Best Crystal Water Bottles

If there was a way to inject good vibes into your water would you take it? It’s true there is something new out on the market, a crystal water bottle, and can very much create a great time with just one unique crystal pod in your water bottle.

The best crystal water bottles have 100% pure natural crystals, and when mixed with water, it can make an substance that creates clarity and introduces a spring in your step both physical and mentally.

Is it wizardry? No. Crystals are proven to have certain energies and when placed next to certain things, those energies can be transferred. I’m no scientist but the science is there.

If this stuff about crystals is all news to you, don’t stress. You can easily experience its affect by getting yourself a crystal water bottle and reading along with this guide.

You have probably been seeing a lot about these crystal infused water bottles on social media. They’ve been so popular for a couple reasons, one of which is they are easy to advertise and another is because of the benefits they have on people’s overall well-being, especially when mixed with water.

Because of these benefits, there are a lot of new products, however, there are still a lot of knockoffs or inauthentic products. But in this guide I have outlined what you need to do to weed out the bad options.

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Crystal Water Bottle Considerables
For a lot of people it’s easy to make a decision on which crystal water bottle works for them, but they don’t always select the one that’s actually perfect for them. Here I will go into the key features you should look into before making your decision.

Quality of Build
Durability is one of the most important aspects. You want to find a glass bottle for multiple reasons, firstly it tastes better. Secondly it is much more environmentally friendly to get a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle.

Of course they are susceptible to breaking, so you need to keep an eye out for bottles made with borosilicate glass rather than the glass commonly used.

The thicker glass will make the bottle more sturdy. In addition to durability and its shatterproof aspect, it is also resistant to heat, so you can leave the bottle in the sun without worry or even to drink hot beverages you need not stress with borosilicate glass.

Mostly bottles will use the one kind of stainless-steel lid. There is a specific brand that would use bamboo rather stainless-steel because it appeals to the nature lovers. This is something of personal preference, so it will be left for you to decide.

Alas with stainless-steel, you should keep an eye out that it is BPA free, rust-resistant, and leakproof. You should use these factors to assess the base of the bottle as well.
Every bottle mentioned in the list have a holding capacity of 16.9oz. For heavy drinkers, this won’t cut it. However, there are not many brands out there making a larger bottle.

The design of each of these bottles are nearly the same. They have two transparent sections so you can show off the crystals you have in the bottle.

Ease of Use
You’re going to want to be able to exchange gems depending on your energy needs. You most certainly want to avoid getting a fixed crystal containing chamber. Since every crystal as its own energy and you might want different energies at different times, you’ll want to find out which combination is best for you.

You are also going to want to consider how difficult it is to clean the bottle. Some bottles are alright to put in the dishwasher while others require washing by hand. Personally I’d rather clean by hand but it is nice to have the option to put it in the dishwasher.

Perceived Benefits of Crystals
We must begin to look at crystals as a whole to best understand how you can benefit, but, for the sake of clarity, there has been no scientific research performed to state that crystals actually have healing powers. They are commonly said to have an ability to promote wellness among people.

Water has been shown to have the ability to absorb ultra-microscopic energies, especially in the way energies rub off from crystals, the water can take on the energy vibrations of each stone.

When drinking this special crystal water you can begin to feel how it starts to balance out your positive energies.

Crystal Water Bottles
Crystal Water Bottles
Crystal Water Bottles
Crystal Water Bottles
Crystal Water Bottles

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