Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

There comes a time in everyone homeowner’s life when they realize that it’s just got to be done; that horrible, messy job that nobody likes doing – cleaning the gutters. Just like every other job, though, it’s always best to have the right tools to do the job properly.

So, what are the right tools? Well, there are plenty to choose from, including a scoop, vacuum, or power washer.

To help you find the best tool for your gutters, we’ve listed the top ten best tools for cleaning gutters.

What tools can you use to clean your gutters?

Here we explain the eight different kinds of tools you could use to help you in your mission to have clean gutters that are the envy of your neighborhood.

Telescopic Gutter Cleaning Wand

Using this tool means that you will be able to stay firmly on the ground while you are cleaning, without the need for any ladders. This is a great safety feature.

This tool extends to around 12 feet, giving you plenty of length to reach the gutters easily from your garden. The angled head at the end is perfect for getting right inside the gutters to give them a good clean, and you just need an ordinary garden hosepipe to attach the wand to.


• You don’t need any ladders; clean your gutters while staying firmly on the ground.

• This tool can be used on different sized houses due to its telescopic nature.

• This tool can be easily added onto the end of a garden hosepipe.

• Angled head lets you spray straight into your gutters.


• It’s difficult to see if the gutters are totally clean because you’re not standing on a ladder.

• This tool is best for single-story homes.

Scoop and Spoon

To use this tool, you will need a ladder to get up to the gutter. This is little less safe, but

it means that you can see right inside the gutters to make sure that you have scooped out all the dirt and rubbish. The scoop is an easy, yet effective way to tackle the gutters, although you will need to climb up and down the ladder frequently to keep moving it along.


• This method is cheap and there are plenty of choices available.

• Using this tool means that you can see what you are doing and make sure the gutters are as clean as you want them to be.

• It’s a very simple method that, apart from the scoop itself, only requires a ladder.


• The ladder needs to be moved along frequently.

• This method is more time-consuming than other methods and tools.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners and Blowers

There are two possibilities here: either an attachment that fixes onto your wet and dry vacuum cleaner or a leaf vacuum that can be used as a vacuum or a blower, giving you the opportunity to use different methods to get rid of the dirt.


• You can use this equally well on leaves that are both wet and dry.

• You don’t need to use a ladder.

• You have the choice of vacuuming or blowing the leaves, allowing more flexibility.


• There isn’t much choice available for this tool.

• It’s difficult to blow leaves if they are wet.

Power Washer Attachment

Many people now have a power washer. It’s such a versatile tool for so many jobs around the home and garden, including cleaning the gutters. All you will need is a special attachment that is curved at the end and fixes right onto your power washer.

The pressure from the washer gets right inside and forces all the dirt and rubbish out of the gutter, leaving you with spotless gutters again.


• The pressure of the water ensures a speedy and effective finish.

• Great for removing all kinds of rubbish and those hard-to-remove stains.

• You don’t need to use a ladder.


• The attachments needed for this method can be expensive.

• The pressure of the water may initially make a mess or even damage the gutter.

Telescopic Gutter Claw

You want to clean your gutters, but you don’t like using ladders and you don’t want to get your hands dirty. What do you do? Maybe the telescopic gutter claw is the tool for you. This tool consists of a telescopic pole with a special claw on the end. You can stand on the ground and use it to pick out all the rubbish that has accumulated. This tool is good for getting rid of blockages as well.


There are many different types of telescopic claw available, including some that don’t look like a claw. However, they all do a similar job, so make sure you look at all the different kinds.


• Ladders are not needed, so you can work safely by staying on the ground.

• Relatively inexpensive.

• Good method for unblocking gutters.


• Can be frustrating as you are using the tool from the ground and, therefore, working ‘blind.’

• Can feel awkward to use a long pole at height.

Leaf Blower Gutter Attachment

Leaf blowers are great for getting all sorts of jobs done in a hurry. You can buy special gutter attachments to go on the end of your leaf blower and then you can use it for blasting away all that rubbish. No need for a ladder, either.

Universal fittings are available, but it’s always a good idea to check what type of leaf blower you have, to make sure the attachment will work with your model.


• Universal fittings are available.

• Quick and efficient.

• No ladder needed, so you can work safely by staying on the ground.


• Watch out for flying leaves and rubbish caused by the blowing.

Complete Kit for Gutter Cleaning

Not everyone has a leaf blower or power washer, so this is the ideal tool for those of you who don’t already have some of those tools we’ve already talked about. This complete kit contains everything that you will need to clean your gutters. All you need is a garden hosepipe for the attachments and away you go – not even a ladder needed.


• The kit gives you all the equipment you will need.

• All necessary attachments supplied.

• Used while standing on the ground, so ladders not required

• Good range of affordable options.


• Garden hosepipe still needed.

• Difficult to see if your gutters are totally clean as you are working from the ground.

Ladder Stabilizers

If you are one of those people that insists on cleaning your gutters by hand, then this is an essential item for you. Ladder stabilizers can be used at the foot or the top of the ladder to hold it safely and securely in place while you work. Another advantage is that you don’t have to lean the ladder right against the house, thus helping to prevent any damage to the house exterior.


• Ladder will remain stable while you are working.

• House exterior protected from damage.

• There are many choices available at very reasonable prices.


• Check to see if there is a weight limit, as you may find your ladder stabilizer starting to bend if there is too much weight on it.

Gutter Mops

You want your gutters to look nice and clean on the outside, too, so gutter mops are excellent. Use these when you’ve already cleaned the inside of the gutters for the finishing touches. Again, no ladder is needed for this and all you need to do is immerse the mop in soap and water and use it to clean all along the outside of the gutters. Job done!


• The outside of the gutters will be cleaned, too.

• No need for ladders as it can be used while standing on the ground.

• Good range of affordable options.

• Can also be used to clean the trim on the exterior of your house.


• This tool should not be used for cleaning the inside of your gutters.

• Be prepared for the fact that some stains may not be completely removed.

How do you know which tools to choose to get the cleanest gutters?

When you go shopping, use this list to find the tools that will give your gutters the best clean they’ve ever had.

What type of debris is in your gutters?

Before you start, it’s good to know what kind of rubbish is in the gutters, as some tools are better than others for using on different types of debris. Maybe you have leaves or twigs or perhaps there are larger clogs. You need to choose the right tool for the job. Always make sure that you read the manufacturer’s guidelines to see what use is recommended.

What materials are your gutters made from?

Gutters can be made from many different materials, such as copper, aluminum, and vinyl. If your gutters are made from aluminum, you can usually use any type of cleaning tool, as these gutters are very hard-wearing.

However, gutters made from vinyl easily crack or break, so any tool that uses too much force might end up causing damage to your gutters. Always read the instructions to check if the tool can be used safely on your gutter material.

Do you need any other equipment?

There’s nothing more annoying than buying a new attachment and finding out when you get home that it doesn’t fit, or you don’t have the other tools you need to attach it to!

Always check that you have everything you need. This could be something as obvious as a ladder tall enough to reach the gutters or simply a garden hose, but always check first!

Keep safe.

Do you need to clean your gutters, but don’t like heights? Are you worried about falling off a ladder and injuring yourself? The sensible choice would be tools that can be extended. These are used from the ground, so you don’t need to step onto any kind of ladder.


Whenever you use a ladder, especially at the height needed to clean gutters, make sure there is someone around to keep an eye on you. It’s also a good idea to invest in a stabilizing mechanism that will make sure the ladder remains stable.

How easy is the tool to use?

All the different types of cleaning tools have their pros and cons, so it’s a good idea to think about these before you go shopping.

Tools designed to be used by hand are very easy to use and give you more control over the depth of cleaning possible, but you must stand on a ladder to use them. You also must keep climbing down the ladder to move it along to reach the next bit of the gutter.

Alternatively, telescopic tools are safer because they are used standing on the ground and they are quicker because you don’t need to keep getting up and down a ladder, but it can be quite difficult to manipulate the pole successfully, particularly if it is quite light.

It’s always a good idea to have a look at what other people have said about using the different tools, too.

How much should you expect to pay?

This very much depends on your budget, as there is something available in every price range, from small, handheld scoops for a few dollars, right up to heavy-duty tools that run on gas or electric and cost several hundred dollars.

Whatever your budget you’ll be sure to find a tool that will do a great cleaning job.

What are the best tools for cleaning gutters in 2022?

Take a look at our 10 most recommended tools for cleaning gutters.

1. Louisville Ladder Stabilizer

A ladder stabilizer is an essential safety item if you’re using a ladder to clean your gutters by hand.

We all know that using ladders can be extremely dangerous. It only takes a slight loss of footing or slip to cause scrapes, scratches and, in the worst cases, falls and possible serious injuries. A ladder stabilizer is used to keep your ladder securely where you want it while you are using it, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

This model not only looks good, but also gives you the security of knowing that there are two U-bolts with rubber dips giving it reinforced strength and maximum holding power.

This model fits extendable ladders that have rails measuring as big as 4 x 1.75 inches. Another great feature is that it has a width of 48 inches, wider than most ordinary domestic windows, which makes it suitable for cleaning windows as well. As well as all that, your ladder will be held 12 inches away from the wall and there will be no damage caused to the exterior features of your house.


• Inexpensive and won’t break the bank.

• Ladder held firmly by reinforced tips made of rubber.

• Can be used for single and extension ladders.

• Ladder held at a distance of 12 inches, so no damage caused.


• Reports by customers of parts missing on arrival.

• Could bend if the weight limit is exceeded.

2. CHOMP Microfiber Gutter Cleaner Tool

This gutter mop is excellent for using on all that nasty dirt, mildew, mold, and everyday grime that builds up in your gutters. You can use it on your outside trim as well as your gutters and it makes everything come up looking like new. This tool makes use of an extending pole which is easy to use from the safety of the ground – no dangerous ladders needed. There are different sizes of pole available which are sold separately so that you can choose the size that is right for your house.

To get the maximum results from using this gutter mop, make up a solution of your preferred cleaning liquid and immerse the mop into the solution to make sure it is well soaked in. Then proceed to clean around all your gutters and it should take only about 20 minutes to get all the way around.

Chomp also produces its own special cleaning liquid that is excellent for using with the mop to remove all those ugly dark stains that appear over time. Your house will have the brightest, cleanest-looking gutters in the whole neighborhood.

Always remember to rinse the mop well after every use. The easiest way to do this is by using your garden hose.

The Chomp gutter mop can be used on many materials which makes it extremely flexible. Try it on aluminum, steel, and vinyl, as well as all of your door frames, window frames, downspouts, metal trim and areas of siding.


• Ensures safety as there is no need to use a ladder.

• Washable and reusable mop head.

• Glides easily over different types of surfaces making cleaning quick and stress-free.

• Ugly dark stains easily removed.


• Difficult to apply enough pressure due to the length of the pole.

• Pole must be bought separately.

3. Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop

The Gutter Getter cleaning scoop is specifically designed to eliminate the heavy build-up of debris in your gutters. It is easy to use and, at 18 inches long, just the right length to scoop up all those twigs, leaves and all those other nasty things that have settled in your gutters.

Everyone’s gutters are uniquely fitted to the design of their house. This gutter scoop has been designed to be flexible so that it can be squeezed into all those difficult corners and narrow stretches of guttering without fear of breaking. This scoop is particularly useful if you have unusually shaped gutters.

The scoop is manufactured from polypropylene, giving it enough durability, flexibility, and strength to last all year round. It can be used for all sorts of other jobs, such as repotting plants or moving stones around.

The Gutter Getter scoop is a great value for the money and extremely affordable.


This tool is handheld, so you must have use of a ladder to use it properly.


• Designed in a nice bright red color which makes it difficult to lose.

• Ideal for fitting into all types of gutters due to its durability and flexibility.

• Inexpensive — roughly half the cost of many other scoops.

• Uniquely designed handle reduces risk of damage from scratching.


• There are some types of gutters that are still not wide enough to be able to use the scoop effectively.

4. Kiwini Home Gutter Cleaning Spoon Scoop

The Kiwini spoon scoop is inexpensive but does a great job. It is uniquely designed so that you can pull lots of rubbish from your gutters with just one stroke. Simply put the scoop in position at one end of the gutter, climb up a ladder placed at the other end of the gutter and pull the scoop. All the rubbish will be pulled towards you, meaning that you won’t need to keep climbing up and down the ladder to move it along.

The scoop is made of top-quality materials and will not break, bend, or warp over time.

It can also be used to remove rubbish build-up from other places, such as ditches, sewers, and skylights.

You’re really getting your money’s worth with this amazing tool.

The only thing you need to remember is that you will need a telescopic pole to use with this scoop. However, it has an almost universal fit, so can be used with most types of poles.


Always choose a telescopic pole that is long enough to reach to the top of your house, and you will never have any problems.


• Inexpensive.

• Made from tough, durable materials.

• The scoop’s specific shape means that you don’t have to keep moving your ladder along.

• Will fit most telescopic poles.


• The telescopic pole is not included.

5. Sun Joe Electric Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher/Gutter Cleaner

This tool is so amazing that it allows you to do four different jobs, all using the same device. You can clean gutters, blow and vacuum leaves and rubbish, and even use it for mulching. The attachment used for gutters can reach up to 15 feet, making it easy to use standing on the ground.

It’s easy to use. All you need to do is put it into the gutter, choose the speed, and all the rubbish will be blown out of your gutter, leaving it clear for further cleaning or removal of stains. Just by removing all the leaves with this fantastic machine, you will face less risk of blocked gutters.

Don’t forget, once you’ve blown all the leaves out of your gutter onto the ground, you can then vacuum them up and mulch them, all using the same machine. No mess, no waste!

It’s quick to change between the different uses and it has six speeds, with a maximum of 250 miles per hour. This tool is so fast and easy to use for all sorts of different jobs that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


• Mulching impeller made from aluminum alloy.

• Four different uses.

• Mulching ratio of 16:1 generates small pieces rather than large leaves.

• Pole extends 15 feet extension to enable cleaning of gutters.


• Sometimes gutter attachment flies off.

• Difficult to get an even pressure with the gutter attachment.

6. Hourleey Pressure Washer Telescoping Wand

Most people have a power washer these days, so why not use it to help you clean those nasty gutters? All you need to add to your power washer is the Hourleey Pressure Washer Telescoping Wand.

This purchase gives you all you need to complete the job: telescopic wand, supporting belt, extension for gutter cleaning, U-shaped wand, connectors and five nozzle ends.

The telescopic wand has a range of 5.2 to 18 feet long, making it ideal for tall houses, double-storied houses, roof gutters and soffits, among other things. There’s no need for a ladder either, so no need to worry about accidents. The entire job can be carried out from the safety of level ground.

This tool is very versatile and compatible, too. It works with all different types of electric and gas power washers, right up to 4000 PSI, and comes with various connectors to make it easier to attach to different washers.


• No need to worry about the wand collapsing and causing any accidents as it has a quick-locking device.

• Made from top-quality brass and stainless steel.

• U-shaped wand enables deep cleaning of your gutters.

• Usable on gutters made from copper or stainless steel.


• Difficult to manipulate when extended fully.

7. Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand

This telescopic pole is perfect for people living in one-story houses who don’t want to use a ladder. It extends from 40 to 70 inches, making it an ideal length for standing on the ground and cleaning gutters.

It has a nozzle that rotates a whole 180 degrees, and you can spray in any direction by simply changing its position, allowing for a much deeper clean of your guttering.

Another feature that makes this device so popular with customers is the non-slip covering on the handle, coupled with padded foam which makes it very comfortable when being used for a long time. It’s also insulated which means that you don’t have to worry about freezing cold temperatures.

This tool is very easy to use and incredibly maneuverable because it’s so light. It’s very durable and guaranteed not to rust. You won’t have to worry about the changing weather affecting this tool, and it will always be ready to use whenever you decide you need to clean your gutters.


• Easy to get into difficult places due to the 40 to 70 inches expansion length.

• Non-corrosive so won’t be affected by changes in weather.

• Added comfort of a non-slip, insulated handle.

• Easily positioned spray reaching 180 degrees.


• Only suitable for one-story homes because of the relatively short 70-inch reach.

• Doesn’t get rid of any blockages – these need to be removed first.

8. Sun Joe Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment

This attachment is designed to be fixed onto a leaf blower so that you can blow the unwanted leaves and rubbish out of your gutters. It works best when leaves and debris are dry, so the job will need to be done when everything has dried out after rainy weather.

This attachment reaches as high as 15 feet, which works for houses of one story and some with two stories. You can reach up and over the gutters and blow away all the leaves and rubbish.

When you purchase this attachment, you also get an adaptor for attaching it to the blower, various tubes to elongate the pole, and a u-nozzle to fit over the gutters. You can change the airflow direction by twisting the tube which helps to make sure that you get rid of all the rubbish. Then you can use your power washer or garden hosepipe to wash the guttering thoroughly.

This attachment is only compatible with certain models, so make sure you check that you have the right model before buying.


• Can be assembled and disassembled very easily.

• Can be used from the ground, so no ladders needed.

• Length of pole reaches to 15-feet.


• Limited compatibility with other makes of leaf blower.

• Best results when used on dry leaves and debris.

9. Buyplus Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Tool Kit

Buying a kit like this one will ensure that you have all the equipment and attachments that you need to clean your gutters perfectly. Best of all, you will also be saving money by buying it all at once.

The kit includes a telescopic pole, gutter wand, water switch adapter, wrench, 10 gaskets, and a user’s manual.

The length of the telescopic pole ranges from 4 to 12 feet, making it great for using on both low and high areas. As well as using it on your gutters, you can also use it for watering your plants, cleaning soffits, removing mold and so much more.

Wave your ladders goodbye, as you won’t need them when using this kit. There is enough length on the telescopic pole to allow you to reach the gutters on houses with two stories.

Not only this, but it also has a flexible gutter wand that can be rotated to any angle, allowing you to undertake all sorts of different jobs.


• Handle is comfortable and made of non-slip material.

• Nozzle can be rotated to allow adjustment of the flow of water.

• Can be used on lots of different jobs.


• Not very easy to use and is quite heavy.

10. Gutter Sense Cleaning Claw

This tool works by utilizing a telescopic claw to act just like a hand to remove all the rubbish from the gutters. You don’t need to climb any ladders, as you can use it from the ground. Use the claw as if it were your own hand to reach all the rubbish and debris. Afterwards, you can give the gutters a good wash with a garden hose.

To use this tool effectively, fix it to a pole, then lift it up and over into the gutters. The tongs spread over 14 inches which makes them good at picking up lots of rubbish in one go. This, along with its 2.5-inch paddles, ensure that the rubbish is securely held while you lift it from the gutter into a bucket for disposal.

This is a great tool because its light and you can use it on one- and two-story houses without getting tired. No other tools are needed.

Just remember that the pole isn’t included with the claw, so you will need to make sure that you’ve got one before buying the claw.


• You can get rid of lots of debris all in one grasp of the claw.

• You can use it without a ladder.

• It’s light so you won’t get tired from using it.


• The telescopic pole isn’t included with the claw.

• It takes a little while to get used to putting the paddles in the correct position inside the gutters.

Follow these Tips when Using Gutter Cleaning Tools

Here we give you some of our favorite tips for using tools to clean your gutters safely and effectively:

• You must use stabilizers with a ladder and make sure that someone is around to keep an eye on you to lessen the risk of falling and causing any injuries.

• You must read the manuals that come with all cleaning tools that you buy, particularly power tools. Some tools, like power washers and leaf blowers, must be used in the correct way to ensure safety.

• When you are up on a ladder, never stretch to reach too far, as there is more possibility of falling and injuring yourself. Always climb down the ladder and move it along in small stages.

• You don’t know what’s lurking in your gutters after all this time, so always wear something to protect your hands and your eyes. There could be sharp or spiky things up there, and you might not know until it’s too late.

• Be careful with the weather, too. The best weather for cleaning gutters is when it’s calm, still, and clear. It’s far too dangerous to clean your gutters when it’s raining, snowing or windy.

• You must never try to clean your gutters by climbing on the roof.

• The nature of the job means that you will inevitably make a mess, so it’s always a good idea to lay down a tarpaulin so that the rubbish will fall onto it and it’s so much easier to clear away.

• It’s also a good idea to clean your roof before you start to clean the gutters. Think about it! When you clean the gutters, dirt from the roof will fall, adding extra dirt in the gutter. So, you want to make sure that you do the roof first so that you don’t end up having to do it all over again.

• If there is anything you’re not sure about, always ask a professional to do the job. It’s not worth taking any risks.


What will happen if I don’t clean my gutters?

That’s never a good idea. If you don’t clean out your gutters, leaves, twigs, and all sorts of other rubbish will build up and cause blockages. Water will not be able to drain away and will eventually overflow causing damage to the roof and walls of your house, as well as the inside.

Do I still need to clean my gutters, even if I’ve got gutter guards?

Yes, you do need to keep cleaning the gutters when you have gutter guards. Debris will still accumulate in the gutters as time goes by, so it’s always worth climbing up to look inside to check what’s there. It’s also a good idea to use the garden hose to wash them out every now and again.

Can I clean my gutters in the winter?

It is possible to clean your gutters during the winter, if the temperature stays above freezing. Be careful, though, as the ground may be more slippery than usual.

Generally, you should clean your gutters towards the end of spring and then again at the end of fall, leaving them clean and unblocked.

Glorious Gutters

So that’s it! Now you know all about what you need to make your gutters sparkle like new. Remember, too, that some of the tools we have mentioned also need another attachment, maybe a ladder, hose, or power washer, so always check exactly what you need before starting a job like this.

Always follow any safety measures recommended by the manufacturers of the tools as well, never take unnecessary or stupid risks and stabilize your ladder every time. If you’re not sure about being able to do the job yourself, don’t hesitate to find a professional gutter cleaner to do it for you.

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