Best Hoover Vacuums in 2022

It’s safe to say that the majority of people have handled a vacuum at some point in their lives. In fact many people vacuum on a weekly or even daily basis. Vacuuming is now an essential element of many peoples’ cleaning routines.

A great vacuum will improve your cleaning performance, especially if you’re someone who needs to get rid of dirt and fine dust. It might even make you faster at cleaning.

Hoover is one of the most recognizable vacuum brands in North America. It has become synonymous with vacuuming . Have you ever heard the expression “hoovering” used interchangeably with “vacuuming?” It is done so for good reason. Let’s take a look at why this is the case.

The History of Hoover

In 1907, Murray Spangler created Hoover. He was an inventor who worked as a janitor. As someone who suffered from asthma, he was looking for a more effective way to deal with cleaning dust. Finally, he threw together a fan, a broom handle, a pillowcase and a tin soapbox.

At first a strange and dilapidated creation, his invention actually worked. Dubbed a “suction sweeper”, it could suck dust from the air while he worked, and protected his asthma from it.

Eventually, Spangler sold this idea in 1908 to W.H. Hoover, a businessman in charge of a leather products manufacturing store. He partnered with Hoover and started a small assembly line to manufacture these “suction sweepers.”

Hoover decided to offer 10-day trial periods for people who were curious about the “suction sweeper”, and managed to get major retailers on board to sell them.

Hoover then allowed the stores to retain commission on the condition that they become a Hoover vacuum dealer. This worked out great for him, and he maintained great relationships with retailers.

However, while Hoover worked on marketing his product, his engineers were busy trying to innovate the vacuum. An important invention during this time was the “beater bar,” which debuted in 1926 and remains an important feature.

At first the beater bar was just a metal bar meant to tap the carpet in order to loosen dirt and dust that was embedded within. Then, bristles swept up the dirt and dust inside carpets.

Finally, Techtronic Industries Co., the biggest floor cleaning company in North America, purchased Hoover in 2007.

Types of Hoover Vacuums

Today, Hoover carries a range of vacuums that are marketed towards many needs. Let’s look through their various offerings:

Upright Hoover Vacuums

Upright vacuums are usually simple to maneuver and offer a variety of optional attachments, as well as extra features. Hoover has a number of upright vacuums that range in size, weight and number of extra features.

A common theme throughout all their vacuums, though, is the presence of swivel steering. This lets you deftly maneuver around corners and move between obstacles.

A few vacuums are marketed towards people with pets, and come with more power and bigger dust bins.

Another choice to make is the option of bag-less versus bagged vacuums.

Cordless Stick Hoover Vacuums

Cordless vacuums offer the benefit of being free from the limitation of a power cord. Usually lightweight, this feature makes the cordless vacuum a great option for staircases.

Hoover vacuums are compatible with a variety of flooring and come with batteries that provide a long run time. They also come with WinTunnel Technology, helping to trap pet hair, dust and dirt.

All these vacuums come with a number of different attachments designed for specific cleaning needs, like lengthening attachments that help with hard to reach areas. A number of these cordless vacuums are also fast charging, allowing you to start cleaning as soon as possible.

Wet/Dry Hoover Vacuums

Wet and dry vacuums are the ultimate multitasking, letting you tackle any kind of mess.

Hoover carries three wet/dry vacuums, all at different price points. They also come with different attachments that vary with the price tag.

Wet/Dry vacuums can provide strong suction and include big tanks to contain all the floor contents. They can be a bit bigger than normal vacuums, but should offer decent maneuverability. Some also come without a cord, for added convenience.

Finally, these vacuums each come with a highly efficient lithium-ion battery.

Handheld Hoover Vacuums

Handheld vacuums specialize in areas that are smaller and sometimes harder to reach, including your car, or stairwells.

Hoover offers a handheld system with a OnePWR system, which includes a durable battery that boats a long runtime and short charging time.

Vacuums that are handheld tend to be extra light and comfortable, so you can handle it for longer periods of time without fatiguing your wrist. Special models might also come with multi-cyclonic features and headlights to illuminate crevices.

The Best Hoover Vacuum Reviews of 2021

Compiling the top offerings from Hoover wasn’t a quick feat, but we’ve combined quality advice and verified reviews to put this detailed list together for you.

Hoover OnePWR Wet/Dry Vacuum

This wet and dry surface vacuum will be appreciated by people who want to clean outdoors. It will quickly deal with things like dirt and damp leaves.

Since this vacuum needs to be outdoors, it’s an extra mobile unit, which lets you take the entire thing wherever you want! The lithium-ion battery means you don’t need to wrangle cords. The vacuum has four wheels for stability and 360 degree mobile steering capability.

This vacuum even includes a couple of attachments you can vary based on your job. These can be stored on the vacuum as well.

Why We Love It

Strong Suction

Having a more versatile vacuum means you can have more peace of mind. This makes things like cleaning a garage super easy. It can deal with things like sudsy water, dirt, and wet leaves without issue.

6-Gallon Capacity

Vacuums are really limited if they have smaller capacity, but this model is capable of storing a maximum of 6 gallons of garbage! This unit is quick to empty out, simply requiring that you take the top off and empty its contents.


This vacuum comes with four wheels to keep it upright even with a full load.

The two centre wheel stabilize the vacuum while the front and back wheels are there to keep you optimally mobile. When you turn, the wheels work together to react to your steering.

Multiple Tools

This vacuum offers everything you might possibly need for the job. The vacuum’s toolkit is great for special jobs. It includes things like a crevice tool, utility nozzle, hose, and an extension wand.

Every attachment can also be stored right on the vacuum, meaning you can rest easy without worrying that you’ll lose a loose attachment.

OnePWR Battery

The OnePWR technology offered by Hoover lets you take the battery off the unit and recharge it at will. It also provides an especially long runtime, and the removable battery can be used with any OnePWR unit.

Keep In Mind


This vacuum is considerably loud in comparison to its size. Some buyers have complained that it’s too loud for their liking. However, the power level of the vacuum is the likely culprit for its noise. The extra power needed to deal with wet and dry spills together will be a bit louder than normal.

Hoover OnePWR Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Keeping a handheld vacuum nearby can really come in handy for someone like a busy parent or someone who tends to be on the go. Handheld vacuums are also reliant on lithium-ion batteries, which offer great run times.

This particular model features a clear container and a clear plastic front. This way, you can keep an eye on its interior workings.

Featuring a compact design, you’ll be sure to enjoy optimal comfort and ease of storage. If you keep the vacuum charged, it’ll be ready when you need it.

This vacuum includes a crevice tool that is already attached and can be extended when required. The vacuum’s filter can be removed and replaced when needed.

Why We Love It


This little unit is effective anywhere and at anytime. The cordless feature means it can be operated inside cars. It still has a strong enough suction to deal with pet hair, dirt, and the usual messes.

Comfortable Handle

This handle is designed with ergonomics in mind, which really matters for a vacuum that needs to be held for an extended period of time. This design is intended to spare you a wrist injury when cleaning.

Easy Storage

Thanks to its small size, this vacuum should be really easy to store. It comes with a charging station which is also compact, so even while charging, it should be saving you space. In addition, the only attachment that comes with this vacuum is the crevice tool that is installed under the vacuum, so you will not need to worry about the possibility of losing a tool.

Dual Filtration

Since this model comes with dual filtration, its capable of trapping even the tiniest particles. These kinds of filters are fairly easy to maintain, since it can be taken out of the vacuum and you can wash it when its dirty. When the filter needs changing you can just take it out of the unit and put in a replacement.

Keep In Mind


In general, the reviews for this vacuum had a lot of positive things to say about its performance. However, some people complained that the vacuum was quite loud.

Hoover BH50020 Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum

This unit is a stick vacuum with a light design that can make your cleaning routine quicker and more efficient. The signature Linx model is a great choice for someone with a smaller living space.

This vacuum is cordless and, like the other items on this list, features a lithium-ion battery. Since the design is streamlined, you can use it to reach a wider range of places, like under furniture.

Things like dirt and dust can really compile in the corners or near the edges of walls. These areas can be hard to access with vacuums that have chunkier ends. Thankfully, the Linx vacuum has special edge brushes that can cover all those areas.

This vacuum can be turned on or off with a button directly on the handle. A lot of vacuums actually put their on/off buttons on a lower part of the unit, which ends up being more difficult to access if you need to turn your vacuum off suddenly.

Why We Love It

Fade-Free Battery

This batter is fade-free, meaning you get a pretty decent time span in which to clean your space. If you buy a secondary battery as a backup, you can charge it when the other battery is in use, and can swap it out when needed.

The battery gauge on this vacuum will inform you if your vacuum is running low, meaning you can prevent the nasty surprise when your vacuum runs out of juice before you’re done with your cleaning.


This vacuum is usable on any kinds of flooring, including both hard flooring and rugs. Its included WindTunnel technology means it guarantees concentrated suction, helping it lift away dirt that might be deep in the carpet.

Only Weighs 10 Pounds

It’s already been mentioned that this vacuum is super lightweight, but did you know that it weighs a mere 10 pounds? This vacuum is a great option for someone who gets sore easily.

Side Bristles

It can get annoying to clean corners and the edges of walls where they meet the floor, but the side bristles on this vacuum let it get really tight into those spaces.

Keep In Mind

Long Charge Time

One of the downsides of this vacuum is that it takes a few hours to fully charge. A workaround for this is purchasing an extra battery as backup and keeping it charged.

Hoover React QuickLift Deluxe Upright Vacuum

Look no further for a vacuum that is versatile enough to clean every area of your home. The Hoover React features a bunch of different perks that’ll improve your routine

If you can lift the canister, then you can use this vacuum on staircases.

This vacuum also comes with the standard WindTunnel technology, and FloorSense technology as an extra bonus.

This vacuum comes with two filters, which are reusable. This means you can take it out and wash it before replacing it, making it a price-effective and possibly more eco-friendly option.

The controls on this vacuum are all located on the handle itself, so you won’t need to reach for an inconveniently placed switch to change a setting.

Why We Love It

Cutting Edge Technology

The floorhead of this vacuum is special. Why? Its fitted with tiny sensors that can tell if you’re on a different floor type, allowing the vacuum to adapt to the new floor.

In addition, this vacuum is powered by WindTunnel technology, meaning it has incredibly impressive suction power.

Lift-Off Feature

Need to move onto the stairs? Sometimes, bulky vacuums get in the way and can’t deal with delicate steps. Luckily, this vacuum lets you separate the canister and the hose, so you can clean with just the light hose. It still retains all its power!

All you need to do is add a tool onto the end of the vacuum and double your efficiency. This vacuum includes a dusting brush for fine spaces, a turbo tool and an extra crevice tool.

Traps Allergens

This vacuum has a built in allergen system that can trap and seal-in up to a whopping 99% of allergens and particles! That includes common irritants like dust mites and hair. These allergens won’t be getting out of your vacuum anytime soon.

Special note: This allergen-trapping feature may be extra beneficial for people with asthma or allergies, or those with children who have these.

Tough on Pet Hair

Dealing with pet hair is nothing new to someone whose owned a cat or a dog. What’s more, pet hair can get everywhere and worsen allergies and asthma.

The React has been tested on pet hair and is proven successful. Many customers are happy with this vacuum’s performance when it comes to pet hair.

Easy to Maneuver

Most of us know the struggle of maneuvering around furniture and stationary items. This vacuum comes with a highly effective swiveling head, which makes it great to steer around the house. As long as you tilt the vacuum’s handle, your movements will be reflected in the steering.

Keep In Mind: This vacuum is actually a rather heavy model. It comes in at just over 16 pounds, and some customer reviews have complained about its weight, having had some difficulty carrying it.

Hoover UH30600 WindTunnel Max Upright Vacuum

The Hoover WindTunnel Max is a bagged vacuum, making it a great choice for people who contend with asthma or allergies. When you fill up the bag, all you need to do is take the entire bag out and dispose of it without ever coming into contact with allergens. This is a foolproof way of emptying your vacuum without releasing any irritants into the air.

This vacuum comes with Hoover’s popular WindTunnel technology, and several different smart features that improve its efficiency.

This particular vacuum is quite versatile despite having a cord. The cord is extra long to promote maneuverability between rooms.

Finally, this vacuum comes with a HEPA filter that can filter out allergens.

Why We Love It

Eliminates Dust

The combination of WindTunnel technology power and the HEPA filter means that this vacuum will really deep clean the dust in your living space. The powerful HEPA filter can remove up to 99.97% of particles, including dust as tiny as 0.3 microns.

Once again, this T-Series is a great choice for a family that deals with asthma.


Filled the vacuum up? One button is all it takes to release the full vacuum bag.

When the bag is full, it’s released using a one-tap bag door. The whole bag will be released straight into the garbage by the click of a button. It won’t release any allergens back into the air and you won’t have to touch anything.

Long Cord

Although this vacuum isn’t cordless, you’ll still have the ability to be mobile and go where you wish. Having a longer cord will allow you to travel longer distances before needing to unplug your vacuum.


Tired of cleaning blindly under areas like shelves or couches? Put an end to that with the headlights included with this vacuum cleaner. They will allow you to see clearly in the darker areas that need cleaning.

Keep In Mind

Manual Cord Rewind

This vacuum comes with 30 feet of cord, but this also means that you’ll need to rewind 30 feet of cord when you’re done. With this much cord, you’re bound to run into a few tangles. Customers have disliked this feature.

About Hoover

As of today, Hoover has headquarters in Australia, North America, Asia and Europe. They are an extremely prominent and popular vacuum manufacturer and have expanded to cleaning solutions, carpet cleaners and hard floor cleaners.

Where to Buy Hoover

A variety of stores and online stores sell Hoover branded vacuums – they’re just that big! A wide selection can be found on the official Hoover website, as well as on the brand’s official Amazon store. Many outlet stores like Home Depot also offer Hoover products.

Customer Service and Reviews

Hoover offers easily accessible customer service and support through their website. They also have numerous guides and sources for tracking your order or getting technical support.

Hoover has also collaborated with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation, a prominent program that offers battery recycling in America. At their specialty centers and pick-up locations, you can leave your old vacuum batteries.

The majority of customers have only good reviews on Hoover products, with the brand garnering around 3.75 stars on the Amazon site. They offer a wide variety of models with powerful suction and reasonable prices.

Why Choose Hoover?

The brand Hoover has become synonymous with the verb ‘to vacuum.’ Hoover has become a titan in the floor care industry and likely offers a model for every home and situation.

Hoover prides themselves on offering reliable and long lasting products, while at a reasonable price. Vacuums can be an investment at times, but the important thing is buying something that lives up to its potential. However, with Hoover, most folks can probably afford a powerful and reliable product.

The Verdict

Hoover is so famous in the market today for a good reason: producing a retinue of reliable and powerful products.

As of late, they also offer a number of smart technologies as extra features in their products. Hoover produces a vacuum for every situation and every flooring.

Have you tested out a Hoover vacuum? What was your experience? Tell us about it in the comments!

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