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When some hair dryers are in use, it can sound like you are standing right next to a Boeing 747 as it is taking off. Because customers want dryers to dry their hair as fast as possible, the fans have more power, and the hair dryers are getting hotter and hotter to achieve this. However, with all that power, the noise level increases. Trying to find a hair dryer that is quiet can be a difficult job.

When you are looking at all the different options of hair dryers that are out there, our own buyers guide can help you find the one that best suits you. From the features that have to elements to make hair dryers louder or quieter while being efficient at the same time. In addition to our buyers guide we will review a number of hair dryers that have been known to be really quiet so you can actually compare how the features work while you are using the dryer.

After you go through our reviews as well as the buyer’s guide, you should have more than enough information to decide on which hair dryer is best for you. Now we will look at some of the neat features and advantages of having a quiet hair dryer.

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Do you need a quiet hair dryer?
If you are getting ready for work in the morning and your family is still asleep, you might be a little apprehensive to use your hair dryer in case of waking them. This is especially true if you have a young child so having a hair dryer that is quiet can let you go about your business while not in fear of waking everyone up as well as having some health benefits too.

Buying Guide
Low noise and wattage
The quiet hair dryer has a decibel that registers in the range between 60 to 85 decibels and the lower the decibels, the lower the noise will be. The downside is that when you are looking at hair dryers, the information regarding the decibels is not included on the dryers packaging.

The amount of wattage that a hair dry has is usually a good sign of decibels. Hair dryers that have lower decibels have around 1400 to 1800 wattage and that is how dryers have less noise. While hair dryers that have over 1800 wattage and above will create a louder noise when in use.

The dual airflow
The major drawback with a hair dryer that has low wattage is that it is not going to be able to dry your hair as quickly as dryers with normal wattage. The plus side is that you can still get hair dryers that have powerful wattage of 1875 and that make less noise simply because of the dual airflow.

There are multiple ways how companies can do this. They start by having an aerodynamic fan or what is called fixing space that is between the fan itself and the dryer’s body. This increases the air flow and that in turn limits the noise of the dryer without sacrificing the blow-drying experience.

Types of motors
Hair dryers use different types of motors, in particular AC which stands for alternating current, DC which stands for Direct Current and EC and that stands for Electronically Commuted. The AC motors are the quietest out of the lot and that is something that you as the consumer should look at. On top of that it also increases the drying time.

Shorter Barrel
There is normally one thing that people overlook when they are looking at purchasing a quiet hair dryer, and that is the size of the barrels that the dryer has. The shorter the barrels are, the less noise is produced. This is down to not using a forceful fan. On top of that they are small enough that you can take them with you while you holiday.

Different Fan Settings
The three settings that give you the ability to have control over the speed that the air comes out are low, medium, and high. When you can have this kind of control regarding the set up, you are going to have far more control over the noise of the dryer. Putting it simply, the lower the setting you have, the less noise is going to be created by your dryer.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Am I able to use my hair dryer everyday?
If you have found the right dryer for your needs, you very well could use it everyday if you choose to do so. Keep in mind however that overheating can lead to damage of your hair, so keep this in mind if you are using your dryer everyday.

There are some side effects when you use your blow dryer every day. You can counter these by using a range of hair care products to help with your hair overheating and drying out like a spray that helps protect your hair against the heat. Just make sure that they are part of your daily ritual as well as blow drying your hair.

How can I reduce frizz when I blow dry my hair?
You have now reduced the noise of your hair dryer but now you want to limit frizz and the way to do this is through ionic technology. The ionic approach is basically to produce negative ions. Your hair gives out positive ions and that creates frizz, and the job of the negative ones is to nullify them. By doing that you will greatly reduce the amount of frizz that you get while drying your hair.

Do loud hair dryers perform better than their quiet counterparts?
Ultimately the motor is going to decide the performance of your hair dryer and its other features. Normally the size of the motor can be related directly to the motor’s strength, however this is not always the case. That is why you cannot really say that loud ones are better than quiet ones. If the dryer meets your needs and works well for what you want it for then you can say it performs well.

Does where I use my hair dryer affect the noise?
The answer might surprise you. The answer is yes, and many experts say you should find the biggest room you can when trying to dry your hair. If you are in a small place like a bathroom then the waves of sound can quickly bounce back off the walls and straight back to you. Thanks to the small space, your dryer is going to be a lot louder.

If you use your hair dryer in a big room, then common sense would suggest that it will take the sound waves longer to reach you after bouncing back from the walls. Because of this, the noise from your hair dryer should be reduced.

We hope that this guide has helped you to find the quietest dry for your hair and that the reviews we did will give you some additional information to help with picking a quiet hair dryer.

They are a critical piece of equipment for anyone who wants or needs their hair to look perfect, however the noise they emit can become hard to tolerate.

We have also altered the selections of budgets to help everyone who is going to be reading this, find the best hair dryer for them but also give them the perfect results they want.

Quiet Hair Dryer
Quiet Hair Dryer
Quiet Hair Dryer

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