Best Hot Water Pressure Washers

If you are new to the world of pressure washers, you may have seen cold water pressure washers that offer many benefits similar to a standard garden hose. However, you may not have seen hot water pressure washers.

Sometimes cold water doesn’t cut through the grease, grime, and dirt as effectively as hot water, as you may have seen when doing the dishes. Hot water pressure washers are a creative solution to this problem.

To assist in your search, we have reviewed the following seven hot water pressure washers to help you choose the best one for you.


Hot water rapidly cleans surfaces, blasting dirt away.

Mixing detergent into hot water works more efficiently than cold, cutting through grease and making for a fantastic option for driveways and garage floors.

No time-wasting. Because of the efficient rapid cleaning, you won’t need to spend as much time or effort on cleaning.

Choosing a Hot Water Pressure Washer

First things first, hot water pressure washers are designed for commercial use and not for general households.

Hot water pressure washers are available at a higher price point than standard pressure washers. They are additionally higher powered and use scalding hot water as opposed to cold water. Your standard home garage and driveway won’t require scalding water to clean it effectively; a standard pressure washer will work fine.

This style of pressure washer is primarily designed for businesses performing pressure washing professionally, requiring hot water to complete jobs fast. If you are considering purchasing a hot water pressure washer, you will also need to invest in health and safety training before using one.


Not exactly a budget-friendly option, a hot water pressure washer will set you back somewhere in the thousands. It is worth reviewing your budget extensively to ensure you are looking at washers within your price range.


When selecting a pressure washer, review the following questions:

How much does it weigh?

How easy is it to maneuver?

Does it have wheels?

Can it be conveniently pushed or pulled around?

Electric vs Gas

The pressure washers on the market are powered either by electricity or gas. Electric machines are more environmentally friendly and don’t require gasoline, although gas machines offer higher pressure washing.

Coil vs Burner

The next choice is between a heating coil or burner to heat up the water.

Burners are most common in gas pressure washers. The burner increases the temperature of the water up to 250°F, and some machines even offer steam cleaning.

Made from tubes and pipes that are visible on the pressure washer, the heating coil system works differently from the burner. When the pipes heat up, the surrounding water heats as well. Furthermore, burners heat up quicker than the heating coils.

Does it Only Use Hot Water?

Most hot water pressure washers offer both cold and hot water, and some have a control to change the temperature of the water. If you think you will need both cold and hot water, be sure to check the specifications.


When looking at pressure washers, you will notice some specifications, including PSI and GPM.

PSI is a measurement of pressure which is “Pounds per Square Inch”. The higher the number, the stronger the pressure.

GPM is a measurement of water which is “Gallons Per Minute.” The higher the number, the more water and force are used when cleaning.

You will also notice some brands have a Cleaning Power (CP) measurement. You can calculate this by multiplying the PSI and GPM.

For Example, if the machine has 3000 PSI and 2.0 GPM, the CP will be 6000.


As mentioned earlier, these are heavy-duty commercial machines, and it is recommended to investigate what safety features are available. There are a variety of features in different machines, including auto shut down switches, safety valves, and safety locks to avoid accidents.

Additional Features

Depending on the pressure washer, there are many additional features on the market that may increase portability and ease of use. This can include spray guns, nozzles, wands, hoses, and other attachments.

Our Top Maintenance Tips

It’s important to take care of your pressure washer to ensure its longevity and continuity, use after use. Here are our top tips to keep your machine in working order:

Always turn the machine off if you are stepping away, even for a couple of minutes. Leaving the machine on and unused for long periods of time can damage the pump. You may need to replace parts if this is done too frequently.

Before you start the machine, be sure to check the oil levels and pump each time.

If you have a machine with a heating coil, drain the moisture around the coil weekly. There is usually a drain valve on the boiler. Leave it open to allow the moisture to evaporate at least once a week.

Before you finish spraying, switch off the heater. This allows the final sprays to cool the metal part of the sprayer wand, heating coils, and water before it is turned off.

If you aren’t going to use your pressure washer for a few weeks or longer, drain the water and chemical systems. It is also recommended to fill the machine with anti-freeze to bring it to peak working condition at its next use.

Ensure the air filter isn’t clogged by checking it each month. The air filter will need replacement every 6 months, but it is essential to keep an eye on it in case it becomes clogged or damaged.

Most machines recommend changing the engine oil every 100 hours of use or every three months.

The pump oil will need replacement every 250 hours of use or every three months.

The burner fuel filter will require replacement every three to six months.

If water or condensation has made its way into your fuel tank, drain the tank, and leave it open to evaporate before re-filling with fuel.

Bonus Tip

These top ten tips are recommended among most machines, but every machine is different. Ensure you read the instructions and manual for your hot water pressure washer thoroughly. This will verify you aren’t missing anything essential or different from our above list.

Final Notes

If you are looking for a commercial-grade hot water pressure washer, look no further. You are sure to find the best fit for your situation with our top seven pressure washers on the market right now.

Hot water rapidly cleans and cuts through grease and grime, allowing you to move quickly through jobs.

When choosing a pressure washer, confirm the following: what kind of pressure washer you need, the PSI and GPM required for your work, the machine’s portability, the heating system, the safety features, and if it can use both hot and cold water. Once you have decided on these factors, the decision will be easy, and you will know you have made the right choice.

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