BISSELL Multi Reach Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

This is our review of the Bissell Multi Reach Plus cordless stick vacuum. It has a lot of interesting features that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Let’s put it to the test. First, with the pros, it has a lot of cool features, including a big bank of LED lights on the cleaner head as well as two bright LED lights on the handle, which is rare. If you haven’t vacuumed with LED lights before, I can tell you they are way more useful than you might think.

We really liked its attachment set. It had a nifty, onboard crevice tool, a really high-quality dusting brush, as well as a wide upholstery tool that pivots. I also like the fact that the 22-volt battery was removable and you can buy extras at a reasonable price, which is rarity with cordless vacuums. It has a removable brush roll for easy cleaning, like with the Dyson cordless vacuums. You can also easily disassemble all the dirt bin parts for easy cleaning.

But probably the coolest feature is the multi-surface technology, which is an innovative cleaner head gate that on the forward push opens up to allow for large debris but on the backward pull closes up to apply maximum airflow to the floor. We saw this work best on hard floors where the Bissell really excelled. It not only had enough airflow to pick up heavy fine debris, including sand, with no issues, but it did great with pet hair as well as with large debris. In fact, it had the best hard floor performance of any cordless vacuum I’ve tested so far that did not have a soft roller.

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We should mention that while it ate up pretty much everything we put down, it did have a size limit, which was the extra-large debris, in this case, the fruit loops. But considering how well it did with everything below that size, I can’t hold that against it. You can see the multi-surface technology in action with the crevice pick up test where on the forward push it didn’t suck up the debris but on the backward pull with the flap closed it picked up the two crevice sizes in one pass, which is an amazing feat.

On carpet, it tackled every debris field with ease, including fine debris, pet hair, and larger debris, including the extra-large fruit loops this time. But despite it having stiffer bristles than most cordless vacuums, it still had very little carpet agitation, which is the same as every other cordless vacuum, but you shouldn’t expect it to deep clean carpets the way an upright vacuum does. But it certainly does amazing with surface debris on carpets.

It has better than average battery life. We tested it at 20 minutes and 8 seconds with the cleaner head attached. It’s not amazing but it’s not bad either. Its power was about average at 27 CFM at the cleaner head and 31 CFM at the wand, which is the exact same as the Dyson V10 on its medium power setting, which is pretty good.

So let’s move on to the cons. I’m not a big fan of its dirt bin, not just because it’s fairly small at two cups, the same as the Dyson V8, but mostly because you have to remove the bin to empty it, which is an extra step. But also because there’s no release button. You just kind of have to tug on the bin to remove it, which isn’t all that easy.

Also debris tends to get stuck in the bin. You should expect to have to dig debris out from time to time as it does find several crevices to hide in. It’s a small thing but the cleaner head is unevenly balanced, and while you don’t notice this at all when vacuuming, it does shift its weight to the side whenever you pick it up. It doesn’t really affect anything but it is a little annoying.

We as to whether the weight and handling was a con or a pro and I’m still not sure. It weighs the same as both the Dyson V8 and Dyson V10, which I consider light vacuums, but its weight distribution is odd.

In one sense, I like the weight distribution because the handle is toward the top and it’s way easier than the Dyson’s to use as a handheld, like for cobwebs on the ceiling. But you do feel the weight of the Bissell Multi Reach Plus a bit more on the forearm when vacuuming normally than with a Dyson, nothing too major, like with the Hoover React, but it’s still a bit on the heavy side. Oddly, the suction barely registered at two inches of water, but since suction is almost a non-factor compared to airflow, it’s barely worth mentioning but it still was odd.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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