BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner REVIEW 2085

Concluding our mini series on compact carpet cleaners we have the Bissell Turboclean Powerbrush Pet 2085 Like the previous carpet cleaner we tested its small its cheap and people seem to love it so links in the description for current prices and lets get started.

So before we get to the tests I should explain who the Bissell Turboclean is for, I mean Bissell has a lot of great carpet cleaners so why buy this one. The Turboclean is kind of like a spot cleaner, in that it is meant for people who mostly need a carpet cleaner for the little messes their pets or kids make, and don’t really plan on using it for large areas, Its better than a spot cleaner in mu opinion at least in that it does as good of a job and without having to get on your hands and knees and scrub really hard to get it done.

Its light at 12 lbs the same as its main competitor the Hoover Powerdash, and it operates the same in that you add hot tap water up to the water line on the clean water tank, and add the solution to the solution line. You Put the bottle back in the holster turn it on and start cleaning.

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You push the trigger which sprays the solution on to the carpet, and you want to make a pass or two while spraying the solution, followed by several passes without the trigger pressed to suck up the water from the carpet.

With our cleaning tests we applied Georgia red clay to a thick medium pile carpet along with red wine vinegar, green vegetable juice, bacon grease and BBQ sauce.

As with the Hoover tests I did not pretreat any of these stains but only used the basic shampoo that came with it in order to best judge the actual performance of the machine, but Bissell recommends pretreating any actual pet stains with their Pretreatment spray which is not included in the box but I will link in the description.

So after 4 passes 2 with water and 2 without, it tackled a majority of these really tough stains, it wasn’t perfect, but it was nearly identical to the Hoover Powerdash results at this point.

Since that first test took almost a full tank I refilled it twice more once jusy for the clay stain and once again for the multiple stain row. The results were surprisingly good considering I didn’t use any pretreatment and considering how tough these stains were. Though it was basically the same results as with the Hoover Powerdash. That being said I did prefer the Bissell over the Hoover for a few reasons.

As I mentioned in the Hoover review cleaning carpet cleaners after each use is pretty important and cleaning the Bissell, was quite a bit easier than the Hoover

For example Instead of removing multiple screws to clean the brush and top portion of the plastic cover as with the Hoover, there was only one screw with the Bissell and though like the hoover you have to remove the belt it was much easier to do with the Bissell. Also the removable piece was easy to rinse out, and all the major places that needed to be cleaned could be easily accessed unlike with the Hoover.

Besides that though, the Bissell has all the same pros and cons that the Hoover had. For example the tank is pretty small at a half gallon, so you could lightly clean an area the size of this 5×7 rug or even slightly bigger per tank, but really it would be a lot of emptying and filling the tank if you were trying to uses this for your whole house. As I said its mostly taking the place of a spot cleaner without the scrubbing, so its not really meant for big jobs.

Like the Hoover its tank is pretty tall so shallow bathroom sinks wont work, you need to either use a kitchen sink or bathtub to fill it.

I saw no major difference with dry time, which mostly depends on how much water you use anyway. The rug which I only used one tank on was dry the next day but the carpet which I used 3 tanks on took about 2 days to dry which was the same with both units.

So I really like the concept of these new compact carpet cleaners, and I think they do a really good job with stain removal, and I like this Bissell Turboclean better than the Hoover Powerdash even though they essentially performed the same. The main reason being Bissell was easier to clean.

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