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Making sure your floor is totally clean can take a lot of time and effort. If you’ve also got a busy life, or maybe kids or pets, this can really turn into a struggle. A quality floor scrubber can give you an extra edge when tackling dirty floors and surfaces!

What Is a Floor Scrubber?

Floor scrubbers are tools that are intended to making cleaning floors faster and more convenient. Like vacuum cleaners, they are powered and to be used on the ground.

You might have seen a commercial-grade floor machine before, perhaps in the mall, which featured seat for a driver. Of course, models meant to be used at home will need to be pushed or walked.

Not only do floor scrubbers make cleaning quicker, but they can also reduce how many products or tools you need to do the job. Just select a cleaning solution to be used with the machine, turn it on, and soon you’ll be admiring your clean floor!

Different Types of Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers to be used inside homes usually come in two types: cordless and corded. Both will come with various scrubbing heads.

Corded Floor Scrubbers

As the name suggests, corded scrubbers use outlet power, restricting you to an area that can be reached by the cord.

Corded units do have advantages. They generally provide more power than their cordless counterparts. Usually, bigger units will have more power. If you need to clean a lot of surface area, corded models might be for you. This also allows you to clean without stressing about the battery running low.


* Great for larger areas.

* Suitable for heavy-duty cleaning.

* No need to plan for battery time.


* Larger, bulkier footprints.

* Cords can be limiting.

Cordless Floor Scrubbers

Cordless floor scrubbers bring better maneuverability and are lighter. This makes them more suitable for regular cleaning that isn’t very demanding. With lighter weights and smaller size in general, they’re easier to store and push around the house.

Their downside is their compromise on power, so they won’t be able to perform any heavy-duty cleaning.


* Best for maintaining a cleaning schedule.

* Lightweight and easy to maneuver.

* Small size for easy storage.


* Not as powerful as corded units.

How to Choose the Best Floor Scrubbers

Thinking about buying a floor scrubber? Consider the following first:

Be Aware

Cleaning equipment and solutions can be damaging to floors if incompatible. It’s good to test your new products first on a small or hidden area of flooring to ensure this won’t happen to you.

The Best Floor Scrubbers of 2021

Know what you’re trying to get out of your floor scrubber?

Below are some notable options that we found worth checking out:

Bissell Spinwave Powered Mop and Cleaner

Best Corded Floor Scrubber

This scrubber comes with a 28-ounce water tank that can spray on command, letting you release cleaning solution at your choosing. It also has a 22-foot power cord to allow you the freedom to move wherever you need to go.

This scrubber claims to be compatible with numerous floors. These include sealed hard surfaces like hardwood and tile. Since there are multiple pad options, you can choose which head is best for your floor.

Why We Love It

Easy to Maneuver

With its light weight and high responsiveness, this unit lets you take less time on your chores.

It has a low-profile design and jointed head that lets it sneak underneath surfaces for extra cleaning.

Multiple Reusable Cleaning Heads

This unit comes with two sets of reusable cleaning heads.

The first is softer and meant for gently cleaning hardwood floors. The second is more of a scrubbing texture that can tackle sticky surfaces.

Cleaning heads are indeed reusable, so you can clean them and reattach. You can also buy extra pads according to your use.

Multi-Surface Cleaner Included

Buying this unit means you’ll also get two 8-ounce cleaning products by Bissel. These products are meant to be effective on dirt but not damaging on surfaces. You can begin using your scrubber right away.

Two-Year Warranty

This product includes a two-year limited warranty, so you might be able to get refunds or replacements in an unusual event.

Keep In Mind

Difficult to Get into Corners

The cleaning pads included with this scrubber are round, making them good for covering wide areas. At the same time, a round shape makes it unsuitable for corners and narrow spaces.

If this is a concern, you’ll need to use a different tool to get those missed spots.

Not Equipped with Wheels

If this scrubber is on, the power will help you with maneuvering. But when it’s not on, you might feel the lack of wheels when you need to move it back to storage.

This unit is only 11 pounds, and by no means an extremely heavy machine, but it’s still something to consider if you have staircases or weight limits.

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Best Floor Scrubber for Corners

Here’s a cordless scrubber that offers 60 minutes of run time after you charge it for 3.5 hours. It’s got the all-important lightness and maneuverability required of cleaning machines.

An extra feature of this machine is its adjustable head. This lets you get at different angles and difficult spaces. The Homitt comes with several different heads that can be adjusted so that you use the power level that you need. It also has an adjustable handle that lets you get up to 42 inches of reach. This will spare your back during cleanings.

Why We Love It

Cleaning Heads Designed for Homes

This unit comes with three cleaning heads, all bristled. It’s got one shaped and angled head intended for tight corners. There’s a rounded head meant to scrub bathtubs and sinks, as well as a final flat head to use on ceramic tiles.

Since all these cleaning heads have strong bristles, they might not be for use on hardwood floors and other surfaces that need extra care.

High-Speed Rotation

This unit can number 260+ rotations every minute! That’s a powerful spin that can really shake up the dirt on your floors. Instead of moving from side to side, the head spins 360-degrees to give you extra power.

Included Storage Bracket

This unit includes a hook that can make storage a lot easier. If you install it in a location long term, like near a power outlet so it can charge, this hook can be raised when you aren’t using your scrubber. This way, your machine will be safely set aside and charge itself for its next task.

This scrubber comes with a one-year warranty that promises to replace defective parts or the unit, in the case of a failure.

Keep In Mind

Only Water Resistant

This machine is water resistant, but it’s not entirely waterproof. If you need your machine to be able to stand up to constant water exposure, you’re going to need to get a stronger machine like the Good Papa unit.

Better for Small Spaces

All the heads that come with this scrubber are a bit smaller than average. This means they won’t be as efficient in rooms that are larger, but they’ll work great for small areas.

Vmai Cordless Electric Mop

Best Multi-Use Floor Scrubber

This scrubber gives you several different settings that open more options that just cleaning the floor. Not only can it do the typical job of getting rid of dirt, but it can also finish things like waxed floors.

The Vmai Cordless Electric Mop has two spinning heads, helping it tackle bigger surface areas for less cleaning time. After getting rid of dirt, you can use it for finishing work as well, like waxing your floors.

With a handle that is adjustable and allows rotation, this machine is easy to maneuver. It also offers an abundant battery life, letting you have 20 minutes if you’re mopping wet, and 35 minutes if you use the dry setting.

Why We Love It

Detachable Battery

Detachable batteries make it easier to clean. If you buy an extra battery, you’ll have even more convenience.

Spray Technology

This machine comes with a built-in sprayer that you can use to target extra cleaning power. Just hit the button to release cleaning solution and target spots at more angles.

Adjustable Handle

Depending on where or how you want to use this scrubber, you can change the length of the handle as needed.

Keep In Mind

Heavy for a Cordless Unit

Since this unit is about 10 pounds in weight, it comes in at a bit more than standard cordless scrubbers. However, 10 pounds isn’t too crazy for a corded machine.

If you need to lift your scrubber a lot or take it up and down stairs, you might want to look at lighter options.

Get Scrubbing

Researching and choosing a floor scrubber can be time consuming. We recommend being clear on where you need to clean and what surface that is.

Got something you can’t stand doing when you need to clean up at home? Have a favorite activity? Tell us about it in the comments!

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