BISSELL 2503 vs. Ecovacs Deebot N79S: Robotic Vacuum Comparison

Liberate your life from the tedium of regular vacuuming. Join the vacuuming revolution and use a robot to do the cleaning for you. Watch as the Bissel 2503 Robot Vacuum or the Ecovacs Deebot N79S do the hard work of vacuuming and cleaning your home.

BISSELL 2503 vs. Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Bissell 2503

Use either of these hard-working self-regulating cleaners to see an improvement in your daily life. Both these robot cleaners can be considered entry-level models. Despite this, they contain a whole raft of useful features. A stylish circular design, a low profile to access hard to reach areas, various cleaning sensors, and many more.

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Ease of use

Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Enjoy unpacking a robot that is almost ready to use out of the box. Simply click two spinning brushes into place, charge the vacuum and let it start the work. This no tools and no programming setup allows you to start cleaning and enjoy your new-found leisure immediately.

Simplicity is at the very core of the Ecovacs design. Use a simple on/off switch to power-up your device and then press the auto button on the robot or the remote control. Your Deebot robot vacuum will then begin a thorough clean of your home. The dustbin is easily accessed meaning you can unload your dirt and debris pretty fast. You can access more advanced features through the smartphone app or on the remote control. If you just want a standard house clean, there is nothing simpler than the Ecovacs Deebot N79S.

Bissell 2503

For a simple, no thrills clean, the Bissell 2503 is also ready to go. It will work straight out of the box, arriving pre-assembled. After an initial charge time of 4-5 hours, you can simply press the start button, and your new robot helper will begin cleaning. Taking the extra time to pair the device with the accompanying remote is well worthwhile as it will give you more cleaning and scheduling options.

Ongoing maintenance and care are simple with brush replacement and battery replacement only requiring the click of a few tabs or a simple loosening and tightening of a Phillips Screw.

The dustbin is easily accessible making your regular routines fast and efficient.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S vs. BISSELL 2503

Deebot N79S


Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Discover the benefits of good suction paired with powered brushes as you are amazed at how well the N79S will clean your home. On hardwood floors and low-pile carpet, this little machine will quickly and efficiently power through your cleaning removing nearly all dust and debris. All this power with only 56 Decibels of sound makes for a great little cleaner that can run at nearly any time of day or night without being an aggravation.

For extra tough cleaning jobs, you can select Max Mode which will deliver double the cleaning power. In normal cleaning mode, the N79S will provide 100 minutes of cleaning time.

Plenty of time to clean most areas.

The unique 3-stage cleaning system using powerful suction, spinning brushes, and excellent air filtration means the best possible clean. Like most robot cleaners the circular design increases maneuverability around furnishings but does lead to the normal issues with cleaning corners.

Bissell 2503 Robot Vacuum EV675

Be amazed at the triple-action thoroughness of the Bissell 2503 Robot Vacuum. Cleverly combining its dual edge brushes, rotating main brush and excellent suction to power away from your dirt and grime.

With built-in filters, you can also enjoy the freshness of the air after cleaning is completed. Daring to go into even your most remote cleaning areas. With a low profile, it will sweep across your floors and carpets traveling with ease under furniture and around obstacles. The 100 minutes of vacuuming time per-charge are ample for cleaning most areas. If you have pets, they will love the sound of silence; this is a remarkably quiet vacuum compared to other robot vacuum cleaners.

With the same circular profile as most robot vacuums, the Bissell’s dual edge brushes are a very useful feature for reaching further into hard-to-reach corners.

Smart Vacuuming

Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Smarter than most entry-level robot vacuums. The Ecovacs Deebot N79S has a great range of features to help improve the ease of your cleaning. Automate your home further by using Alexa or Google Home voice commands to control your N79S. Set your cleaning needs remotely using the Ecovacs smart-phone app and wifi capability. Allowing you to schedule and monitor your vacuuming from any location. Enjoy the added advantage of being able to make customizations and receive error alerts remotely.

BISSELL 2503 Robot Vacuum

Bissell 2503

The motion guided auto-clean mode will make sure the robot reaches nearly all parts of your home. Specialized cleaning can be achieved by activating some extra clever features including single-room, spot-mode, and edge-mode. Trust and rely on the anti-drop and anti-collision sensors to be assured that your robot will keep working and be safe from driving over a ledge or taking a tumble down the stairs.

When the work is done, or the battery is getting low your robot cleaner will automatically make its way back to the charging station where after 3-4 hours it will be ready to start cleaning again. Unfortunately, it won’t tell you when the dustbin is full, this is something you will need to check. You will quickly learn to gauge how often the dustbin needs emptying according to your cleaning area.

Bissell 2503

For those who want a great cleaner without all the bells and whistles,the Bissell 2503 Robot Vacuum has just enough smart features, but not too many to get confusing. Without a smart-phone app, wifi connectivity or smart-home integration the Bissell 2503 relies on a customized remote control. Using the remote control, you can schedule the cleaning times to suit your busy lifestyle and choose from a variety of cleaning options. The auto-mode will provide a thorough clean of most home areas. You can also choose from more specialist cleaning modes like the spiral-mode, wall-mode, or single-room-mode if you have a particular cleaning need. For those who like to drive their own cleaner, you can even choose manual-mode.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robot Vacuum

Deebot N79S

The Bissell 2503 is clever enough to know when its cleaning work is done, or a low-battery requires it to return to the docking station for a recharge. A recharge will take 3-4 hours, and then your clever little robot will be ready to start working again.

The full array of sensors mean your Bissell will be careful not to drive over a ledge or down a staircase and will avoid most items. Your Bissell 2503 also comes fitted with bump pads for the occasional time that it does meet an obstacle. You will need to monitor the dustbin and empty this when it is full.

Work and Play

Enjoy more leisure time as either of these little robotic workers take away the tedium of daily vacuuming chores. Both these robot vacuum cleaners are silent running in comparison to many other mechanical cleaners. This is a real plus for pet-owners or for those folks who run their vacuums whilst they remain in the home. They both have excellent suction and perform well in nearly all cleaning tests and on most surfaces. With an approximate running time of 100 minutes, both these cleaners have plenty of power and time to clean most homes.

As entry-level robot vacuums, the Bissell and Ecovacs both contain all the necessary features you would expect. Including a full array of sensors, powered brushes, and excellent suction. They both have enough intelligence to thoroughly vacuum most spaces and return to their docking station for a full recharge. You will enjoy the fact that both these robots can be used with very little set-up and are almost ready to go straight out of the box.


Bissell 2503

Final Words

For those who want a robot that is a little bit smarter and can be better integrated with existing technology then the Ecovacs Deebot N79S is probably the better option. With its smart-phone app, wifi connectivity and integration with Alexa or Google-Home a defining feature. This feature is a real point of differentiation from the Bissell 2503 Robot Vacuum EV675.

If you want a robot cleaner that does a great job and is easy to set-up with its own customized remote control, then the Bissell 2503 Robot Vacuum EV675 will offer you the perfect solution. As some folks will tell you sometimes “less is more”.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Deebot N79S

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