Best Hedge Shears

While looking for hedge shears online you may be presented with hundreds of choices. How do you know which one to purchase?

Continue reading for our useful purchasing guide, which includes seven detailed reviews of the top hedge shears on the market.

These are essential for anyone who has a hedge in their yard or knows someone who does. It’s important to have a good hedge trimmer to keep your yard looking pristine.

How to Find the Top Hedge Shears On The Market

These seven features are integral to your decision making process. The type of blade, different shaft types, and other facets will help you make the right decision and get the kind of shears you need.

How They Cut: Shear Edges

When considering the shears’ edge, consider the aspect and angle, what the blade is composed of, and size.

Each type of blade has its own function. For example, the more linear straight blade is used on smaller and easier to cut vines and branches. Curvy edges are used for bigger plants, for example one quarter of an inch or more. Notched blades are for bigger shrubs that require more dense work.

The composition of the blades are important as well. The most used material is stainless steel, followed by high carbon steel and non-stick technology. All three have their benefits: high carbon steel is indestructible, easy to work with, and lasts a long time. Stainless steel isn’t touched by corrosion. Non-stick shears don’t let sticky tree sap adhere to the blades. While these are the benefits to each kind, it will come down to you which is most important in your decision making process.

Finally, you want to think about how long the blades of your shears are. The typical range is 6-12 inches. Obviously if you are looking to trim a shorter hedge (something you can typically see over) you can go with a smaller blade. A mid-range size can fit the needs of most shrubbery. For those tall shrubs you’re going to want the bigger blades in the 9-12 inch range.

How You Hold The Shears: The Shaft

A determining factor in comfort, your handle will make or break your ability to use the tool with ease or not.

The first thing you’ll want to consider is how long your handle will be. A vast range exists encompassing a variety of sizes, from as little as 8 inches to as long as 42 inches. Shorter handles can give a person more control, while longer shafts can get into tighter, hard to reach spaces.

Following that thought, you may be looking for an extendable handle. This increases your versatility, especially if you have more than one shrub to trim.

Finally, how does the handle fit your hand? Does it feel loose, comfortable, too confining? If you want extra bulk for a better grip be sure to try different handles.

Shear Mass

When choosing shears it’s important to get a feel for how much weight you can handle. Most shears weigh from about 2 pounds up to 3.5 pounds. The following recommendations are considered lighter for the market. To guarantee you have something you can handle with ease we recommend you buy one that is less than 2.5 pounds.


Certain companies take extra time to add in more features and give a higher standard of quality and comfort. Some extra aspects that could make your life easier include:

Vibration reduction: This reduces the shock to your hands and body while you are cutting, which will protect your hands and keep you working for longer.

Form fitting: Do the handles fit your hands properly? This can help with comfort while you work and allow you to cut with more ease.

Cutting Apparatus: Some shears are able to give you more leverage while cutting hard to cut branches and vines. These shears can be much more powerful than shears without gear assistance.

Ability and Scope:

Typically all hedge shears will cut the same size in diameter, about ½ inch. Always check the product details as it can be different than this.

If you remain unsure about what size of shears will work for your hedge, consider the type of blade next. Remember this is straight, curvy or scored.

Are Replacement Parts Available?

Most products don’t last forever and it might be important to think about whether the company provides extra parts in case something goes wrong with your pair so you can fix them without buying a whole new set. Typically household name brands should be able to send you spare parts if requested. You can also check the product guarantee when purchasing.


While the cost of hedge shears can be from $20 to about $40 dollars, some can even cost as much as $100! However much money you want to spend, it will be possible to find shears within your price point.

Top Hedge Shears

Let’s take a closer look at the best available shears on the market.

Fiskars Power Lever Shears

Top Capability Hedge Shears

What the heck is a power lever hedge shear? They feature a kind of technology with multiple gears and pivots that can give you up to double the cutting power compared to other hedge shears.

If you’re looking for something to cut thick branches with more ease these might be perfect for you.

These aspects feature a multiple lever technology that can provide extra power and help you make deeper cuts. The shear itself is made from finely processed steel with a knobbed edge that simultaneously sharpens and holds branches while you cut. These blades can cut clean through foliage while not damaging the blade.

The blades have an almost invisible layer of friction-reducing coating, guaranteeing each slice is clean and without fail. There are also vibration reducing features that help limit tiredness.

Lastly, the grip on these handles is out of this world. Your ease and control are number one. They are also built with steel so they won’t bend or break with force.


Perfect for ornamental and traditional hedges.

Serrated blades provide a good grip on the greenery.

They sharpen themselves while they work.

The edge is razor-sharp from top to bottom.


These shears are not rust-resistant. They oxidize rapidly.

Not great for bulky or large shrub cutting.

Steve & Leif Hedge Pruners

Top Featherweight Hedge Shears

Lighter shears are much easier for some people to wield. If the shears are too heavy it can make your job ten times more difficult. These shears weigh a measly 2.14 pounds.

Where they cut the weight is in the handle- they use durable aluminum. The handle also features a soft grip, which greatly increases comfort. They even have a special feature that reduces blisters. What a gardener’s delight!

In addition to comfortable handles, this shear also has a sharp blade. It’s curvy blade is made from low-friction stainless steel. Other features of this is that it’s decay-resistant and its strong and slippery enough to make easy cuts without sticking to your foliage. The wavy blade is designed perfectly to cut larger vines and branches.

A special aspect of these shears is that you can change the blade tension. There is a pivot bolt on the blade and you can use this to adjust the mechanical tension. This allows for more versatility in pruning different types of foliage.


Impact reducing buffers help lower exhaustion.

Ability to change blade pressure for different kinds of shrubs.

Light and ergonomic handles help reduce user injury.

Light non-adhesive shellac to reduce catching plant debris.


Not useful for mature, arid or decaying branches.

ARS Hedge Shears

Top Adjustable Hedge Shears

We have a few adjustable hedge shear recommendations but this made our top recommendation because it is so versatile. It’s size ranges from 28 inches-41.5 inches. This kind of length can get into tricky spots in trees, bushes, and other types of foliage that other hedge shears can’t hold a candle to.

Remember that while it extends between 28-41.5 inches there are only three points at which you can lock the blade, so it’s not completely versatile in extension length. It is possible to hold it at 28, 35, and 41.5 inches.

However, we believe you’ll get the most of the comfort out of lightweight handles with easy to push buttons. The springs are locked into place so there is no movement while using the shears.

Let’s talk a little bit about the blades. They are hard-chrome plated, which makes this product stand out among our other recommendations. The plating reinforces the strength of these blades and makes it a powerful cut every time you use it. The blades also feature a slight curve so this makes it even easier to use! They also feature decay and sap resistant coating so they stay clean longer.


Works both for personal gardeners or professionals!

Adjustable handle from 28-48.5 inches.

Chrome-Plated blades with rust and sap resistant coating.

Suitable for large and deep hedges and foliage.


Substantially more expensive than other shears on the market.

The actual size of the cutting blade is short at just six inches.


Are Notched Shears Superior?

For bigger branches and vines, shears with serrated edges work well. Yet if you plan to work with smaller or softer foliage they are not going to function as well.

How Do You Keep Your Hedge Shears Cutting Crisply?

You must take your notched and serrated edged blades to a professional sharpener.

Flat edged blades can be filed with a three-cornered saw file. Move the file lightly over the sharp edge of the blade, following the original groove.

How Do You Keep Your Hedge Shears Clean and Functional?

Below are some ideas to keep your hedge shears functioning properly in all conditions:

Remove sticky plant material after each use.

Keep them somewhere dry and free from dirt to prevent decay.

Cleanse, scrape and dust off the shears after each use. It’s best if they are completely dry before storing them.

Put oil on the hinges and gears every once in a while.

Use a steel brush to take off plant material build-up on the blades.

Maintain the edges by sharpening the blades when needed.

What Are Hedge Trimmers?

Hedge clippers are tools used for nipping little ends off of plants and finely shaping hedges. They look like scissors but are bigger and sharper.

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