Best Floor Cleaner Liquids

Are you tired of spending time cleaning your floors only to still see filmy streaks and spots? Nobody wants to spend their time and energy cleaning their floors only for them to still look streaky and dirty. Fortunately, choosing the proper floor cleaner can make those annoying streaks a thing of the past!

Below, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the different things you should consider when making your purchase. We have also put together a list of the top ten picks for the best liquid floor cleaners that are currently available on the market.

What is Floor Cleaner Liquid?
Liquid floor cleaners should be used on hard floors such as tile or laminate and are available in a wide variety of formulas to suit your needs. Using these products, many of which also help to remove allergens, can help maintain clean, great looking floors.

Top Tip:
Always test that the cleaner you have selected is suitable for your floors by testing a small, easily concealed section, under a rug perhaps. This will ensure that if there is an adverse reaction, you can easily hide the damage.

The Different Types of Floor Cleaner Liquids
There is a wide variety of floor cleaning liquids on the market, a few of the most popular types include:

Natural Products:
Natural floor cleaners tend to be made using non-toxic and environmentally friendly substances. They will usually avoid artificial colors and scents and use organically occurring agents, like white vinegar, instead. These products work well on multiple types of flooring and are suitable for use in areas where pets and children are at play.

Ready-to-Use Formulas:
There is nothing more convenient then a ready-to-use formula. Just apply it to your floor and mop it up, no fuss, no muss and no special prep required. This saves you precious time and can even save on space as there will be less cleaning supplies to find a place to store away.

Concentrated Liquids:
Concentrated floor cleaners need to be mixed with water before use, but this means you get to customize the strength of the final product. Depending on the type of floor you are cleaning you can use either a very strong formula for kitchens and entryways or a less potent formula for less used hallways.

Floor-Specific Options:
Multi-purpose cleaning solutions can be great to have in your arsenal, but if you are looking for a truly exceptional clean, then you should tailor your products for the floor you are working on. Floor specific products are designed to bring out the best in each specific floor type.

For use on natural floor types such as stone or hardwood, you can get certain products that contain oils that will keep your floors looking their best for longer. For synthetic materials, like tile and laminate, a more aggressive cleaning agent can give you a faster and deeper clean.

Choosing the Best Floor Cleaning Liquid
When you are trying to decide on the best liquid floor cleaner for your home, it is a good idea to think of the following factors before purchasing:

The Type of Flooring You Have:
Certain floor cleaners work best on certain types of floors. To pick the best cleaner for you, first look at the type of flooring you will be using the product on. Choose a cleaner specific to your cleaning needs, not just one you have heard might work well.

Consider Your Cleaning Tools:
You’ll find that certain cleaners will work better with certain types of cleaning tools. If you know you will be using a certain type of mop, for instance, then look for cleaners that are specific to that type of mop. Matching the tool and product can greatly affect the end result.

How You Are Using the Product:
Some products that can be bought are intended for less frequent deep cleans, while others are meant for your more regular light-duty use. Make sure the type of product you buy suits the type of cleaning you will be doing.

You May Need to Bring Home Multiple Products:
It is unlikely that you’ll find one singular product that works for you all the time. Expect that you will probably need a few different products, depending on the different types of floors in your home and the different level of cleaning you will be doing.

Think About Cost
When analyzing the cost of buying cleaning products, remember that not all your products will be used at the same rate. Some will require dilution and therefore last longer, while others are to be used right from the bottle and may not last as long. Cleaning products can range in price from cheap to quite expensive. Look at how each product will be used and how much when deciding how much you want to spend.

Here’s to Shining Floors
A great liquid floor cleaner can make your home feel clean, shiny, and in generally great condition. It can even have you looking forward to your weekly chores instead of dreading them. So, when looking to determine what product is right for you, remember a few important factors:

What kind of product are you interested in (natural, all-in-one, etc.)?
What type of tool will you be using to do your cleaning?
And finally, what type of flooring will you be using the product on?
Have you made your decision on the best liquid cleaner for you? What is your biggest problem when it comes to keeping your floors clean? Let us know in the comments section below.

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