Best Spin Mops in 2022

You wring a mop by hand, dripping water everywhere, while the mop is still too wet for you to efficiently mop your floors. Sound familiar? This scenario is common among people that use a traditional mop and bucket. Do you want a mop that does not need wringing and cleans well? The answer to your prayers is a spin mop.

If your thoughts are that nothing matches the quality of the mop and bucket duo, we are here to counter them and showcase the benefits of a spin mop. One such benefit is that, due to its wringing feature, our floors will never be too wet. This means that your floors will not be too slippery and will last longer.

Read on to find out what makes each spin mop so effective, and the best option to choose.

The 411 on Spin Mops
What is the difference between a spin mop and a regular mop? The bucket of the spin mop has a compartment specifically designed to wring out excess water without any effort. The mechanism, by spinning, utilizes a turning force, and the extra water drops back into the bucket.

Although most spin mops work by putting the mop head into the spin basket and simply pressing down, other products will work differently. Others come with a pedal to activate the spinning mechanisms.

The more you activate the mechanism, the drier your mop will be. A just moist mop is a game-changer for cleaning. Read on to find out why!

The Spin Mop: Beneficial or Not?
The spin mop has so many benefits it renders the traditional mop and bucket obsolete.

No more slippery floors
A spin mop can make this problem non-existent. A properly wrung out spin mop is still damp enough to efficiently clean floors and will also allow them to dry faster.

If your mop is much too wet, the whole drying process of your floors will take forever. Also, depending on your flooring, it may even damage it. Wooden floors or those made of laminate material are prone to water damage.

Moreover, when water pools on the floor, dirt is usually left behind. Do not go back and forth cleaning when you can only clean it once.

Also, wet and slippery floors are dangerous for the family. Just imagine this scenario: you mopped your floors, and they have not dried for the past half hour. Someone comes into the room and slips, hurting themselves. Why take the risk?

Choosing to use a spin mop means leaving all these worries behind, while also having immaculate floors.

No More Wringing By Hand
No one enjoys touching the dirty water with their hands to wring the mop. The spinning mechanism does all the hard work for you. All you must do is get the mop head in the compartment and push it down. The mop is wrung in a revolutionary way while your hands remain dry and unfatigued.

What Features to Look For
Spin mops are forward in both design and use. Nevertheless, several features ensure efficiency, comfort, and convenience.

Splash Guard in Action
Wringing a spin mop that has no splash guard is like a dog shaking excess water out of their coats, splashing everything in its vicinity. The splash guard redirects the water back into the bucket and prevents it from splashing everywhere.

Adjustable Mop Handle
Most traditional mops have handles of a certain height, which cannot be changed. This can cause back pain for people that are either taller or shorter because the handle does not adjust.

This is where “telescopic handles” come in handy. Such handles can extend up to 60-70 inches and are perfect for tall people seeking to purchase a spin mop.

Drainage Plug
Full buckets are a hassle to empty after cleaning. Therefore, a drainage plug is a useful feature to have in a mop bucket. This plug allows the water to come out with a simple tug. No mess, no stress.

Soap Dispenser
Some spin mops have a feature built-in called soap dispensers. You may add soap or detergent to either clean your mop or cleaning solutions for your floors. This feature differs from model to model, so choose wisely depending on the size of the surface you are cleaning.

Durable Materials
The more durable the materials, the longer your spin mop will last. The best material for your mop handle is stainless steel in our opinion. It does not corrode and is very hardwearing. Aluminum is also a great choice as it is very lightweight.

The bucket may break or crack if it is made from plastic. The best choice would be buckets made from varieties of plastic such as ABS plastic or derivatives.

However, the most durable would be a bucket made from stainless steel. The spin basket is most prone to breakage so choosing a hard material is going to ensure that it lasts. Moreover, the stainless-steel bucket does not rust with water exposure.

Wheels and Bucket Handles
Dragging a bucket full of water across rooms is a tiring and inefficient task, resulting in spillage and back pain. We recommend you look for wheels and possibly a handle on the bucket while purchasing a spin mop.

This allows for easy movement while mopping down the house. These features are ideal for seniors or people with sensitive joints or back problems.

The Best Spin Mops of 2021
Below you will find the top five spin mops we recommend based on quality. We have spent hours researching the market and handpicking the best options out there.

These recommendations are based on our personal experiences, verified reviews from other users, as well as an in-depth analysis of what features are essential, and which are not.

1. Tsmine Bucket Deluxe Spin Mop
In terms of mobility, the bucket of this mop has two wheels and a retractable handle. One of the reasons we chose this one as the first in our list is the lack of effort required to move the bucket around the house. The bucket is made from light PP plastic, which not as breakable as standard plastic.

Another plus is that the stainless-steel spin basket is easy to operate. One must just push down on the mop and twist and the machine does the rest. It comes equipped with not one, but six mop heads, meaning that you will not have to buy any for at least a year. The mop heads are made of microfiber, which is known to clean efficiently and be absorbent. This mop is suitable for all types of flooring.

There is more: the bucket comes with both a soap dispenser and a drainage plug. Finally, the telescopic handle extends up to 61 inches for convenience.

Why We Love It

Easy to Move Around
There is no need to lug this bucket around the house, just pull the retractable handle to wheel it to any room. Moreover, it has a side handle you can use when your bucket is empty.

Drainage Plug
This feature means that you do not have to awkwardly spill dirty water from your bucket. Just place it over the tub or large sink and take out the plug. The dirty water should flow out, without any extra effort on your part.

Telescopic Handle
The handle of this mop reaches 61 inches, ensuring that it can be adjusted to anyone’s height. No more back pain from slouching when mopping.

Keep In Mind

Users Say It’s Difficult to Assemble
After receiving this product, many customers complained about the vague instructions and the difficulty of the assembly. Many turned to the internet for help, so be aware that assembling it may prove difficult.

2. Hapinnex Wringer Bucket Set
One of the reasons we like this spin mop is the easy-press spin mechanism. One spin, and you can start mopping.

However, the feature that makes it stand out from other spin mops is that the bucket is designed to be self-balancing. Spillages and tipping are both things of the past, and the bucket is easy to move.

You don’t have to worry about a thing with this mop as it is easy to use. The spin is made from stainless-steel, and there is a drainage plug that will empty the bucket in no time.

Furthermore, this spin mop is great because of its ergonomic design. The head swivels to 360-degrees, perfect for cleaning under furniture or in tight spots. The mop comes with two microfiber heads and a noodle glove that is great for scrubbing.

Why We Love It

The Self-Balanced Bucket: Easy Mobility
No one wants to lug around a heavy bucket that may tip over at any time. This bucket is supposedly the first one to be able to balance itself. The only thing you must do is fill it up to the line marked “max,” and the bucket does the balancing.

Splash Guard
The splash guard on this bucket is a nice touch. It prevents water from going everywhere, and it also can be detached for convenience.

Reusable Microfiber Mop Heads
The microfiber mop heads are ideal for flooring of any type ranging from laminate to hardwood. The reusable aspect of these is great as you can wash and reuse them for quite some time. Moreover, when they run their course, you can buy a pack of six from the company that sells the mop.

Keep In Mind

Not the Most Durable Bucket
Unfortunately, the bucket is made from low-grade plastic, so it may not be the most durable on the market. However, it should hold up if treated with care.

3. Favbal 360 Premium Spin Mop
If durability is what you base your purchases on, this bucket is a solid choice. It is made from thick PP plastic and will surely stand the pressure. The spin mechanism is a 304 stainless-steel dehydration basket.

More features to look out for are the two big wheels, the carry handle, and a pull handle that retracts for ease. The spin mop comes with six microfiber mop heads that attach to the plate. The company claims that the mop heads are so dense, that they absorb two times more water than regular ones.

Why We Love It

The spin mechanism is made from 304 stainless steel material ensuring that the bucket is durable and rust-proof.

Equipped With: Wheels and a Pull Handle
You no longer need to struggle to drag a full bucket around the house. This bucket comes equipped with a handle that unfolds and wheels.

Keep In Mind
Poor Mop Handle.
Unfortunately, the mop head is not up to par, according to other customers. The design is inefficient, and the product is lacking in this regard.

4. Twist and Shout Spin Mop
This spin mop is known for its weight. The bucket weighs in at almost 4 pounds, while the mop, which is made from aluminum, weighs around 1.5 pounds. It is very easy to clean under furniture with the 360-degree swivel head.

The handle extends up to 55 inches. In theory, it should last for over 60,000 manual pushes, making it durable. In addition, it is SGS certified.

The centrifugal spin is simple to use- you just have to push the handle down. It comes with two microfiber mop heads, both 14 inches in diameter.

Why We Love It

Comes with a Splash Guard
All the excess water goes back into the bucket instead of all over our clothes or floors.

Lightweight Design
Even though the bucket is lightweight, it is durable. The whole ensemble weighs 5.5 pounds, and the bucket is made from ABS plastic which means that it is less likely to crack than your average plastic bucket.

Effective Microfiber Mop Heads
The company claims that the mop heads may hold up to eight times their weight in water. The noodle design includes 8000 microfiber strands, which make cleaning effectively. The mop heads may also be washed in the machine at least 300 times, so you won’t need an extra one for quite some time.

Keep In Mind

No Pour Spout or Drainage Plug
One clear disadvantage when choosing this spin mop is that the bucket has no plug, for drainage, or a pour spout. Emptying this bucket will require a bit of strength.

5. Aootek Deluxe Stainless Steel

This bucket has a basket made from stainless steel, sporting a patented spin design. It is rust-free and durable.

Even though this bucket does not have a spout, it does have a drainage plug, so getting rid of the water once done cleaning is easy.

The telescopic handle is suitable for both short and tall people, ranging from 37 to 48 inches in height. The mop comes with three microfiber heads, manufactured in a noodle design.

Why We Love It

Reusable Mop Heads
The mop heads can be reused for up to one year, depending on their usage. Thanks to this spin mop, you can be environmentally friendly.

Built-In Detergent Bottle
The bucket has a built-in detergent dispenser you can use to clean your mop thoroughly.

360-Degree Swivel
Even if you have a lot of furniture, this mop comes equipped with a 360-degree swivel perfect for mopping under and around it.

Keep In Mind

The Handle’s Durability
The handle of this mop is quite inadequate, most likely to break. The durability of the joints between the plastic and the stainless steel is questionable.

Let’s Go for a Spin

No more struggling to wring out excess water. Pick up a spin mop today to convince yourself just how easy it is to use a spin basket as compared to the traditional mop.

Look for some of the key features we presented above to make sure the spin mop fits your needs perfectly. Such features may include a drainage plug, a telescopic handle, wheels, or a swivel mop head.

If you were to pick one today, which one would you choose? As we strive to please all our readers, please ask any questions and we will answer as soon as possible!

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