Best Mop Buckets

What do you use to clean the bathroom? There are many different types of cleaning materials, but don’t be too hasty to throw away the simple mop and bucket.

Of course, using the newer robotic floor cleaners and more expensive detergents have positives, but sticking to the classic way of cleaning has its own merits.

For any hard floors that require some TLC, a simple mop and bucket could be one of the most valuable items in your household.

Are you not completely sure what type of mop bucket is best for your needs? This guide is going to explain the most important features to look for when choosing a mop bucket.

Why invest in a Mop Bucket

You may be wondering why it would be handy to have a mop bucket. After all, you could use the sink in your kitchen. However, the continuous walking to and from the sink can quickly become tiring, especially if you have a very large area to clean.

A mop bucket can make your task a lot quicker, as the bucket can be kept near you, filled with water or cleaning solution.

Furthermore, there is often a water to detergent ratio suggested for cleaning. A mop bucket can make measuring this a lot easier as it allows for exact measurements.

When you are precise in your measuring your cleaning solution you minimize possible slip hazards as you eliminate the chance of excess water on the floor or dull surfaces.

How Do You Choose a Mop Bucket?

We have determined some leading factors and features that you can look for when choosing a mop bucket.

The capacity of the water

Determining the size of the area you will clean will play an important part in choosing the size of your bucket. We suggest a 3.5-gallon bucket for smaller cleaning jobs.

For larger areas, we suggest looking at a 6.5-gallon bucket. This can give you enough clean water to cover the whole area.

Caster Wheels

Carrying around a bucket filled with water and detergent can prove to be quite the workout as 1 gallon of water is equal to 8.33 pounds. Of course, this gets heavier with larger buckets.

Getting a mop bucket with wheels allows you to move it around the house without having to lift it often.

Spouts that are molded

A molded spout can make pouring water out of the bucket much easier. It helps prevent the splashing of water and instead directly pours the dirty water into the drain.

A Mop Wringer

The mop wringer is used to remove the excess water from the mop. One reason accidents occur during cleaning is because of too much water absorbed by the mop. A mop wringer can make sure the mop and the floor don’t get too wet.

Another advantage is that it prevents you from needing to squeeze the water out of the mop with your hands. There are varying designs of mop wringers, some you press down and twist, while others have a foot pedal.

A Handle

Although almost all buckets already have a handle attached to them, choosing one made of the right materials is also important to consider. Plastic may not always be strong enough to support a bucket filled with water.

If you plan to use your mop bucket and use it for tough cleaning jobs, a metal handle would be better.

The Best Mop Buckets

Listed below are some of the best buckets for you to compare.

1. Cedar Easy Wring Bucket

This bucket would be a great option if you are looking for a zero effort bucket. It is easy to store at home and transport around because of its compact size. This makes it useful for unexpected spillages.

This bucket comes with a built-in wringer. You just put the mop into the wringer and press down onto the foot pedal. This then removes any excess water by activating the spin.

It also comes with a guard for the wringer to make sure no water splashes onto the floor.

This product comes with a microfiber mop and is triangular. This makes it a great tool for cleaning in corners and more awkward spaces. The head of the mop can also be washed in a washing machine.


A built-in wringer for moisture control

Prevention of backsplash through the addition of a wringer guard

Microfiber mop


The foot pedal is plastic and can thus break easier

2. Rubbermaid Roughneck Bucket

Everyone has at one point had a moment where a bucket fails at an important point in cleaning. Very often this happens while getting rid of the dirty water. Rubbermaid is one of the best options for durability and can help prevent these mishaps.

The bucket can hold 3.5-gallons of water making it big enough for both inside and outside chores, such as washing the car and window cleaning. It comes with twin spouts giving you the ability to pour the water out on either end.

The Rubbermaid bucket comes with a metal handle. This allows for fewer refill trips and makes it easier to carry.

We believe the rectangular shape of the bucket allows for easy storage as it can fit into corners or on a shelf, unlike the rounded mop buckets.


Has measurements written on the side.

Strong handle durability.

Dual spouts allow for easy removal of contents.


The handle could be uncomfortable for some people.

3. Carlisle Side Wringer Commercial Mop Bucket

If you are planning on heavy-duty cleaning, this bucket is the right one for you. The bucket is made from polyethylene making it sturdy, resistant to corrosion and hard-wearing. It can hold up to 6.5-gallons of water.

It has four swivel caster wheels that leave no marks, allowing for easier access around your furniture and you won’t have to carry this bucket.

The mop bucket comes with caution signs, which is great if you have children. The bucket also comes in five different colors.

It comes with a side press wringer. Through pulling of the lever, you remove the excess water in an instant. The wringer can last 50,000 cycles.


Four wheels for easy movement.

Can hold up to 6.5-gallons.

Different vibrant colors.


Difficult to store.

Lets Mop It Up

Many people underestimate just how important a mop bucket is for cleaning the floors in your home.

Always think about the features best suited to you. Do you need a wringer so you don’t have to tire your wrists? Or would you like one with wheels on a larger bucket for easy movement?

What would be your choice of a mop? Let us hear what you think down below in the comments.

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