Best Memory Card under 100 Dollars: Buying Guide

You just got yourself a nice digital camera or camcorder, and you cannot wait to start taking pictures or shooting your own home videos. Before you do any of that, the most important accessory you can purchase is a memory card.

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When it comes to choosing the right memory card, you will first need to figure out what kind your camera or camcorder needs. There are actually up to several different options. Secure digital or SD, memory stick, memory stick Pro and memory stick pro duo, which are exclusive for Sony products, an XD picture card, which is exclusive for Olympus cameras, a MicroSD card, or a compact flash for use with your heavy duty DSLR cameras. Some can be interchangeable between different cameras, so be sure to check your owner’s manual to be certain.

As a whole, the bigger the memory card, the better. You’ll never know when you’ll need room for that perfect shot. Each memory card is measured not only by how much storage it can hold but by its speed. Memory card speed is the card’s performance with regard to how quickly data can be transferred to or from it. The higher the speed, the faster the data reproduction.

Memory Card under 100

When it comes to uploading images onto another device after using your memory card, cameras more often than not plug directly into another device for easy data transfer. If your camera does not do that or you cannot find the connecting cables, it may be necessary to use the memory card reader built into your desktop or laptop. Don’t have one? Not a problem. You can purchase an external memory card reader which has slots for just about every memory card on the market.

Memory Card under $100

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