Best Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards

Crisp, wrinkle-free clothes really make a statement about the wearer. Even unconsciously, people notice a smart, well-kempt dresser. But let’s face it. Ironing is a chore. And what’s worse, you have to store an ironing board almost big enough to surf on in your house or apartment.

Sadly we can’t help you avoid the work of ironing. But we can help you keep the clutter down and save precious space by introducing you to wall-mounted ironing boards. These inventions help you save space while letting you keep that sharp, impressive look.

Below are some tips for choosing the best type of wall-mounted board for you!

Is an Ironing Board Necessary?
If you’ve ever tried to iron something on a desk, table, or even your bed, you know it can be done. But usually not well. The results aren’t as good and it takes longer than you’d expect. So to save time and actually get the job done right you need an ironing board.

How Do I Choose an Ironing Board?
Choosing the right kind of wall-mounted ironing board isn’t hard with our tips below! Here are some important characteristics to look for when buying one.

Since you are looking to save space, size is probably top of your list for characteristics buying a new ironing board. While we bet any board on the market will fit on your wall (if you live in a place where you can stand up), you need to check the dimensions of the space where you’d want to fold the board down.

Materials Used
Ironing boards don’t have to be the same old fabric with the same old patterns. Boards these days are made out of materials like wood or steel. These can actually add to the aesthetic of your place instead of being something you want to hide away behind a door.

Even hanging a picture on a wall can be a challenge to some of us. Some boards come with easier mounts than others. Make sure you take into account your skill comfort level before you buy. You can often find the instructions online before you buy to make sure it’s a project you can handle. More than likely you will need some standard tools for the job like a drill, skrewdriver, etc. You can also find this requirement before you buy. If you don’t have any tools, you can borrow the ones you need from a friend.

Don’t get stuck thinking “up” and “down!” Some wall mounted boards can swivel in several directions horizontally, letting you stay in one spot instead of walking to either side. If your space won’t allow it, or if walking to either side of your board is annoying, take a look at board models that have this swivel feature.

Ironing Board Covers
Like all ironing boards, wall mounted versions usually come with covers. As long as the size is the same, you can often use normal board covers for wall mounted boards. Here’s where your personal preference comes into play. How firm or padded is it? Can you wash it? If you don’t like the type that comes with the board, you can replace it with another.

Location, Location, Location!
While wall-mounted boards are small enough to hang anywhere, you want to be mindful of what works best for you and your space. Some ideas include next to a wardrobe. It’s where your clothes ‘live’ so you save time by not having to move them to various places in your home while ironing. Near a TV is also a good option. Ironing can get boring really quickly. So why not watch your favorite shows while knocking out a chore? No matter where you hang it, make sure there’s enough space for you to stand and move comfortably next to your board. And don’t forget the plug! Will your iron reach your board’s new location?

The Best Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards of 2021
We’ve reviewed 10 of the best wall-mounted ironing boards on the market using our own research and reviews from real customers. We hope this list helps you find the one that best meets your ironing needs and your home décor.

1. Slide-Away Maple in-Wall Ironing Board
This product comes with a hide-away cabinet with a double-panel door made from maple. The natural wood finish makes this a good choice for a rustic or shabby-chic décor. Your guests might not even realize this is an ironing board. The whole cabinet comes pre-built with the ironing board hidden inside. So all you need to do is hang the cabinet in the best location for you. You can remount the hinges so that the door opens from either side. Once folded down, the board swivels. Another great feature is that the cabinet has enough space to store most models of irons and comes with a heat shield so you can put your iron up without having to wait for it to cool.

Aesthetically pleasing
Door can open either way
Enough space to store an iron
Swivable board

Weight. At 38 pounds this option requires a sturdy wall for mounting.

2. Household Essentials Stowaway Ironing Board
If space is your main concern, this option may be the best choice for you. This ironing board also stows away in a wall-mounted cabinet, hiding the board when you aren’t using it. It’s smaller than many other models so it can fit in most areas. The downside is that board ironing space is smaller as well.

The board swivels allowing for more flexibility. The cabinet also lets you store an iron and other similarly sized items on two shelves. A potentially handy feature is that you can adjust the height of the board by two inches after installation to accommodate multiple users.

Variety of styles and colors available
Can swivel 180°
Adjustable height (2 inches) after installation
2 Storage Shelves and a clothing hook inside the cabinet

One of the more expensive options.
Low quality construction.

3. OfficeWinner Wall Mount Ironing Board Cabinet
This model combines several great functions into one unit. The board is built into a cabinet which includes three shelves and a dressing mirror. The cabinet is pre-built, requiring you to simply mount it on a solid wall.

Three storage shelves
Built-in mirror
Two internal hanging hooks
Sturdy ironing surface

Because it uses a standing leg, the height is not adjustable
No information provided on board cover materials

4. TT&CC Home Pullout Ironing Board
This wall mounted slide-out model can be stored in a number of places including inside wardrobes and cupboards. Because it folds up, these places don’t need to be deep. It is easy to install and moves in and out smoothly on its base. You can also store your iron on the model’s wire shelf.

Sturdy ironing surface
Easy installation
Ideal for steam irons

Comes with very thin board cover

5. Hideaway Ironing Board
Wall-mounted ironing boards are often smaller than standard ironing boards, which makes ironing shirts sometimes a challenge. The Hideaway Ironing board comes with a fold away sleeve board that helps solve that problem. It has a built-in clothes hanger and space to store your iron and other ironing accessories. It comes in unfinished maple wood, allowing it to blend into many different decoration schemes.


Built-in sleeve board
Storage shelves.
Built-in hanger
The board swivels 180°.

Some irons might not fit in the cabinet
Low quality hinges

6. Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center
The Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center includes a built-in power outlet and a plug, allowing you to plug your iron directly into the center. It has two shelves that are big enough to store your iron and other ironing accessories. The center has a 60-minute timer as an extra safety feature, a work light, a heat shield for iron storage, a clothes hook, and an electrical cord wrap.

Storage space of Iron
Built in power outlet
Adjustable height
Board swivels

Board only swivels in one direction
Extremely heavy (67.5 pounds)

7. Xabitat Compact wall-mounted Ironing Board
At 36.2 by 12.2 inches this model is slightly smaller than other boards, making it ideal for small spaces like studio apartments, walk-in closets, or utility rooms. While larger clothes items (jackets, long dresses) may need more space, this board is perfect for jeans, polos, t-shirts and other normal sized clothing. It is easy to install and is very stable. There’s also a convenient iron rest built in.

Small space footprint
Two color choices
Easy to install
Cotton board cover included
One-button click release
Sturdy ironing surface


May need a more sturdy anchor for improved stability

8. Superior Essentials wall-mounted Ironing Board

The Superior Essentials Ironing Board is made with high-quality steel with a wood mounting plate. The board folds in half and then up against the wall, saving wall and floor space. The board itself also swivels and is described as being a very sturdy surface to use. The included cover is detachable and washable. However, installation can be difficult. This model has to be placed on a reinforced wall. Various parts don’t exactly fit so you may end up visiting the hardware store to find replacements.


Board is made of high-quality steel

Very compact

Installation is difficult
Will not mount on drywall
Provided parts don’t quite fit together

9. Jcnfa-Shelves Wall-Mounted Folding Ironing Board

The Jcnfa-Shelves wall-mounted ironing board folds away into a cabinet with an external mirror.
It is constructed of a durable wood particle board (MDF) which is white on the outside and black inside.


Matches many different decor styles
External mirror
Installs easily


No in-cabinet shelving
No information on board materials or specs provided

10. Nisorpa Wall-Mounted Iron Board

This model is a great choice for space savers. It does not come in a cabinet but it can fold in half before it folds up, taking up less of your wall space. The board swivels and can be adjusted to your needed height. The board will also lock into an inclined position should you want that option. The Nispora also comes with a removable, washable cover.


180° Swivel
Adjustable Height
Locks into desired position
Can be inclined
Removable, washable cover


Provided screws strip easily
Needs a lot of bracing against the wall

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