Best Water Filtration Vacuums

Perhaps your current vacuum cleaner isn’t quite fulfilling its purpose. Perhaps it’s not reaching every corner of your house or maybe it has just finally run its’ course. Whatever the case may be, it’s time for you to wave goodbye to your traditional vacuum and welcome in the future: Water filtration vacuums. These vacuum cleaners are just as easy to use as regular ones, though they pack greater endurance thanks to being equipped with a water filter.

To keep your search for a water filtration vacuum simple, we’ve put together a list of the ones that we believe are the most suitable for a variety of homes.

What Is a Water Filtration Vacuum?
In terms of the task, it fulfills the same quota as your current vacuum cleaner and will clean up dust, crumbs, and so forth. However, rather than being tagged with a dust bag, these vacuums use a water filter instead.

How Does It Work?
It’s a simple and hassle-free process. The water will absorb the dirt and debris which is sucked up, eliminating it rather than allowing it to build up inside a dust bag. With the debris taken care of during the vacuuming process, it ensures that it will not blow back out through the vacuum pipe.

Why Are Water Filtration Vacuums Better Than Regular Ones?
There are various reasons why homeowners may consider either one:

Water Filtration Vacuums take care of debris instantly, meaning they have more space than regular ones.
With a lower risk of dust being cast out, the air around the vacuum is cleaner.
This cleaner air also provides a huge advantage for people with dust allergies.
The water absorbs most of the dirt, meaning it will be easier to empty and clean.
There is also a lower chance of the filter clogging up.
It is easier to suck up pet hairs as they will get stuck in the filter.
Whilst traditional vacuums are built more for dry messes, water filtration vacuums can be used for wet messes, as well.
These vacuums are also likely to be more eco-friendly.

The market is still small, meaning not many water filtration vacuums are available right now.
They are more expensive than regular vacuum cleaners.
The water filter makes them slightly heavier and therefore harder to carry.

Which Water Filtration Model Is the Best?
Despite the small market, there are already a number of factors to consider:

Vacuum Type
Water Filtration Vacuum models have two types: Upright and canister. While the upright models are more reminiscent of regular vacuum cleaners, they need to be pushed with each sweep, meaning that some buyers may prefer to go with a canister model since they will only require carrying when moving on to another room.

House Flooring
You should also consider what your house floor is like. If your rooms are primarily carpet-fitted, you will likely want a more carpet-friendly vacuum as opposed to one that is designed for wooden floors or tiles.

Usual Mess
Further consider what type of mess you, and any others you may have in your house, typically make. If you have pets, you should lean more towards a vacuum cleaner that is designed for pet hair, or if you host many dinner parties, perhaps a more thorough model for crumb-cleaning will be suitable for you.

If you have multiple stories in your home, a lighter model (which may be less powerful) is definitely worth considering for easier carrying purposes.

HEPA Filter
Whilst Water Filtration Vacuums are secure against escaping dust particles, it won’t cause any harm to consider investing in a model that has an extra filter if you have allergies.

Decibel Level
The average vacuum cleaner clocks in at making roughly 60 decibels of noise, so those with sensitive hearing may want to spend extra for a quieter model.

How much are you willing to spend on your vacuum? It will likely cost a considerable amount for you to find a vacuum that perfectly suits your needs. Affordable ones may still meet most of your needs, however.

The average warranty period for a vacuum cleaner is between one to three years, so make sure that your model is guaranteed to hold up for as long as you will need it to.

Which Water Filtration Vacuum Is the Best In 2021?
Again, the market for water filtration vacuums is small but is growing significantly. There are a lot of factors to think about, so now that we’ve touched upon them, we’re going to take an in-depth look at which factors are offered by which models in order to help you decide which one would best suit your needs.

For Apartment Owners: Quantum X Upright Water Vacuum Cleaner
This little vacuum cleaner folds right away into virtually any drawer or cupboard in order to keep it out of sight and out of mind. It’s accommodating for those who live in smaller spaces. Furthermore, if you find yourself moving in with new friends, this particular model is built like a traditional vacuum when unfolded, so they’ll have no excuse not to use it.

The Quantum X model is available in red, grey, and rose gold. Colors may not seem important but consider how a red model would not fit with mostly green decor.

This model is easy to clean.
This model is built with a HEPA filter.
The filter doesn’t need washing, only the tank.
Unlikely to clog
Telescoping Body – The body of this model extends up to four inches, which is handy for accessing difficult/crowded corners.
Adjusts To Flooring – If you are renting, it is unlikely that every apartment you stay in will have the same floor type. This model will automatically adjust to whatever type of floor (whether it be carpet, wood, tiles or anything else) to provide efficient cleaning no matter where you are.

The weight – Even in the most positive customer reviewers, there are still boundless remarks over how this model weighs a whopping 17 pounds, which is a lot for its size.
No hook – Another step away from the traditional vacuum, only more negatively, is that this model doesn’t feature a hook on which the power cord can be hung whilst the vacuum is in use.

For Carpets: Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 System
This is a brand that has always proven itself to produce models of exceptional quality. The Type 12 is no different. Not only has it received overwhelmingly positive reviews, but the manufacturers themselves recommend it.

One of the attachments included with this model is a power nozzle, which is both light and effective. It does an exceptional job at digging out dirt from deep within carpets, including even the most minute particles of hair, lint, and dust.

Leaves carpet feeling soft
10 Attachments – Including a dusting brush (for blinds and furniture), power nozzle (for carpets), upholstery tool (for furniture, stairs and windows), and a floor and wall brush amongst others
Purifies Air – After vacuuming your windows and walls, place this model in the middle of a room, pour water into the basin, flick it onto low-speed mode and breathe in deep as it purifies the air of all lingering foul odors and smells.
Active Edge Cleaning – The power nozzle is a state-of-the-art attachment that features brush cleaners on both sides to ensure a thorough job is done when cleaning skirting boards, room edges, and areas around (or under) furniture.

Price – of course, with all these amazing features, you’re going to have to pay a premium in order to own the Type 12. The price is fair for what it can do, though may still be enough to warrant an instant pass from budget buyers.
Difficult To Store – Whilst the 10 attachments are useful, it can be difficult to find a space large enough in order to keep this large machine out of the way.

For Pet Owners: Genuine Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner
Also coming from Rainbow is one of the most powerful cleaners on the water filtration vacuum market, with an overwhelming 72 CFM of power. Due to how potent this model is, we recommend it to those who have pets.

Unlike the Type 12, this model includes only six attachments as opposed to 10, though they are of greater variety, consisting of wands and hoses as well as normal tools. In fact, this variety of attachments may actually make it an even more effective option at removing the toughest of dirt and dust particles than the Type 12.

Cleans up wet and dry messes
Carpet shampoo system – This feature in particular is one of the coolest features of this model and is sure to a provide an effective means of restoring your home to its’ original condition.
Multiple floor types – A button is included which allows you to switch between carpet mode and hard floor mode. Rather than just being a luxury feature, it is more of a necessity to change mode otherwise the model becomes ineffective.
Cleaning stairs – In most cases, the only time when stairs come into play with vacuuming is when the cleaner is being lifted up them. With this model, however, the long hose makes it greater for cleaning the ridges.

This model is a refurbishment. Unfortunately, this is not a brand new model, meaning that it may not be as durable as other vacuums on this list.

For Hard Floors: Hyla GST Water Filtration Vacuum
This is another model which features multiple attachments, though they are primarily geared towards harder surfaces. It’s also another model which is effective for both dry and wet messes.

This vacuum’s mechanics mean that air will be left clean and dust-free after use, eliminating any unwanted particles in the air rather than simply just any dirt and debris on the floor.

LED basin – What may seem like just a cool and trendy feature is actually extremely helpful. The LED-lit basin is helpful for cleaning in the darker areas such as inside your car or underneath furniture that cannot be moved. You can also see how dirty the water filter is.
Fluorescent nozzle – There are also lights on the vacuum’s nozzles, which further provides visual assistance with poorly lit areas that are perhaps farther out of reach than the basin.
Powerful suction – The superior suction of this vacuum makes it one of the better models for thorough carpet cleaning and pesky pet hairs as well.

Price – At retail value, this is the most expensive model on this entire list. Even on offer or at a discounted price, it still costs over three times as much as some of the lower-end models on this list.
Irreplaceable parts – If certain parts of this model break or need replacing for any other reason, you’ll need to buy a new one as the company does not issue extra parts.

For RV Owners: Sirena 2-Speed Canister Vacuum Cleaner
This is another compact model that doesn’t take up too much space, though its capabilities are better suited to an RV than an apartment. Due to its size, the Sirena can easily fit underneath a bed or in a small cupboard while also still being a powerful machine.
It’s suitable for both hard floors and carpets, so it’s worth considering for anybody who owns an RV, as it will provide a deep clean regardless of your motorhome’s flooring type.

Different speeds – This model can be switched between high speed (which will quickly clean carpets, hard floors, furniture and effectively all materials), and low speed (in which the vacuum can be used as an air purifier which, whilst being moved around the vehicle/room, will eliminate bacteria, bad odors, and any other unwanted particles that loiter).
Easy to empty – The canister is see-through, meaning that it’s easy to see if there is a problem or if the water has become dirty enough that it is time to top it up. Furthermore, a separator is built into the tank, meaning that whilst you are emptying the water, larger debris will not surprise you by falling out and clogging your sink.
Powerful motor – This model packs a powerful 1200-Watt punch, allowing it to take on virtually any dust or dirt with valor.
Durability – Sirena assures that this model is built to last for a decade.

Tricky to navigate – The six attachments included, great though it may be, has been confusing for some customers to the point that a DVD needed to be included to explain the model’s function. An educational video is not what you should be paying for with a vacuum cleaner.
Cost-cutting plastic – Another problem with the attachments is that they are made of cheap plastic, as is the see-through canister. Customers have complained about these features cracking due to their weak materials.

For Attachment Enthusiasts: Polti Eco Steam Vac Dual Steam Cleaner
This model is suitable for those who either want to deeply clean every single aspect of their home or are just attachment enthusiasts that enjoy having the option available to them. With more than 10 attachments, this model can clean effectively anything that can be found in a traditional home, ranging from floors and walls to grouts and mattresses.

Steam cleaning – Whilst still technically a water filtration vacuum, this model also uses steam to ensure surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and even disinfected, though it vacuums too.
Anti-bacterial cleaning – Another advantage of steam cleaning is that stagnant bacteria and other harsh germs are wiped away during the vacuuming process and can be done on all surfaces as well, again ranging from the basics of walls and floors, though also in windowsills and shower doors.
Mattress deep cleaning – One of the functions of this model allows it to deep clean mattresses resulting in the removal of tough dirt and debris, leaving it with a fresh feeling for when you curl up on it at the end of the day.
Good for allergies – The British Allergy Foundation has verified that this model helps with allergies by removing up to 99.9 percent of known allergens on surfaces, meaning that homes are left safer and healthier places.

Tough to move – This is a heavy vacuum cleaner weighing 20.5 pounds, making it heavier than the other compact candidate (The Quantum X model). Hefting it up and down the stairs would be difficult, hence making it more viable for RV owners.
Price – This model is another big spend and is on the higher end of the water filtration market. Be prepared to part with a significant sum of money to own this model.

What’s The Difference Between a Water Filter And A HEPA Filter?
Think of it as being like a chain: Traditional vacuums are good at catching particles, but water filters are better, and HEPA filters are the best.

HEPA filters eliminate up to 99.9 percent of particles in even the smallest spaces and are also compatible with water filter vacuums resulting in an extremely reliable model. For those with dust allergies, it’s the best option.

Keep in mind, however, HEPA filters are expensive and will incur significant costs if this is the route which you want to take.

How Do I Clean a Water Filtration Vacuum?
Although water filtration vacuums are thorough, they should still be cleaned regularly to ensure maximum efficiency. In order to do this, you will have to disassemble some parts of the model.

Remember: Each model is likely to have subtle differences so always be sure to consult the manual before taking any action.

Part 1 – Rotating Brush
Ensure the vacuum cleaner is unplugged first. Then, use a pair of scissors to cut long strands of debris to help you pull it from the brush. If need be, remove the drive belt and housing plate to access sturdier strands.

Once you have cleaned the brush thoroughly, carefully put the pieces back together and do a test spin to ensure it is still functional.

Part 2 – Dust Canister
Empty all debris from the canister into a trash can. Then, use an old toothbrush or other thin object to pry at any debris that is lodged inside still.

You should then discard the dirt into a trash can as well before pouring the water down the sink if it is still in there. It may be worth pouring the dirty water into the drain after use if you cannot separate it from the gunk by any other means.

Clean the tank with a microfiber cloth before (if it is separate) inserting the canister back into its place.

Part 3 – Foam Filters
The majority of models can be washed with warm water and soap but be sure that you read the manual just in case there are differences in yours.

Part 4 – HEPA Filters
Holding the filter over a trash can, tap it repeatedly to ensure that all dirt falls from the filter and into the trash. Then, wash the filter thoroughly with warm water and soap.

Afterwards, allow the HEPA filter to dry before placing it back into the vacuum.

Again, always remember to consult the user manual as certain models may have different specifications.

Are Water Filtration Vacuums the Future of Vacuuming?
It would seem so! It may be time to leave your inferior and faulty traditional vacuum cleaner in the past, and instead consider stepping forward with a water filtration vacuum that cleans more effectively and removes a great amount of dirt from your home.

This is a market that is quickly expanding, and the models listed here today are likely just the start of a whole new generation of vacuum cleaning.

Remember, always consider the important factors when deciding on a water filtration vacuum: Flooring type, typical messes made, house/apartment/vehicle size, and so forth.

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