Best Light Gaming Mouse

The best light gaming mouse
If you love to play video games, then having a mouse that is on the lighter side can definitely have its advantages but losing some of the performance of your mouse to have a lighter version is not the way to go. So ideally you will have a mouse that can perform extremely well but at the same time is still very light. It should be easy enough for you to use, the sensor it has should be of the highest quality and it should be durable enough to be able to be used every day.

We have made a compelling list of the best light mice that have all of the features we just mentioned.

Something that is super common nowadays is playing with a mouse that is not as sensitive because of its accuracy increase and that is something you see with professional players. If your mouse had a low sensitivity level, then you are going to have to move the mouse around a lot longer than what you normally would. To help with this, most gamers that a use low sensitivity mouse that will be very light.

In the article, we will look at the best light gaming mice with each mouse weighing under 100g.

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Are they actually worth it?
The general consensus is yes they are. You are more likely to see the advantages of having a mouse that is light in games that have a quick pace to them and where having the ability to be able to aim accurately and quickly is vital. Aside from these types of games, all the mice that are between the medium and extremely light bracket that we have tested are more than capable to be used for your normal computing as well.

The other important thing to remember too is that the mice that are really light will cost you a lot of money too as they are expensive, with the most common ones being the Logitech G Pro Wireless and the Final Mouse Ultralight 2 and there are some other ones that are not as expensive, and they are in the $40 to $50 bracket. Most retail stores will be happy for you to return your mouse if it does not suit your needs as long as you return it within the set timeframe and there is no damage.

The shape and grip designs of the mouse
One thing that you should think about before buying a mouse is that you will want to think about the traction style. There are all different types of mice and they all have different shapes, sizes, and grips, so you are going to have to do your research properly before buying one.

On the other hand, you are going to find it hard to be able to see if the mouse is going to be the right fit for you just but looking at the mouse in its plastic box in store. The best thing to do is to look at it yourself and then if you are happy then buy it. We recommend that you should compare your old mouse to the one you want to buy. By doing this you get a better understanding of how big a mouse you are going to be needing.

The three mouse grips that are the biggest are the hands, claw, and fingertip. Most of the companies that produce the mice will tell you about all of the different mouse styles and other information so it is your best bet to visit their own website or even another site called amazon so you can fully check the traction style of the mouse.

The quality of the sensor and the DPI settings
Regarding DPI is it very similar. Most of the brands of mice are underlining the DPI of each mouse, like a mouse that has a 12000 DPI sensor. This generally means that you can change or even set the DPI as high as you want right up to 12000 if you choose to do so. However, we do not think you should solely look at this (DPI) when you are looking for the perfect mouse for gaming.

In fact, you might have seen that with many professional players in fact like the mice that have low sensitivity and in turn have low dpi.

When it comes to the overall quality of the mouse detector, it is critical in literally every mouse. On the other hand, it is hard to judge the mouse sensor with you using that mouse before you buy it. However usually you do not need to think about the quality of the sensor, and this is because basically all of the companies that produce the light mice have a high-quality sensor.


What is the lightest mouse in the world?

The lightest mouse in the world at the time of writing is the Razer Viper Ultralight as it weighs just 69g. However, there are some other types too, weighing 67g is the Glorious Model O however this does not have all the neat features that the Razer Viper has. The other thing is the quality of the mouse, it is not similar to others however both of the mentioned mice are right up there in terms of quality in many other features that they have.

What is the lightest Steel Series mouse?
Steel series have released numerous mice however we found that the lightest is the Rival 600. This mouse weighs 96g so you might think that is not light, however, the mouse’s weight can be adjusted and that is 4g for each adjustment and you can arrange it a huge 256 ways. We think that this is the best light mouse that does not reduce the main features at the same time.

Is a lighter mouse better for gaming?
Generally speaking yes, it can have a benefit over players who have a heavy mouse as you are able to do quick flicks whereas the others can not. However, this does not mean that you should give away all of the mouse features just for the weight. This is because other features like side buttons can attribute to the oversize as well as the comfort of your mouse. Many gamers tend to blow over all of the neat features just so they can have a light mouse and by doing this they end up getting the wrong type of mouse.

What about heavy mice?
They are still a good option and one of the benefits of having a heavy mouse is that because of the weight it can increase your control and other small movements and that can be crucial in some games. Ultimately it does not really matter if you have a light or a heavy mouse if you are used it to, however, if you are just starting out then a mouse that is on the lighter side is highly regarded.

Light Gaming Mouse
Light Gaming Mouse
Light Gaming Mouse
Light Gaming Mouse

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