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Laundry is one of those things that isn’t on your mind until it’s laundry day and you are pulling out the dreaded laundry hamper to tediously sort it before washing everything.

Lucky there are people out there that think more about laundry than the rest of us and have designed innovative laundry sorters. Laundry sorters have separate fabric or color compartments allowing you to sort while placing items into the hamper rather that sorting on laundry day.

This may seem like a basic concept, but with so many sorters available, it can also be a daunting project trying to choose one that fits your needs. The guide below has been developed to give you an overview of the best laundry hampers for your lifestyle.

Choosing Your New Laundry Sorter

How do you know where to begin? From different compartments to the size, to the look of them, the below guide will help you to determine what aspects are important to you and ones that don’t matter as much:

The Right Quantity of Compartments

Whether it’s separating the colors from the whites or separating household members laundry from each other, compartments are a creative solution no matter what you need.

It’s time to think about your situation and how many compartments make sense for you. Should you be separating based on colors and fabrics or household members so they can do their own laundry?

Two compartments: This is mainly suitable for smaller households of about two people. You can either separate your items per household member or based on colors. But be careful, add just one more household member, even a baby and a two-compartment sorter may prove too small for the task.

Three compartments: One of the most popular sorters, a three compartments sorter is suitable for both small and medium households. Again, this allows you to sort by household member or by color with a separate towel or gym clothes compartment.

Have a large household? No problem. There are many other sorters that have more than three compartments to suit your needs.

The Style and Design

The first thing to consider is where will the sorter be in your home and how much space do you have available? A small space in the bathroom or a larger space in the laundry or bedroom? Once you choose a space this will make it easier to choose a design that fits.

From here, you can consider what look and design suits your household best: A fun, fresh family look or something sleeker and more sophisticated? Do you mind if people can see the laundry or prefer a lid or cover?

These are all important questions to ask to ensure you are choosing the most suitable sorter for your home and lifestyle.

How easy is it to move?

You may already be considering where the best place is for your sorter. The next thing to consider is will you need to move it regularly or will it stay in the same spot? If the sorter is staying in the laundry, it may not matter if it is heavy or difficult to move; however, if you plan on moving from room to room, you may want something more lightweight or on wheels.

Additional Factors to Consider

Looking for extras? We have you covered. Some sorters have some creative additions to help you save even more time on laundry. Whether it’s combining the sorter with an ironing board, clothes rack or a folding board, these elements are designed to make your life easier.

Our Top Laundry Sorters of 2021

Now that you have determined what factors are important to you, we can take you through our favorite laundry sorters on the market right now:

Simple Houseware 3-Bag Laundry Sorter:
Designed with busy households in mind, the Simple Houseware 3-bag Laundry Sorter is perfect for arranging your laundry. With three sturdy 13-gallon capacity bags, this sorter assists you to divide your clothing into the compartments with ease. This sorter is conveniently portable, with durable casters, allowing you to steadily roll across wood, tile, and carpet surfaces without a problem. It’s heavy-duty, with a solid steel frame and provides you with peace of mind. It also comes with brakes on two of the casters so you won’t worry about it rolling anywhere it shouldn’t.


Three sturdy 13-gallon capacity bags

Heavy-duty steel frame

Solid casters with brakes

Easy to clean


May be too small for large families

No lids or covers

2. BirdRock Home Divided Hamper with Liners:

A fantastic choice for smaller homes comprising of just two compartments, the BirdRock Home laundry sorter is an elegant design that is sure to impress. It comes in your choice of two natural colors: Espresso (woven abaca fiber) and Honey (woven seagrass fiber). Whether you choose the dark or light color, it suits most bedrooms, especially when alongside wooden furniture. The hamper is comprised of two compartments, allowing you to separate by color or household member. Additionally, the canvas liners are machine washable for easy cleaning. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about guests seeing your dirty laundry, worry no more. This sorter comes with a privacy lid to keep your laundry hidden.


Natural woven finish

Removable, machine washable liners

Woven lid to keep your privacy


Quite heavy to carry at 22.2 pounds

3. Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper:

This budget friendly sorter is most suited to travelers or households looking for a practical solution for a bargain. The Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper is made from a durable mesh with strong handles. It’s designed to fold up for easy storage and can be carried easily, even when full. Because it is mesh, you can see the laundry in the hamper. If this is a concern, it can easily be folded up when not in use or when having guests over. The lightweight and folding design is most suited to travelers as it can be stored easily in a suitcase and folded with ease. Even on a budget, this hamper comes with two compartments, giving you the option to separate your clothes and can also hold bulky items like towels. Want more options? This sorter has them. You can get a single compartment in a two pack, backpack or on its own, making it suitable for any budget or lifestyle.


Easy folding design

A bargain


Laundry is visible through mesh.

4. Seville Classics 3-Bag Laundry Hamper:

A three-bag hamper with a difference, the Seville Classics 3-bag Laundry Hamper comes with an integrated clothes rack, making laundry even easier. This creative feature allows you to hang clothes for drying or alternatively, act as an additional section for laundry items, such as hand wash only items. This sorter boasts a heavy-duty metal frame including handles for easy pushing and brakes on the two-inch wheels to give you peace of mind. The sorter has three 10lb machine washable compartments, allowing you to separate your clothes as desired and clean the compartments effortlessly as needed.


Three large cotton-polyester, machine washable bags

Integrated handles to push the cart

Adjustable height clothes rack


May not appeal to everyone due to its industrial design.

5. Simple Houseware 4-Bag Laundry Sorter:

Perfect for large families, the Simple Houseware 4-Bag Laundry Sorter hits the mark for the busy household. Including four 11-gallon capacity sturdy bags, this sorter will allow you to divide your clothing by color, fabric, household member or anyway you like. As with the three-bag sorter, this sorter has a solid steel frame with a horizontal bar on the back, to hold the bags securely in place. With brakes on two of the casters, this cart won’t be rolling away on you. Even with the additional bag and extra weight, it glides smoothly across floor of any surface.


Four sturdy 11-gallon capacity bags

Heavy duty solid steel frame

Solid casters with brakes


Bags are uncovered.

6. Simple Houseware Double Laundry Hamper with Lid:

Ideal for the two-person household and the third Simple Houseware sorter we are looking at, this two-compartment sorter is best suited to a couple of roommates or siblings. With its sleek design and small size, it is perfect for wardrobes or bathrooms alike. Made from lightweight polypropylene material, this sorter has handles to move it effortlessly between rooms and a lid for additional privacy. An additional extra is the removable bags, so you don’t have to move the entire sorter if you are only doing one bag of laundry.


Sleek, elegant design

Privacy lid

Removable laundry bags

Variety of colors available


May be too small for families

7. Whitmor 3 Section Rolling Laundry Sorter:

If you are all about the extras, you can’t go past Whitmor’s sorting, folding, and ironing station. With an innovative and sophisticated design, this sorter allows you to sort and iron your clothes in the same space. With three generous sized bags made from a ventilating mesh, this sorter is appropriate for most households. The mesh is transparent which may not be ideal in some areas if you want more privacy. The top is made from foam and very useful for people with smaller laundries. If you want less clutter and a sorter that does it all, the Whitmor is the way to go.

Removable mesh bags
Sleek, innovative design
Foam top to declutter your space

Transparent mesh

Sort Your Laundry
Now that you have reviewed our favorite laundry sorters of 2021, you should feel more confident to decide on which one works best for you and your home. Don’t forget to consider your circumstances when choosing a new sorter to ensure it meets your needs.

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you organize your laundry with a new laundry sorter and say goodbye to sitting on a mountain of clothes, trying to sort them into colors or different fabrics on laundry day.

With some additional extras, you can also incorporate your laundry sorter with an ironing board, folding station, or clothes rack, helping to minimize your laundry space even further.

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