Robotic pool cleaners are getting all the attention this year, and you might be thinking what happened to the generic pool cleaning methods. Well, using a robotic pool cleaner has a lot of perks, and you should consider getting one for yourself if you are looking to have a clean and chemical friendly pool all-year round. The robotic pool cleaners are not costly, they are environmentally friendly, and they help to save water.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for Inground Pools

Another advantage of a robotic pool cleaner is that they are the best when it comes to maintaining a pool without chemicals. They need low maintenance, all you have to do is plug and play. Most robotic pool cleaners are perfectly safe, so you don’t need to worry about any electrical hazards when the robotic pool cleaners are plugged in water.

Before we continue, there are various types of automatic pool cleaners. They are pressure side, suction side, and robotic pool cleaners. The first two types got their names from when they get hooked to your pool. Unlike the robotic pool cleaners, which needs a power source or an internally charged battery. This is a massive advantage over the pressure side and suction side cleaners.

The overabundance of pool cleaners has made it an impossible choice to pick. Every robotic pool cleaner has its ad- and disadvantages. This is because there are various designs and features available for different purposes. Once you have understood the elements below, picking the perfect robotic pool cleaner for your in-ground pool will be much easier.

Robotic Pool Cleaner for Inground Pools

Four-Wheels Drive Wheels

The four-wheel drive wheels of the robotic pool cleaners are not meant for driving off-road, but they still do an essential good job in navigating slippery surface along the bottom and sides of your pool. The wheels are made of rubber so they can get around your pool and get over bumps in your pool area.

Swivel Cord

Swivel cords are one of the things you can’t escape when it comes to automatic pool cleaners. The swivel cord is vital because it moves around your pool to climb stairs and vertical walls. It prevents tangles and keeps the pool cleaner moving.


The size of the robotic pool cleaner is an essential factor to consider when selecting a robotic pool cleaner. The bigger the pool, the more “advanced” the robotic pool cleaner should be, but you should vividly consider the fact that you’ll have to carry it in and out of the pool. If the robotic pool cleaners for your in-ground pool is too big, you might get a hard time trying to lift it in and out for the pool.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Energy Consumption Efficiency

Be sure to buy robotic pool cleaners that consume less energy. The bigger the pool cleaner, the higher the level of energy used. Try not to purchase pool cleaners that consume lots of power even if they cost less since they will eventually require more to operate over time.


Make sure your robotic pool cleaner is programmable before purchasing since the whole point to it is to make things easier for its user. Most quality robotic pool cleaners have programmable timers that allow the user to automate the robot. Just make sure to check it regularly.

High-Quality Brushes

The brushes of the robotic pool cleaners are responsible for cleaning and removing debris and dirt on the pool. You should consider buying the rotating rubber brushes or more hard-bristle brushes that can easily remove dirt from the pool.

Inground Pool Robotic Pool Cleaner

Sensors and Deflecting Features

This feature is very important for a robotic pool cleaner. Pool cleaners without this feature tend to get stuck in corners. This feature helps to prevent this.


Your robotic pool cleaners should be able to climb the sides of your pool and your pool stairs easily. It should also be able to clean the waterline for your in-ground pool.


Although they might be more expensive than most, you should consider buying a robotic pool cleaner made from quality materials. This helps to reduce the chance of breakdown. Make sure you also check the warranty of the product before purchasing it.

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