The collection and filtration all have a role to play when it comes to cleaning up, how durable the vacuum is and how hygienic it is.

The Collection

There are two types of collection with vacuums, ones that are bagless and ones that have bags. Either way you will be required to empty both even if you have an exhaust system with your central vacuum. With a bagless collection however, you will not need to be constantly replacing the bags for your vacuum.

Vacuum Cleaners
Central Vacuum

Its filtration system

Every vacuum has its own filtration system and not one of them has been shown to be better than other types. It will all come down to if you must clean the filter yourself or replace it. Therefore, filters that are self-cleaning are more popular.

The type of material is it made from

Generally, you will find that steel is commonly used by manufacturers as it is perhaps the most durable material, but there are some companies that will use alloys or combinations of metal to cut corners. While other brands will not use metal at all, instead use a combination of plastics. It is important to remember that with plastic combinations, because of their spongy nature, have a higher chance of developing mold and decay.

The type of motor

There are two types of motors and they are bypass and thru flow. Bypass is usually preferred because it separates the debris from the motor itself. Because of its design, thru flow does have issues when it comes to the water lift and wet rubbish that you can suction up.

Are Central Vacuum’s worth it?

Because this entire piece is about central vacuums, then we are going to say that yes, it is worth it. Keep in mind however, that these vacuums are not for every person. We will now look at why it is suited for some of us and why it is not.

Why it is worth it.

Having a central vacuum is worth it if you have people in your house that sleep during the day. This could be because of their job or if they have just welcomed a little on into the world. That is why it is ideal to be able to vacuum and not wake the entire house up. Cleaning with a central vacuum is a lot quieter and does not lose any of its power in the process.

Someone in your house suffers from allergies
If there is someone living in your house that for one reason or another suffers from bad allergies, then this central vacuum could be beneficial. This is because of the power of the vacuum; it can suck up and store all the dirt and other things that bring on symptoms of their allergy effectively. For this reason, that is why it is better for people who have allergies.

Central Vacuum Cleaners
Central Vacuum

Why it is not worth it

Your house is small
In general, if you have a smaller house (usually under or around 1,200 square feet) then the price for the central vacuum cleaner is far too much. Aside from that if your house is small you might not even be able to fit the power unit in your home to start with and therefor it will not be as useful. In addition, a central vacuum that is specifically made to clean for example and RV could be a decent substitute.

If you do not have carpet
If you have carpet in your house then cleaning with a central vacuum is best as dirt can get stuck deep in the carpet. Many houses that have tiled or wooden floors are probably not worth having a central vacuum. A powerful steam mop however might be the best choice.

Best Central Vacuum Reviews
Central Vacuum

Frequently asked questions

How long does a central vacuum last?
Nowadays most central vacuums come with a warranty in the range of around 10 years. However, because most of these units are made from solid steel as well as fortified powder-coated steel casings they will last longer than that if they are taken care of and have proper maintenance.

Do central vacuums need to be vented outside?
Because of the high power of suction for most of the central vacuum machines, they help with cleaning carpets as well as furniture as deep as possible. To get the best results, experts say that having a venting outside can ensure that you home will be 100% dust free when you are using your central vacuum. From tests that we have done, when venting is not outside, a small thin layer of dust will form around your unit after you have finished vacuuming.

Is using a central vacuuming the same as a portable vacuum?
They are similar yes, However, portable vacuums do not have the same power as a central vacuum thanks to their wattage. Your standard vacuum will not normally have a power that is over fifteen amps, this is to keep the vacuum for getting damaged due to surges.

Most central vacuums can be in the range of 15 amps with a normal plug or have a much higher range of power if the unit has three or four plugs or inlet valves.

#Central Vacuum | Bestseller

Bestseller No. 1
OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System,...
POWERFUL: 700AW, 5.7’’ 2-Stage motor - 140.2 CFM; SILENT SYSTEM: Integrated muffler and noise-blocking foam added in the MOTOR COMPARTMENT

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