Best Leaf Vacuums

Are you looking to reduce the hassle of tidying your garden? Tired of using subpar tools to clean out leaves and debris from your yard? We might have the solution to your problems.

Contrary to popular belief, vacuuming isn’t just for inside the house. If you invest in a leaf vacuum, you’ll reap the benefits of lightening your cleaning load both indoors and outdoors.

What Is a Leaf Vacuum?

Conventional indoor vacuums can’t handle leaves and plant matter. While these vacuums can technically suction up this kind of debris, it is also prone to clogging. Vacuums that are specially made for leaves, soil, and garden waste can clean without the hassle of damage.

What are some key differences between indoor vacuums and lawn vacuums? The mechanisms are extremely similar in both use high-speed fans that are powered by motors.

The fan is connected to an air-input hose and an exhaust house. When the fan creates air in a space between these two hoses, suction occurs.

As with most technology, design is a key component of how different products work. An indoor vacuum tends to push dirt through a filter, where it’s stored in dust containers or bags. Leaf vacuums also collect waste in a bag to be emptied periodically. However, leaf vacuums have bigger tubes to prevent clogging.

Why Should You Buy a Leaf Vacuum?

Still on the fence about the usefulness of a leaf vacuum? Let’s look at some of the benefits of these products.

Leaf vacuums are better for the environment. Since leaf vacuums are reducing your use of plastic garbage bags, you’re helping the environment and reducing plastic waste. Vacuums with bag systems can be conveniently and easily emptied.

Leaf vacuums minimize effort. Let’s face it, raking can be hard and difficult work, especially in autumn, where the weather works against you. Leaf vacuums preserve your valuable time and energy by doing a more efficient job than your hand rake.

Leaf vacuums are budget friendly. You might be surprised to learn that leaf vacuums are not typically expensive, and usually cost less than the average indoor vacuum. Look at the recommendations below to get a sense of the price ranges involved. Picking a vacuum built for multi-purposes can save you even more money on add-ons and attachments.

Leaf vacuums are easy to operate: They might not look the part, but leaf vacuums are relatively lightweight and simple to use. There’s very little set-up involved, and if you can handle maintaining an indoor vacuum, you can use a leaf vacuum.

How to Choose the Best Leaf Vacuum for You!

Before surveying the market, let’s think about what your expectations and needs are for your yard vacuum. This will better inform your vacuum choice. You could even save money in the long run.

To ensure that you pick the right leaf vacuum for your needs, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions first.

What Features Does It Have?

Always browse the specs of a product you’re contemplating buying. This give you a sense of value for money, and lets you see if the vacuum is appropriate for your lifestyle and concerns.

Some vacuums include reusable bags, and others use disposable ones. Likewise, some vacuums are cordless, and other come with cords.

A common trap people fall for is purchasing a fancy vacuum with a lot of features when not all the features are necessary for their needs. Don’t be swayed by unnecessary bells and whistles, lest you needlessly spend a lot of money.

Which Type of Motor do you Need?

Leaf vacuum motors have some variety, and a different type may meet your needs better.

Different motors use different power sources. An electric motor tends to be a more affordable choice, but compromises on power and versatility. Electric motors require charging or will need to be plugged in during use. Some electric motors will have cords, but there are some cordless models available too.

Gas motors are stronger and more portable but can be problematic for the air quality. They only require fuel, so they don’t need another power source. Gas motors can emit an unpleasant odor.

An important note about gas motors is the need to maintain them periodically by manually applying gas. You should never operate gas-powered machinery near extreme heat or open flames. Tank refills should be done in well-ventilated areas, and while exercising caution to avoid contact with your skin, face, and eyes.

Is It a Multi-Purpose Vacuum?

Trying to save as much energy as you can? You might want to buy a multi-purpose leaf vacuum. As the name suggests, these can mulch leaves, work as leaf blowers, and even suction damp organic yard waste.

You’ll be happy to know that most of these extra features won’t cost you more money or, if they do, it won’t be much. Even if you do spend a little extra, you’ll save money by not buying multiple machines.

Multi-Purpose Sweepers

Multi-purpose sweepers are not exactly vacuums and lack the same capabilities. Ensure that the product you buy is a leaf vacuum and not a sweeper.

How Large Is Its Capacity?

Where are you planning to use your leaf vacuum, and how big is the vaccum? The capacity you’ll need from your vacuum will vary depending on your answer. Size and capacity tend to be complementary concerns and determine what kind of waste your vacuum will be able to handle.

Getting a small handheld leaf vacuum won’t be effective on bigger or heavier materials like stones or branches. However, an industrial-grade backpack leaf vacuum can probably handle those.

If you’re just looking for something to use on your front lawn, you won’t need anything industrial sized. Going for a smaller vacuum that still has good suction is probably the right choice for you.

Size Is Everything

The weight and dimensions of your vacuum are important considerations. If you get an extremely heavy vacuum, you’ll have difficulty handling it. Remember to keep in mind that your vacuum will weigh more when its full of debris, especially if you pick up damp debris.

The Best Leaf Vacuum Reviews

We’ve already combed through a mountain of customer reviews and product specs.

Here are our top five leaf vacuum recommendations, ranked considering factors like size, value for money, features, customer feedback, and efficiency!

Toro 51619 Blower/Mulcher Vacuum

The Customers’ Favorite Leaf Vacuum

Toro claims to be the premier electric blower brand, and customers seem to agree. They’ve come out with a multi-purpose lead vacuum that really delivers with vacuuming, mulching, and blowing.

Offering air speeds at a maximum of 235 miles per hour, it also comes with a built-in serrated metal impeller that can shred leaves and small sticks. The motor has variable speeds, allowing you to control the settings yourself.

The 51619 is a heavy-duty model capable of picking up sticks and heavy leaves and boasts the ability to mulch your loads to 16 times their original sizes.

Finally, this machine has a two-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Why We Love It

High Mulching Capacity

This vacuum has uniquely serrated blades to make leaf shredding more efficient, giving it the ability to reduce waste to 16 times its original size. This is great for the environment, since you won’t need as many plastic bags.

No Assembly Required

Switching between the vacuum, mulcher, and blower abilities of this machine won’t require you to assemble or dismantle it. Instead, it features a quick-release latch for quick adjustment.

Handy Accessories

This leaf vacuum comes with several tube attachments. It also has a power insert and a concentrator that can help pick debris from difficult spaces. Also available is a replacement bag made of durable canvas.

Keep In Mind

Not for Wet Leaves

Customers have noted that this vacuum is less effective on damp leaves. Damp leaves have trouble with the mulcher blades and cause blockage. This also interferes with suction and mulching capacity.

A few customers have even complained that this vacuum only works on totally dry leaves! This has led some to speculate that even the smallest amount of moisture might be a detriment.

Worx 51619 Blower/Mulcher Vacuum

Budget Alternative Leaf Vacuum

Not only will this unit save you money, but its specs are also top quality.

The Worx 51619 can be a mulcher, vacuum, and blower. It offers two different speeds, for heavy and light loads.

This machine also has a 16:1 mulching ratio, giving you desirable space saving benefits. It also has a 250 miles per hour maximum speed, and only weighs 7.5 pounds.

Compared to the first vacuum, the 51619 offers different attachments. It only includes a concentrator nozzle and a leaf collection bag, so there’s less add-ons.

Why We Love It

Saves Money

This model is one of the most budget-friendly alternatives on the market. It has good feedback as well. It has impressed customers with its quality coupled with its affordability.


You won’t find anything too complicated with operating this vacuum. It’s easy to switch between functions and taking the vacuum apart is easy. Customers have found this model to be hassle-free and convenient.


There have been some varied reports on the mulching capacity of this vacuum. Some find it performs perfectly on damp days, even with wet debris.

Keep In Mind

Less Room

You might notice that the collection bag on this vacuum isn’t as big as our favorite vacuum. This means you’ll probably need to change it a bit more often, but this doesn’t seem to be a big deal to customers.

Remington RM2BV Ambush

Best Gas Leaf Vacuum

This next vacuum is our first cordless leaf vacuum option. It’s a gas-powered unit that promises speeds of up to 205 miles per hour, while also multi-tasking as a mulcher and blower. It also offers cruise control and customizable speed settings. It offers a mulching ratio of 16:1.

The RM2BV Ambush has patented QuickStart technology to help you start your vacuum comfortably. The handle is specially designed to complement your grip and stabilize the vacuum by reducing vibrations.

With the inclusion of a big leaf collection bag, this option is pretty on par with our favorite vacuum. There’s also a translucent tank that makes monitoring and maintaining the fuel levels easier. Since there’s an extended nozzle, you get some more reach and avoid straining your arms.

Why We Love It

Cordless and Handheld

Without the need for plugging this model into an electrical power source, you get a bit more freedom and versatility than corded vacuums. This also lightens the vacuum and increases ease of use and convenience.

Cruise Control

The speed settings on this vacuum are customizable, which might be appreciated on varying substances. It also means you can seamlessly switch modes without compromising effectiveness or taking a break.

Translucent Tank

Knowing exactly how much fuel you have remaining in your vacuum is important. It makes your unit easier to maintain and prevents unwelcome surprises, like running out of power in the middle of your work. It’ll also help you figure out over time how your vacuum manages its power.

Keep In Mind

Be Careful!

One of the most notable drawbacks of using a gas motor is that you’ll need to handle its fuel manually. Precautions and awareness are paramount to avoiding injury, health damage, or damaging your vacuum. Always observe and follow safety recommendations!

Black and Decker BV6600 3-In-1

Best Value for Money Leaf Vacuum

This is another multi-purpose leaf vacuum that’ll impress you with its features. In terms of specs, it’s on par with our favorite, with a maximum speed of 250 miles per hour and a 16:1 mulching ratio.

Noise reduction is one of the best features of this vacuum. It claims to be 50% quitter than Black and Decker models on the market, putting it at about 68 decibels of noise. The ability uses a custom speed control makes this vacuum useful for light and heavy yardwork.

Finally, there’s a cord retainer built into this vacuum to hold its cord in for extra stability. This protects against power losses during work. This unit comes with an EZ-Empty reusable collection bag, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Why We Love It

Environmentally Friendly

As previously mentioned, the EZ-Empty reusable bags included are great for the environment. Designed to be easily replaced, it’ll save you time as well as money. Combined with the mulching abilities of the vacuum, you’ll be using far less trash bags than usual.


Some leaf vacuums are notorious for being loud, but this one will be a pleasant surprise. Running at only 68 decibels means it makes far less noise than other vacuums. Both your ears and your neighbors will thank you!

Extra Stability

The cord retainer makes a surprising impact in adding maneuverability to your vacuum. You can feel secure that your vacuum won’t be accidentally disconnected from power. This feature gives you consistency and cuts out one of the most annoying issues with corded vacuums.

Keep In Mind

Assembly Required

Something unusual about this vacuum is its inability to change between its different modes with ease. If you want to switch between vacuuming and blowing, you’ll need to change the tube attachment. However, customers don’t seem to find this a major inconvenience.

Bag Isn’t Durable

Despite the EZ-Empty bag being arguably better for the environment, there have been some complaints about its durability. Customers have noticed that the bag is flimsy and easily tears and rips. However, Black and Decker seems to have a good track record with customer service and providing replacement bags.

Black and Decker BV3100 3-In-1

Best Leaf Vacuum for Moderate Work

Not planning on doing any heavy-duty work, but still want a leaf vacuum? Look no further than the Black and Decker leaf vacuum. With a slightly lower capacity than the typical yard vacuum, you’ll still find it effective in the garden.

This vacuum promises maximum air speeds of 210 miles per hour and a 10:1 mulching ratio. You’ll notice that these numbers are distinctly lower than those of earlier vacuums but rest assured that it’s still powerful enough for normal tasks.

The BV3100 still offers two speed options for light and heavy loads, as well as a blow function and interchangeable vacuum and blow tubes.

Why We Love It

Less Noise

Like the earlier Black and Decker entry, this is a low-noise vacuum that runs at a mere 69 decibels. This is especially suitable to its status as a more domestic option to be used around the house.

Speed Control

This vacuum isn’t going to have the power of more industrial units, but you can still adjust the speed according to your load. Its suitable for both light and heavy debris piles depending on your choice.

Only Weighs 7 Pounds

Yes, you read that correctly! This vacuum is just 7 pounds, making it an easy to maneuver and ergonomic option that almost everyone can handle. Customers love the ease of use and convenience that this lighter option provides.

Keep In Mind

Less Capacity

This vacuum has a collection bag with a smaller than average capacity. However, it’s only intended for smaller loads and moderate use, so this isn’t an unexpected issue. The only downside is that you’ll have to empty the bag more frequently, meaning a bit more maintenance time.

What Can You Use a Leaf Vacuum For?

Sure, leaf vacuums are multi-tasking wonders, but if you use your leaf vacuum contrary to its purpose, you could cause it some permanent damage.

Remember to keep these tips in mind to make the most of your leaf vacuum:

Avoid unusual or heavy debris. Sure, industrial strength leaf vacuums can handle some gnarly debris. But if you just have a smaller domestic model, you’d be better off avoiding hard and heavy objects that can damage the interior of your vacuum, or cause tears in the bag.

Don’t touch the ground: Leaf vacuums are not floor vacuums! Hitting the ground with your leaf vacuum causes vibrations in your hose, which might result in unsightly cracking.

Litter depends on the model: Don’t assume your leaf vacuum can tackle just any kind of inorganic debris; Do your research and ensure that you aren’t doing something that could potentially damage your vacuum.

Blowing? Maybe: Some leaf blower models can also act as leaf blowers, but not all of them. If you want this kind of multi-tasking, ensure that you’re getting a 2-in-1 model before you purchase it.

Mulching: Some leaf vacuums have mulching capabilities, which are used on the leaves they vacuum up. Mulching saves bag space and eliminates the need for mulching, an extra step in the process. A mulching ratio tells you how effective the vacuum is; A 10:1 ratio, for example, means that the vacuum can turn 10 bags of dry leaves into just 1 bag. Of course, mulched leaves are denser, meaning your bags will weigh more.

Vacuuming wet leaves: It’s a bad idea to vacuum puddles, but some vacuums are built to handle wet leaves. Those that also mulch leaves will also have an easier time with damp leaves. However, some vacuums are not made to handle wet leaves, which could even cause clogging or damage.

Quick Tip

Ready to start using your leaf vacuum? Wait! First, you should be checking your yard for items that might be dangerous to your vacuum. Your yard could be harboring potentially harmful, hard, or sharp items, all of which could wreak havoc on your new vacuum.

Be-Leaf It!

Leaf vacuums offer an incredibly effective method of cleaning your lawns, yards, driveways, or gardens. They’re a worthy investment that can end up saving you tons of money, time, and effort. At the end of the day, they’re just way better than manual yardwork equipment like garden brooms and rakes.

Most leaf vacuums aren’t incredibly expensive, and can arrive including tools, functions, and attachments for every part of your yard. They can also be more environmentally friendly, as well as user friendly.

Above, we’ve included our favorite leaf vacuums to help you decide on the model that’s right for your yard. Are you considering adding a leaf vacuum to your yard arsenal? Which models are you considering? Share it with us in the comments below!

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