Best Cordless Stick Vacuums

Have you ever thought about getting a cordless stick vacuum? How do they compare with ordinary corded vacuums?

We all need vacuum cleaners in our homes. You might have children running around all day, animals leaving their fur everywhere, or maybe you just need to give the house a quick clean when you’ve got guests coming. Whatever your situation, you’ll certainly need a vacuum to help keep your house clean.

Nowadays, you no longer need to settle for one of those upright cleaners that are heavy and difficult to push. Life is so much easier with the new totally cordless stick vacuums. They perform well and are convenient to carry around, unlike those old, corded cleaners.

Why do you need to buy a cordless stick vacuum cleaner?

We’ll start by looking at the advantages.

Easily stored

No more trouble having to maneuver that heavy, bulky upright vacuum cleaner.

These modern machines are easy to store due to their tall, thin, compact design. The head of the vacuum is the widest part of the whole machine.

Some of these vacuum cleaners have a docking station that can be mounted on the wall. This means you don’t need to fight with everything else in the cleaning cupboard whenever you need to use the vacuum. Just hang it on the docking station and take it whenever you need it.

Easy to lift

Taking an upright vacuum cleaner upstairs is awkward, frustrating, and can sometimes even end up hurting you. They are large, heavy, and cumbersome, which makes them difficult to lift.

Your problems are solved! Cordless vacuums are deliberately made lightweight, sometimes even half as light as the ordinary upright cleaners. A cordless model can weigh roughly 2.6 to 6 pounds, whereas an upright model can be more like 10 to 17 pounds.

No more tangles

The cord of the ordinary upright vacuum is a nightmare for getting caught around chairs and table legs, lodged under doors and around doorways, and even knocking things over. Nothing is safe! If you’re trying to clean a large room, the cord can often be too short and leave you stranded in the middle of the room, too.

The cordless vacuum gives you much more freedom to maneuver. No more having to unwind and wind up the cord each time you use it or having to find a power socket in the right place. No cord means you can take the vacuum anywhere you want with no hassles.


The cordless stick vacuum is perfect for anyone who wants to do their bit to help the environment. Or maybe you want to find a way to save a bit of money on your bills. This is the machine for you.

Many of these vacuums contain a rechargeable battery, so you’re obviously going to be using less electricity than you would with a corded vacuum.

How do you choose a cordless stick vacuum?

So, you’ve now decided that a cordless stick vacuum is the perfect cleaner for you. Here is a list of the main features that you need to look for when buying one.

Running time

Running time is the length of time the vacuum can be used before the battery needs to be recharged. This tends to be, on average, somewhere between 15 and 45 minutes.

Obviously, if you have large areas to clean, it might be sensible to opt for a vacuum that has a running time that is more suitable.

In this case, it would be a good idea to find a vacuum that contains lithium batteries, or perhaps lithium-ion batteries, as these are the kind of batteries that last longer than others. Also, they are not toxic since they don’t contain cadmium.

Charging time

Some cordless vacuum models need to be left to charge all day, but this isn’t really convenient as you won’t be able to use it when you want.

Alternatively, some have much shorter charging times, but these will also run for a much shorter amount of time.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to find something somewhere in between the two. A charging time of 3 to 4 hours usually gives a running time of around 40 minutes.


There are now some cordless models that even have LED lights on the head of the vacuum. This isn’t just for fun, though. They’re perfect for seeing what’s lurking in those darker corners and under furniture.

Some rooms in the house may not have much in the way of natural light. So, these LED lights are useful for lighting up the area you are vacuuming, allowing you to clean much more efficiently.

Suction power

A cordless stick vacuum is not a fashion accessory, though, and it needs to do the job it was designed for, picking up all the dirt from your floor. The model you choose needs to have really good suction power to clean as efficiently as possible.

In general, the cordless models have slightly lower suction power than upright models. However, if you find one that has at least 100 air watts, you should still be able to give your floors a good clean. This is certainly enough power to collect dust, crumbs, pollen, and other everyday dirt.

HEPA Filter

Carpets and hard floors are home to lots of tiny particles, including dust and mites. Many people can be allergic to these kinds of things, so the vacuum you choose needs to have a filtration system capable of getting rid of them. If you are someone who suffers from allergies, the best model to look for is one that contains a HEPA filter.

A HEPA filter is a highly efficient particulate air filter that is able to lessen the amount of dangerous particles in the air.

This type of filter can rid your home of dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold, and it captures around 99.97% of pathogens at a size of 0.3 microns.

Additionally, studies have shown that this type of filter can reduce the allergic respiratory effects of asthma and perennial rhinitis.

Dust-collecting Canister

Cordless stick vacuums have a very streamlined design, and this is partly because they do not contain a bag. So, it’s also a good idea to check the capacity of the dust canister before buying. Most models tend to have a canister that holds about 0.4 to 1.5 liters of dirt and dust.

If you have particularly large areas to clean, or you want to do a deep clean, think about choosing a vacuum with a dust canister that has a bigger capacity.

Which cordless stick vacuums should you look for?

There are lots of reviews about cordless stick vacuums, as well as information from manufacturers and customers. We have had a look at it all and put together some information of our own that we are going to share with you here.

Jashen D18 Powerful Cordless Stick Vacuum


This model will give you power for 30 minutes, so it’s ideal if you’ve got a large area to clean.

Additionally, it can be turned into a handheld vacuum in no time, making it very versatile for cleaning all kinds of different surfaces. You don’t even have to hold on to a trigger to use it.

This model comes with a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery, which gives 250 watts and an uninterrupted running time of 30 minutes every time the battery is fully charged. The indicator for the battery will show when it needs to be returned to the docking station.

If you’re using the handheld vacuum, the charging base can be kept on top of a surface, or a mount can be used to hang the stick vacuum on the wall.

This vacuum is slim, lightweight, and easy to store if you don’t have too much space to spare, either as a stick or a handheld.

This vacuum comes with three brushes that are easy to swap over, which means that it can be used on both carpets and hard floors. It also has an LED motorized brush that lights up so you can see what you are cleaning. No more missing any crumbs!

It also has a four-step HEPA filtration system that filters into the dust canister and empties via a release lock.

Why do we like it?

Running time

This model lasts for about 30 minutes when charged, so you don’t need to charge it every two minutes!

Brushes included

This model comes with two different brushes for hard floors, carpet, and upholstery. The two brushes can be swapped over easily, too.


Other cordless stick vacuums can be a little noisy, but this model is pretty quiet. Weighing only 10.3 pounds, it is nice and lightweight, too. It’s also versatile, and you can use it to clean all those awkward places underneath your furniture.

Are there any disadvantages?

Long charging time

This vacuum has a long running time, so it stands to reason that it’s going to have quite a long charging time, too. This model takes about 4 to 5 hours for the battery to be fully charged, so you need to ensure that you’ve got plenty of time set aside.

Orfeld VC818 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Large dust canister

This cordless stick vacuum has a dust canister that holds 1.4 liters of dust, dirt, and debris, making it the largest canister capacity out of all the vacuums we looked at. So, if you’ve got lots of cleaning to do, this could be the right vacuum for you.

It also contains a four-step filtration system that captures 99.99% of dust particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. This makes it very efficient at erasing both particles and bacteria from your home.

This model includes a 2,200 mAh lithium-ion battery that will give you up to 30 minutes of running time.

The docking station can be fixed to the wall, making it a great space saver, and it comes with an extra brush in the form of a crevice and combination tool.

Moreover, it is also multi-functional. This vacuum can easily transform into a cleaner that can be used inside and outside the home.

This model can safely be used for cleaning carpets and hard floors or for removing pet hair. It is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 5.6 pounds for the entire unit.

The head of the vacuum can easily be swiveled around due to its rotating joint. It is capable of working as flat as 180 degrees or at an angle of 270 degrees. LED headlights are also included in the design, which makes cleaning much more effective. You get a 12-month guarantee with this model.

Why do we like it?

Large dust canister

The dust canister on this model can hold up to 1.4 liters, which is a large capacity compared to other models. It stores all the rubbish it collects so that you don’t need to touch anything. There’s no bag either, so all you need to do is open the canister and pour everything straight into the garbage.

Four-step filtration system

This model can capture 99.9% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns on account of its easy-to-wash HEPA filter and cyclone made of stainless steel. It also catches tiny particles from all kinds of surfaces, making it perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies. The HEPA filter will need to be washed regularly, though, to make sure that it doesn’t get blocked.

Running time

The inclusion of a 2,200 mAh lithium battery means you will get 30 minutes of cleaning time with this vacuum. It is very compact and comes with a docking station that can be mounted on the wall, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t have much storage space in your home.

Are there any disadvantages?

Long charge time

This vacuum needs to be charged for four hours, so it’s a good idea to plan your cleaning so that you have enough time to ensure it is adequately charged.

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum

Wide cleaning reach

This is the ideal cordless stick vacuum for those people who don’t want to spend too much time cleaning. It comes with a full-sized power brush that has an amazing cleaning reach of 10.4 inches.

This model’s low-profile design makes it great for getting in, around, and underneath all those annoying, hard-to-reach places around your home. It also has LED lights on the front to help you see where you are cleaning.

Two power modes make it easy to switch between cleaning carpets and hard floors. Maximum mode has a power of 110 air watts, which will allow you to carry out a deep clean almost effortlessly. This amount of suction is four times the strength found in a typical DC motor.

The inclusion of a lithium-ion battery gives a running time of around 25 minutes. The continuous power mode on this model means that you don’t need to use any buttons. Max mode lasts for about 7 minutes.

This model also contains a detachable battery pack. If you want to be really clever, you could buy a spare battery so that you can have one ready to swap to increase your cleaning time.

It also contains an amazing four-step filtration system that eradicates all types of dust and particles that are likely to cause allergies. The dust canister is sealed so all the dust and dirt will be completely contained, and you can make the most of a home filled with fresh air.

The dust canister, which has a capacity of 0.4 liters, is easily emptied by just touching a button.

The stick vacuum can also be changed into a handheld, making it convenient for all kinds of cleaning. A mini power brush and an appropriately sized vacuum head are included.

This vacuum weighs only 2.87 pounds, so it’s easily maneuvered and lifted, making it useful for reaching up to high places, too.

Why do we like it?

Power brush

This model has a wide vacuum head measuring 10.4 inches wider than most other available vacuums. This feature might even help you to get your cleaning done much more quickly.

Battery pack

The battery can be easily detached from this vacuum. You could even buy a spare battery! You could swap the old battery out for a fully charged one, so you won’t have to wait.

Anti-allergy filtration system

The four-step filtration system captures dust and pollen particles, ensuring that they won’t be released and won’t cause discomfort to people who suffer from allergies.

Are there any disadvantages?

Dust canister size

With a capacity of only 0.4 liters, the canister on this model is quite small compared to others and may not be large enough for deep cleaning.

Time to clean up

Cordless vacuums are great for hassle-free and unrestricted cleaning. The fact that they are very lightweight and cordless means that you can maneuver them freely and easily. What is more, you know that you are saving money at the same time.

When buying one of these vacuums, check for these features: the length of running time compared with charging time, LED lights that help you see what you are cleaning, and a good suction that picks up dirt.

For those who may have allergies, it’s a good idea to look into the filtration system and make sure that you choose one with a HEPA filter. It’s also helpful to know if the dust canister is sealed.

Do you already have a cordless stick vacuum? Have you used one of these vacuums on this list? Share your experience in our comments section. Make sure you share this with your friends, too, so that everyone gets to hear all this good advice.

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