Best Electric Leaf Blowers

From home garden to industrial applications and garden services, there are simply hundreds of leaf blowers on the market. Which one to choose? We have a list, specially compiled to help you make the right choice. This list is built on customer reviews, technical expert advice and our own choices.

The questions arise: do you need a cordless or corded, a light-duty or heavy duty unit? It all depends on your preferences, as well as your budget. Read on for assistance in making this choice.

Types of Electric Leaf Blowers

We have two operational classes of leaf blowers. The cordless type is battery operated. The corded type is powered by the power utility’s power supply.


Our first offering is the Black and Decker Corded Leaf Blower, the LB700. The electrical specifications of this machine are 110V 60 Hertz (US) 7.0 AH (ampere-hour)

These corded electric leaf blowers need to be plugged into your utility power outlet. They will only operate whilst plugged. They have no onboard power. This means that there is no charging to be performed, which does allow for your work to be uninterrupted.

Cordless Leaf Blowers

The electrical specifications of the Cordless Leaf Blower are 20VDC 2.0 Ah powered by Lithium Batteries. It is a 2-in-1 sweeper/vacuum for leaf blowing, clearing small trash, cleaning your car or absorbing dust from a computer host. Handy for hard to clean corners. The Cordless Leaf Blowers runs on battery power. This means flexibility and freedom of movement as there is no hindrance of a power cord.

The batteries will run flat fairly quickly, between 10 and 75 minutes depending on the model. This means one charge will only allow you to clean a small yard or a portion of a bigger yard before needing to recharge the battery.

The big question

What option do you have if neither corded nor cordless leaf blowers are suitable for a bigger yard? The answer is gas-powered leaf blowers. They are more suitable, as they run for up to 3 hours on a tank of gas.

How to choose the best Electric Leaf Blower

If you are in the market for an Electric Leaf Blower, consider these important points before making your purchase.


Your initial consideration is whether you need to go the corded or the cordless route. It may be a good idea to go over the pros and cons of both types.

Yard Size

Should you need to clean a large yard you could opt for the corded unit with an extension cord that will cover the whole area. For a small or medium-size yard, a cordless unit could possibly do the job. This gives the best freedom of movement and a spare fully-charged battery pack can help to achieve your goal.

Top Tip

Invest in a few spare battery packs and change them out when one is flat.

Air Flow

One of the most important issues here is the speed at which the air is delivered, as this will assess how quickly your leaf blower can accomplish the task at hand. Be sure to check the airflow, usually given in CFM (cubic feet per minute). Look for values in the 400 to 800 CFM range.

Air Speed

Measured in miles per hour (MPH), the airspeed is important. The higher the number, the faster the air travels. This will provide the potential to do the best job. Look for at least 100 MPH.

You will get speedy results from a unit of 100 MPH or faster. Some units have adjustable speed options. For example, some battery-powered leaf blowers come with three to four-speed options. This is a great battery saver, as there may be parts of the yard that require a slower speed to do the job effectively.


The weight of the battery-powered leaf blower should be carefully considered. Some available options weigh as little as 2 pounds. They can range up to 10 pounds. Remember that the heavier the leaf blower is the more difficult the task. However, there is a solution for this too. The answer is a backpack that will snugly fit a battery pack on your back, making it easier to use the heavier option battery. This is designed so that it will not hurt your back but will make the task much less difficult.

Expert Advice

Some expert advice before you buy is to carefully check the weight balance. It should be evenly distributed and not have the weight all at one end. This will make it easier to carry and use.

Battery Life

Taking the option to go cordless means paying careful attention to the battery life. Even though a few extra battery packs will allow a longer period of operation, you still need to know how many packs to buy. Generally speaking, the battery run time is from around 10 to 75 minutes depending on operating time and battery capacity. Battery life can sometimes mean the number of recharges the battery can take before it needs to be renewed.

Extra Modes

As not all models of these handheld cordless leaf blowers are the same, it might be worth looking at some with different operating modes. For example, some have speed controls from slow to fast which will conserve battery run time. Also, some machines are good for vacuuming, as well as mulching.

The Best Electric Leaf Blowers of 2021

We have compiled a list of the best electric leaf blowers on the market for 2021.

Black and Decker

Comparing corded versus cordless, a good brand to look at is Black and Decker. This corded model means that you derive power from a cord plugged into the utility outlet, eliminating the chance of a battery running flat. As long as this machine is plugged in it will run.

Black and Decker offer a 7.0 AH machine to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

These Black and Decker units have some clever features, such as a retracting cord for easy storage and being lightweight for easy handling.

Why we love it

Two-handled Design

The Black and Decker model has a two-handled grip which is a definite advantage when it comes to holding the machine for some time. Also, it is well balanced having the handles placed at the top and back of the unit.

Built-in automatic cord retraction

This option will save time in winding up cords or cords lying around. This also increases your ease of handling with no extra cord trailing on the ground.

Lightweight – 4.4 Pounds

The design of the unit needs to make it easy to use therefore the balance must be right. This unit has a good balance for ease of handling and can even be used with one hand.

Keep in Mind

The cord is not included – So don’t waste time looking for on the initial purchase. It must be obtained as an accessory.

Sometimes too powerful – Leaf blowers, especially the corded type like the Black and Decker model, have a lot of power. Some users have found that the unit is too powerful and simply blows away more than the leaves. This does not mean that the unit is uncontrollable, you just need to avoid directing it at garden furniture. Stick to the leaves on the ground!

Sun Joe SBJ597E Electric Leaf Blower

When it comes to garden tools and cleaning, the electric leaf blower is not the most expensive tool in the shed. Some are available for as little as $50.

There are cheaper options than the Black & Decker mentioned above. These cheaper options can offer a high quality, good-valued tool. The option from Sun Joe is reasonably priced and what’s more, it is available in green, blue, red and grey.

Why we love it

This machine has a long balanced nozzle.

It is a good accompaniment to have a long nozzle on an electric leaf blower as it balances out the weight from the handle, making it easier to use for long periods. Plus, it gets into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Good High Speed

This leaf blower, with its 6.0 A motor power, allows you to reach speeds of 155 MPH, making it a handy tool to remove some stubborn, leafy trash and debris. It can also clean all kinds of surfaces easily.

Easy to Store

This unit has detachable parts, splitting into three pieces. This is very handy for compact storage.

Keep in Mind

Many who have purchased this leaf blower have remarked that the cord is too short. It is almost unusable with such a short cord so you will likely have to use an extension.

Toro Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are useful beyond just blowing away leaves. Using a built-in variable speed control means you can use high power in the yard and lower power in small corners, especially along the sidewalk, where you might need less power.

This electric leaf blower offers you a choice of speeds between 130 MPH to 160 MPH. Both of these speeds are powerful, but there is a noticeable difference between the different speeds enabling tailored use for different jobs.

Why we Love It


At 4.4 pounds, this lightweight leaf blower enables you to use it for longer periods without tiring yourself out.

Use in different places

This unit is great for large yards, sidewalks, driveways and patios where you need to use different speeds. Having a strong air speed does not mean the machine is dangerous to use, it merely reaches a lot of difficult, hidden away spaces.

Good Value for Money

When it comes to value to money the Toro leaf blower is a budget-friendly machine. Though less expensive, it is still a high-quality piece of machinery and backed by a two-year warranty. This warranty means that the manufacturer has confidence in his product for up to at least 2 years.

Keep in Mind

A little on the Noisy side

Usually, customers purchasing leaf blowers do expect some noise, but in this case you would do well to bear in mind your neighbors might object. A few customers went as far as to complain that the motor made a peculiar grinding/grating sound which could be distracting in some cases.

Greenworks Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower

Using a handheld cordless leaf blower can, on occasion, be a difficult task in that the balancing of the machine, as well as the sheer weight of it, can be tricky to use for longer periods. Maneuvering it into the right spot means extending one’s arms with the one-handled weighty blower. Wearing a backpack unit is probably a better option.

Greenworks have a brushless DC motor in their leaf blower, enabling output speeds of up to 580 CFM. It is complete with a backpack and it is well worth a look. Leaving one’s hands free to direct and operate the nozzle means more ease of use, whilst giving good flexibility, all without the hindrance of a cord.

Why we Love it

Powerful Brushless Motor

It has the power of a gas motor in an eco-friendly electric battery-powered blower.

Variable Speeds

Speeds up to 145 MPH are effortlessly controlled by a variable speed control, which gives versatility of use. This is a huge plus factor and there is a turbo-boost function for moving stubborn debris.

Cruise Control

Choose the desired speed for the job and set the cruise control to maintain this output. No adjusting speeds are necessary to maintain an even and constant airflow.

Keep in Mind

This machine has a short battery capacity, allowing a shorter run time.

A large machine should, as a rule, have a sizeable, high-quality battery but many customers have complained that the standard battery supplied lasts only 15 minutes. On top of that, it takes 30 minutes to recharge.

With this sort of short operational time, a whole yard would take a long time to blow clean of leaves.

Electric Leaf Blower FAQ’s

Is an electric leaf blower as good as a gas model?
Most gas models are used by commercial cleaners and garden service people. They generally need to clean large areas quickly and usually use the tool all day. As far as the bottom line, we’ll say, gas blowers are more powerful but not as eco-friendly or as easy to use as electric models.

Are electric leaf blowers as quiet as gas models?
Yes, by far. There is no annoying loud gas motor sound which can be exceptionally irritating. So, thinking about how noise affects your family and especially your neighbors, a gas model can be as high as 65-90 db an electric blower around 65-70 db (decibels) and therefore is a leaf blower of choice.

How long do electric leaf blowers last?
When fully charged an electric (or battery operated) leaf blower can last between 10 to 75 minutes depending on the model and battery capacity. Lifetime operation should be around 2 years or longer. Make sure that whichever model is purchased, the manufacturer’s warranty specifies the warranty coverage for the unit.

Do electric leaf blowers use a lot of electricity?
It depends on which model is purchased or reviewed. Check the wattage of the unit. Since your power utility charges you by kilowatts used (units) the higher the wattage the more electricity it will use. Remember, a battery-powered model needs recharging and the electricity usage factor is mostly the same.

As an observation, electric models are by far more eco-friendly than gas models. They are usually cheaper as well.

What is a recommended MPH output for a leaf blower?
A good performer should have a speed of at least 100 MPH.

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