Best Mops For Hardwood Floors

We all know how dirty the floors in our homes can get! The everyday traffic from feet, children and pets makes the floor a top candidate for dirtiest part of the house. You have to ask yourself if the hardwood floors in your home looking a little tired and grubby?

Although hardwood floors are well-known for being tough and hard-wearing, they still need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking clean and welcoming to any guests entering your home. In order to do this properly, you must make sure that you have the correct tools for the job.

You may think that a mop is all you need, but hardwood floors require a special kind of cleaning, so you need to buy the right kind of mop. Here we take a look at available mops and what you need to look out for when buying them.

Why do I need a mop for my hardwood floors?

Why is it that hardwood floors are often found in the areas of your home that take a beating from lots of foot traffic? The answer is that hardwood floors last longer and look much more attractive than many other surfaces. They are, quite simply, extremely strong and durable.

The reason for this is that they are made from solid wood, which is sometimes layered, along with a sealed finish. The sealed finish not only gives the wood water resistance, but also gives it that lovely shiny, attractive appearance.

These floors are made from natural wood, which means that you must be careful when you are when cleaning them . They can be very expensive to replace, so you want to avoid causing any damage to those layers.

Possibly the quickest and easiest way to clean is to use a mop on your hardwood floor. A mop works well because it can be used for a daily polish, as well as times when you want to give it a deeper clean.

A mop is also good because it picks up surface dust and dirt much more easily than any vacuum cleaner. In fact, a vacuum cleaner can even cause damage to your hardwood floor. This is particularly true if it has a beater bar, as the rotating brush is far too harsh for this type of flooring.

If you just need to get rid of the daily build-up of dirt such as crumbs, hair, pet hair and other household debris, then you only need to dry mop once or twice a week, possibly a little more frequently if the traffic across the floor is particularly heavy.

Dry mopping will not get rid of the kind of grime that builds up slowly over time, though. For this, you will need to carry out a deeper clean with a damp mop, preferably about once a month.

When using a damp mop, make sure that you don’t make the floor too wet and definitely avoid pooling water. Although the floor is most probably protected with a sealant, damage in the form of oversaturation can still occur if too much water is allowed to linger on the surface.

How do I know if my hardwood floor is sealant protected?

If you want to find out if your hardwood floor is protected by a sealant, the best thing to do is to test it with some water. If you see the water forming beads as it drops onto the surface, the flooring does have a protective coating. On the other hand, if the water is absorbed into the wood when it drops, there is no protective sealant and you should not use any liquids on it.

How do I choose a mop for my hardwood floors?

There are many different mops on the market making it increasingly difficult to know which is the best choice for the kind of floor you have and the job you want it to do. To help make the right choice, we have put together a list of features that will help you to decide which one will be the best for your needs.

Microfiber Mop Heads

Microfiber is one of the very best materials for a mop. It is soft , non-abrasive and can trap all kinds of dirt and dust when dry. It is made from split fibers, meaning that it is extremely absorbent, more so than any other cleaning materials.

For those who are particularly environmentally aware, microfiber is an excellent choice as it is sturdy and long-lasting and can be put through the washing machine. This makes it considerably more eco-friendly than cotton. In short, it is a popular choice on account of many of these advantages. If this is your first choice of mop and it doesn’t come with any extra attachments, they are probably sold separately by the manufacturing company.

Mop Head Size

Each mop head has a different size for its cloth or pad. You will need to consider how you will be using the mop in order to decide which size will be best to buy. The easiest thing to do is to look at which rooms you will be using it in and the approximate surface area of each room.

Another consideration is how the mop is going to be used. For example, if there is a large area of floor to clean, a large head is better, but, if there are some harder-to-reach places that you need to clean, a small head will be a more appropriate for reaching the more difficult areas.

Telescopic Handle

You will find that mops with a telescopic handle are the best for your hardwood floors, as you can adjust the length to make it more suitable for your height and increasing your reach. The longest ones will reach as far as 70 inches high, and the shortest ones are only about 30 inches.

This feature is particularly good if you have any problems with your back, or any other conditions that tend to be irritated by manual cleaning. The telescopic handle will help you to maintain the correct height so that you do not over-exert or hurt yourself. In addition, you may live in a household in which people of differing heights will use the mop, so the extending handle will mean that everybody can use it comfortably.

Swivelling Head

Let’s face it, mopping is not everyone’s favorite job, so most of us just want to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. Nobody wants to have to move all the furniture every time you want to give your hardwood floor a quick mop.

In that case, you need to find a mop that has a swivelling head. These mops can rotate through 360 degrees, allowing them to clean around and underneath furniture, picking up dirt quickly and effortlessly.

Durable Frame and Handle

Both the frame and handle of your mop need to be able to take a fair amount of pressure caused by the scrubbing motion used on your floor. The best materials to look for are aluminum and stainless steel, as these are, sensibly, used by most manufacturers. Steer very clear of anything made from plastic.

Mops made from stainless steel are the strongest, whereas ones made out of aluminum are much more lightweight, so consider how much use the mop will get as well as your own personal circumstances and what will be best for you to use.

What are the best mops for hardwood floors?

We have spent many hours looking at official brand websites, analyzing customer reviews and other trusted sources, as well as recalling our own personal mop experiences to find an assortment of the best hardwood floor mops.

Here we offer you a list of our favorite hardwood floor mops that are currently available.

Bissell Spinwave Powered Hardwood Mop

This is the best mop for effortless cleaning.

This mop is amazing and takes cleaning to the next level! All you need to do is to connect it to the power supply and away you go! What makes it even more amazing is that it’s so quiet you can even use it when the kids are in bed.

The mop head contains double-action mop pads that rotate. They are also reusable as they can easily be put in the washing machine. This feature makes cleaning and buffing your hardwood floors even easier and considerably more satisfying.

Although powered, this mop is gentle and completely safe for use on sealed hardwood floors, giving you peace of mind.

An added bonus for us is that this mop comes with two formulas to try out on your floors. If you use them with the mop’s spray function, you may find it easier to get rid of those really tough stains or annoying shoe marks.

The mop has a tank capacity of 28 ounces.

The four spin mop heads are comprised of two soft-touch microfiber and two scrubby heads that give a deeper clean.

Why do we like it?

Mop pads that rotate

This mop contains rotating mop pads which means that all the scrubbing is done for you and cleaning becomes the easiest job in the world. Cleaning is gentle, as the pads are made from soft microfiber, but all that dirt still gets effectively wiped away.

This mop saves you money, too, as the pads can be washed in the machine making them completely reusable.

Spray on demand

This mop is great, too, if you have accidental spills or sticky areas to clean. This is because you have much greater control over how much water or cleaner you are using to prevent causing oversaturation damage to the floor.

All you need to do is use the spray button located on the handle. You can use any kind of solution you want in the water tank.

All round swivel

This mop is also excellent for cleaning in all those tough, hard-to-reach areas where dirt and dust tend to build up. It can swivel 360 degrees and can attack grime and dirt from all directions. Great for cleaning underneath furniture and maneuvering into those difficult nooks and crannies.

Things to think about.

Uses electricity

This mop comes with a 22-foot power cord, which is ideal for most household cleaning jobs, but there may be times when a cord is not suitable, so this is definitely something to take into consideration when making a choice about the type of cleaning you will be doing.


O-Cedar Hardwood Microfiber Mop

This is the best mop for both dry and damp cleaning.

This mop is made especially for use on hardwood floors by a well-known company in the world of cleaning. The mop head, which is made of microfiber, glides easily across any surface and is lightweight, weighing only 1 pound , making it extremely easy to use.

The mop pad is multi-purpose, meaning that it can be used for a quick, dry surface clean or used damp for a deep clean. It can also be washed 100 times in the washing machine.

The head of this mop contains scrubbing strips that are ideal for cleaning up those really tough marks, too. The mop head pad will need to be changed every three to six months.

This mop even has a really useful hook so that you can easily hang it away just before your guests arrive.

Why do we like it?

Reusable mop heads

The microfiber mop head is not only safe for use on hardwood floors, but is also reusable. It can be put through the washing machine up to 100 times, making it both an eco-friendly and economical option.

Easy storage

The manufacturer has really thought of everything with this mop. There is a hook on the handle that makes storage incredibly easy and practical. What’s more, it won’t take up much space in your cleaning cupboard.

All round cleaning

This mop swivels in all directions, meaning it can be used to get under any furniture, and you won’t be leaving behind any of those nasty bits of dust or dirt that you can’t reach.

Things to think about

No telescopic handle

This particular mop does not have a telescopic handle, which may mean that it won’t be suitable for all types of cleaning job or use by taller people.

Let’s Clean It Up

The best way to show off the natural beauty and color of your hardwood floor is undoubtedly to use a mop. It can be used dry or damp, either to give your floor a quick clean or for a deeper scrubbing.

Although your choice of mop is completely personal, there are certain features that can affect your decision. An adjustable, telescopic handle will allow you to reach the tougher-to-clean spots, as well as helping you to avoid straining and injuring yourself. The swivelling mop head also allows you to get into the most difficult areas, such as behind toilets, underneath sofas and other awkward furniture.

The best material to look for will always be microfiber. It’s ideal for a quick weekly buff or a deep clean before the arrival of guests.

Have you used any of these mops that we’ve recommended? Leave us a comment to tell us about your preferred way of cleaning your hardwood floors.

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