Best Surge Protector under $50: Buying Guide

Surge protectors are an invaluable asset to your home electronics and appliances. They not only provide organization for your collection of power cords, but keep your equipment safe from surges of electricity that can cause permanent damage.

Best Surge Protector under $50

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Point of view surge protectors are a simple way to protect your investments in your home. Power surges can affect electronics as well as home appliances in a few different ways. If lightning strikes your house, or more likely, comes very close, it can travel through the ground into power lines and straight into your electronics and appliances, damaging them internally rendering them useless.

To prevent this, we recommend purchasing a surge protector to guard your available electronic equipment and appliances. When protected, appliances and electronics will turn off during a power surge, preventing the electricity from traveling to anything plugged into the surge protector.

Surge Protector under $50

Surge protectors come in a variety of sizes and convenient configurations. Some of the newer models are designed to be thinner so they can fit behind or next to wall-mounted televisions. Newer surge protectors can also filter power to your electronics as well as double as a receiver for televisions and video components. Surge protectors range from single outlet plugins to multi-outlet models.

Some can connect to eight separate plugs, keeping each device safe. They can also protect coaxial cables which are typically used with antennas, cable boxes, satellite dishes, as well as phone lines. If you are eco-conscious, there are also new green surge protectors that save electricity by shutting down peripherals plugged into a TV when it is turned off.

Surge Protector $50

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