Best Range Hood under $200: Buyer’s Guide

If you like cooking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you will know that using a cooktop or the top burners on your stove can produce a lot of heat as well as steam. Having a good hood above your unit prevents heat, smoke, moisture, and grease from permeating throughout your kitchen.

Best Range Hood under $200

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When it comes to the right size for efficiency, your hood needs to be at least as wide as the ranger cooktop. This will also protect your cabinetry from heat and smoke damage. Units will mount either on the wall or under the cabinet. When selecting range hoods, it is best to have already measured your cooking surface before choosing a unit. Always read the specified requirements for the proper mounting height.

When installing, you can choose from several options. First, you will need to decide how to exhaust the air. Since the idea is to remove air, the best hood is only as good as its exhaust system. There are a few different configurations: vented or ducted, non-vented or duct-free. Vented or ducted requires ductware to channel the exhaust outdoors. Non-vented or duct-free uses washable and replaceable filters to clean and return the air to the kitchen.

Range Hood under $200

Another option to relieve your kitchen of steam and heat and other factors involved with cooking is a downdraft. Downdrafts are commonly used when there is no room for a hood, or a hood cannot be installed due to the distance from the ceiling to the range. Downdrafts can be installed like a hood with the same exhaust options.

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