Best Mops for Laminate Floors

Is your home full of laminate floors that are constantly dirty from pets, children and other causes? Do you want to know how to clean them so that they can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life?

Laminate floors are a popular choice for family homes. Kitchens, hallways and various other rooms are best suited for laminate flooring due to its durability. One of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your laminate floor is to make sure that it is being cleaned properly, using the right tools.

We have spent the time researching and analyzing a wide range of products so that you do not have to! Our list will look at the seven best mops available on the market right now for cleaning laminate flooring. We have also read and considered what users of these products have had to say. Let us begin.

Why Buy a Mop for Laminate Floors?

If you are someone who sticks to their weekly cleaning schedule, then your laminate floors should be getting cleaned regularly. There are a couple of reasons why a mop is the best tool for the job, as opposed to other appliances.

Many people use a vacuum or do a simple sweep to clean up the visible dirt and dust, but using a mop is a more efficient way to ensure maximum cleanliness. Moreover, if the vacuum is used incorrectly, you may do damage to the laminate surface, such as scratching it.

In addition, mops are much easier to use. Simply soak it in diluted floor cleaner and be on your way. It is an efficient way to prevent fading and scratching, as well as effectively trapping the dirt and grime. If you let dirt gather from not cleaning the floor properly, the resin layer of the laminate may become damaged over time.

However, even though using a mop can make your laminate floor shine and look clean, there is something you have to remember.

Keep in Mind

Be careful not to over-saturate your laminate! Using too much water may result in water damage due to it soaking through. If this happens, you may have to replace the entire floor of a room.

Types of Mops for Laminate Floors

Different mops are better suited for different things. You need to know if you are looking for something capable of a deep clean or a mop to use several times a week. Let us take a look at some mops to consider.

Steam Mops

If you opt for a steam mop you will have to make sure that you have power outlets nearby to keep it plugged in. Steam mops release steam through the attached cleaning pad and use the steam to clean your floors. With a steam mop, there is often no need for any cleaning products or chemicals to be used. They just use water to sanitize.

Personally, we like steam mops because they are easy to use when you are looking for a quick fix that will provide a good quality clean. Just make sure that the water reservoir is filled and you can start gliding over all your floors.

Steam mops are great for getting rid of any dangerous bacteria from your floors, such as salmonella. Salmonella bacteria can live on surfaces for several weeks, steam mops are able to sanitize your floors so that they are safe for your children and pets.

Safety First

To prevent any electrical related injuries, make sure to turn off your mop and unplug it from the wall before refilling the water reservoir.

Spray Mops

Spray mops offer a level of control over how much product is released, usually controlled with a button or trigger mechanism. These types of mops have nozzles that release either water or cleaning solution onto the floor that you then spread and wipe up with the mop head.

Spray mops are ideal when doing a deep cleaning of your floors. This is because they dampen the surface of the laminate before you start to clean properly.

Dust Mop

If you are just looking to surface clean your floors, then opt for a dust mop. You can use the mop pads wet or dry depending on how lightly you want to clean, and they are easy to glide over your floors.

Some models of dust mops come with reusable mop pads, that can be washed in the laundry and then reused over and over, while other models use disposable cleaning pads.

How to Choose the Best Laminate Floor Mop

There are a lot of laminate floor mops on the market, and they all come with differing features. We will walk you through some of the things you should keep in mind when looking to make a purchase.

Microfiber Mop Heads

Microfiber is a soft material, meaning it is not going to scratch your floors. It is also absorbent and can catch bacteria easily. Microfiber is able to soak up a maximum eight times its weight and reduces bacteria by 99%. Due to these capabilities, microfiber is a better option than other cotton-based mop heads.

Furthermore, microfiber is described as ‘positively charged,’ meaning it attracts things that are negatively charged, such as dirt and grime. A microfiber mop head will make cleaning super-fast and efficient, as the microfiber essentially does all the work for you.

Handle Construction

Mops that have handles made of aluminum and/or stainless steel have a higher durability and will last longer than those made of plastic. Aluminum, also, is a lightweight material, meaning the mop will not be too heavy to carry around.

While some mops do have plastic mop handles, they are typically made with ABS plastic, which is much tougher than regular plastic. Even with a plastic handle your mop will be durable.

Large Mop Head

If you do not enjoy cleaning and want to keep the amount of time you spend cleaning your floors to a minimum, you should look for a mop with a large base plate. This is especially useful if you have rooms that have large open spaces of laminate.

If your room has a lot of nooks and crannies with hard-to-reach areas and corners, a smaller base plate may be more handy.

Mop Away

Whether you like it or not, your laminate floors are going to need to be cleaned. Why not choose a mop that is going to make life easier? This can be easily achieved by analyzing our list and choosing one of the mops mentioned.

To quickly recap, if you are looking to do a quick weekly clean of your floors, choose a microfiber mop. If you want to get rid of bacteria and germs, choose a steam mop. And if you want to make sure your floors are looking shiny and clean, choose a spray mop.

Do you have a favorite mop? We would love to hear which one you love the most! Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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