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The market is filled with hundreds and thousands of different models of kayaks with slight differences in features. Kayaks are not only meant for fishing, but they can also be used for recreational purposes. Choosing one out of the varieties available is a big task on its own, and this can get even worse when you are on a budget. Having a small budget does not necessarily mean you have to go with a low-quality kayak. Getting a kayak under 200 dollars is not impossible. This guide will look at those important factors for those who are on a budget.

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Inflatable kayaks are capable of withstanding punctures. One of the common materials that can be used to make an inflatable kayak is PVC; this is because they are durable and can also protect the kayak from punctures. The best inflatable kayaks are those made from high-grade PVC like 20 gauge. The higher the PVC grade, the more puncture resistant they are from hooks, tree branches, and other debris under the water.

Type and Number of Seats

When it comes to buying kayaks, having a comfortable place to sit is very essential as you do not want to end a weekend of fun with back aches. Kayaks come in both plastic and padded seats. If you are the type that goes fishing more often or if you have problems with your back, hip, or leg make sure you go with the one with a proper padded and cushioned seat.

On the other hand, if you are just a seasonal user, you can afford to compromise on the quality of the seat and go with the one with plastic seats. When it comes to the number of seats, you can go with a kayak with just one seat if you are a single fishing person but if you are a family man those with multiple seats are the best option.

Loading Capacity

The minimum loading capacity of kayaks is 200 pounds and the maximum is 1000 pounds. Again when choosing a kayak you need to consider if you are a lone fisherman or one that loves to go with some buddies. For the former, you can go with a maximum loading capacity of 325 pounds; this would be enough to take care of your catching and other belongings. For the latter, go with a kayak with a minimum loading capacity of 500 pounds.


When you are deciding on the length of the kayak, it is important to know the type of water you are going to use it on. If they are going to be used in the oceans, lakes or river, you should opt for those with a length of at least 12 feet or more. For slow and calm water, you can go with smaller lengths of 11 feet or less. This is because they have better maneuverability but they are not so speedy.

Keel or no Keel

Keel is a fin-shaped piece of plastic that usually goes down to the surface of the water and sticks in to make for a smoother tracking. This is a rare feature on kayaks and it is not found in all of them. If you are open water bound you can go for a keeled kayak, however, if you are shallow water bound you can compromise on this feature.

Storage capacity differs from kayak to kayak, there are some with three hatches and there are those with only one hatch. If you are going to be using your kayak with your family members go with those with at least two hatches, especially those with toddlers. You can go with a kayak with a single hatch if you are a lone fisherman.

Safety and Stability

Safety is an important factor that should be considered when buying a kayak. Most kayaks are built high enough to give you good protection but the material is usually of concern. For a family person with kids, you should go for a kayak with a solid body from trusted manufacturers. When it comes to stability, inflatable kayaks are more stable. This is because they are designed with tubes that wrap around it and helps to keep it buoyant. This is why it difficult for them to capsize.

Some solid bodied kayaks offer you the ability to stand up but they are usually too easy to tip or they become unbalanced easily. Inflatable kayaks have air pressure within the air chambers which adjust to where the weight leans.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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