Best Gas Pressure Washers

Considering buying a new gas pressure washer? Gas pressure washers are exceptionally strong tools that can provide top of the line cleaning power. Here’s a compilation of seven gas pressure washers for you to peruse. Who knows, you might find your ideal unit here!

What Can You Clean with a Pressure Washer?

First off, what exactly can a gas pressure washer do? Here is a list of some items it can clean for you.

* Concrete, like sidewalks and driveways

* Decking

* House siding

* In and around the pool

* Grills

* Outdoor furniture

* Trailers and boats

* Cars and trucks.

* Fencing

* Outdoor steps

* Garage floors

* And even more!


It’s important to exercise caution when using a gas pressure washer. It has a far more powerful PSI force than an electric power washer, so if used improperly, it could easily damage delicate items and surfaces like siding, cars, or your furniture.

Benefits of Gas Pressure Washers

There are always some advantages and disadvantages when considering one type of washer over another. Here are some advantages of using a gas washer.

They’re very strong:

Gas pressure washers have very high PSIs, which indicates their force. Obviously, this makes for more effective and faster cleaning. It also makes them more adept at stain removal.

They can be used in both residential and commercial settings:

Even though gas washers are heavy-duty, they can still be used at both home and at work.

Higher water flow:

Water flow is measured in gallons per minute, or GPM. Gas washers offer higher GPM, resulting in more force than electric pressure washers.


Gas pressure washers tend to be manufactured using better parts, since they need to be strong enough to handle a high-water pressure. As a result, they tend to last longer.

They tend to come with wheels:

It’s true that gas washers are going to be heavier than other washers, but this means they tend to be made on portable frames. This makes them easier to maneuver than a lighter unit that doesn’t come with any wheels.

How to Choose a Gas Pressure Washer

Liked what you’ve heard so far about gas pressure washers? Maybe you’re thinking of making that purchase already. But first, let’s look at some factors that will help you select the best possible unit.


Gas pressure washers won’t come lightweight, but you can still look for one that offers more portability. If you specifically need a unit with high maneuverability, you’ll need a sturdy frame that comes with wheels. This allows you to move it with ease.


In order to get a feel for your unit’s durability, it’s good to look at what your prospective unit is made with. This means looking at not only the body of the unit, but also the connected areas like the frame, pump, and hose.

Weight and Ergonomics

It’s important to know how much each pressure washer weighs, so you can set your expectations for when you use it. Usually, your pressure washer is going to weigh at least 50 pounds. This sounds heavy, but the ergonomics of each unit should make them easier to use. This means looking for a unit with wheels and an ergonomic frame.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is counted in pounds per square inch, or PSI. The average pressure washer will have around 2700 PSI at minimum but should hit the 3000-4000 mark. The higher the PSI, the stronger your washer. Another term to know is GPM, which stands for gallons per minute, and indicates how much water can exit the unit per minute. This also contributes to the strength of your unit.


Some pressure washers offer safety features like child locks or the ability to turn off automatically.


Gas pressure washers aren’t cheap, but they do have a price range. They tend to start around $200, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find a good unit at a lower price point.

Extra Features

Some pressure washers offer extra features like add-ons. These might come in the form of extra nozzles, oil alert indicators, or accessories. These can make your device more versatile.


Finally, you should always be aware of the warranty offered by your manufacturer. This covers incidents like breakdowns, unit failure, or accidents.

Best Gas Pressure Washers

Here are some of the best gas pressure washers on the market, compiled based on expert advice and customer insight!

Westinghouse WPX2700 Gas Pressure Washer

Best Durable Gas Pressure Washer

This gas power washer has been verified as durable by thousands of satisfied buyers. This is a heavy-duty unit that boasts an axial cam pump that requires no maintenance and can stand to the test of time.

It comes with a strong frame made of steel and intended to resist abrasive substances. This protects the internal components and is easy to polish. All these features extend the staying power of the machine.

This unit is great for people who want a long-lasting unit that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. It also has an excellent PSI at 2700. This means it can do a lot of work without accidentally causing damage.

Why We Love It

Onboard Soap Tank

Soap tanks are a great addition to your pressure washer! This one can hold up to half a gallon of detergent, which you can use to clean your surfaces better.

Intense Blast

Due to the zero-degree nozzle, this powerful machine can take down grime and stains.

Easy Transportation

Since this unit comes with 12-inch wheels that should never get flat, which cooperates with the strong machine frame, you should have easy maneuverability. Since the hose can resist abrasion, it shouldn’t be damaged from being dragged along the floor inadvertently.

Keep In Mind

Overheats Easily

This machine’s engine can easily overheat. This is an issue because it’ll prevent the pressure washer from doing any work until its cool again. It can also hurt the machine’s hose, which is attached.

Things like using your washer on a hot day, leaving it out in hot sunlight, or simply running it too long, can all cause overheating.

May Leak Oil

A significant number of customers have complained of oil leaks from their pressure washer, especially soon after they start using the washer.

If you can identify this issue fast enough, you can try to get it replaced or repaired during the warranty period.

Simpson Clean Machine Pressure Washer

Best Gas Pressure Washer for Home Use

If you’re working in your house, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Simpson Clean Machine. It only offers 2400 PSI, but it’s still able to provide good cleaning power without the risk of damaging your furniture and cars.

This unit is also exceptionally light and only weighs 43 pounds. This is partially due to its smaller size, making it simpler to store and move around.

These traits make it great for using around the house, where you might lack storage space.

This gas pressure washer can be used on your siding, furniture, cars, and siding. With its gentleness, you won’t need to worry about it cracking furniture or taking off any paint.

Why We Love It

Durable Construction

This washer is completely put together and boasts a tough frame made of metal. It also comes with a powder-coat that protects it from corrosion, and a handle that can fold down to provide ease of storage.

Ergonomic Design

This small unit has an ergonomic design that can provide maneuverability and ease of use.

Axial Cam Pump

This machine comes with an axial cam pump made by OEM Technologies. It doesn’t require any maintenance, so you don’t need to be concerned with its repair.

Keep In Mind

Small Gas Tank

Some customers have complained that the gas tank offered isn’t big enough. Its run time is only 40 minutes, after which you’ll need to add some extra gas. If you need to clean large areas, you might need to be prepared to stop frequently to refuel.

Watch Out for Leaks

Several customers have also noticed that this unit is prone to leakage, especially from areas like the water inlets and the engine.

Generac 2900 PSI Pressure Washer

Best Portable Gas Pressure Washer

Some of our gas pressure washer options are smaller and more compact units with wheels, which offer easier transport.

This machine is your best bet if you want a very portable pick, since it’s one of the least heavy pressure washers. It only weighs about 50 pounds, making it a good choice for moving around areas outside.

This unit’s frame is ergonomically constructed to include a strong outline, ergonomic handle, and sizable wheels. It also offers a PSI of 2900 for powerful cleaning that won’t be too harsh on delicate objects.

Why We Love It

Easy to Use

If you’ve experienced the annoyance of moving around a pressure washer with low maneuverability, you’ll appreciate this trigger. Easy to pull, its built to save your fingers from fatigue and make your cleaning more ergonomic.

Secure Grip for Spray Gun

This machine’s spray gun comes with a strong grip area that can be held onto during moving. This is in comparison to spray guns that just hang down when you move the whole unit around.

Quick Change Nozzle Tips

Four nozzle tips are included with this machine, which can be quickly switched according to what kind of cleaning you need to do. You can use a 0-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, or a soap option.

Keep In Mind

Struggle to Get It Running

A chief complaint we noticed among reviews was that customers had a hard time starting up this pressure washer. Some people complained that it refused to work after arrival or took a long time to get into gear.

Since the customer service with this machine hasn’t been exemplary, a lot of customers were disgruntled that they had to fix things out of pocket.

Not Very Durable

Certain customers only had this unit for a year when it quit on them. Some were only able to get a few uses out of it.

This issue hasn’t been exclusively due to the engine, because it’s been noticed that the frame isn’t as strong as other models, and the wheels aren’t secured. Sometimes, the nozzles included become warped over time and cannot be replaced.

Choosing Gas

If you need to select a gas pressure washer, you can be confident that your cleaning power will be increased dramatically. Our picks had PSIs between 2400 and 3300, giving you aggressive power and sturdiness.

These machines are great for both domestic and commercial use, so there are lots of choices. Remember to think of these important specifications when shopping: the PSI, the portability, the weight, the GPM, and the warranty!

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