Buying a Vacuum Cleaner, What To Look For?

House mites, dust or the hairs of your dog or cat. Every household and every floor requires a certain type of vacuum cleaner. One model is suitable for a small home and costs under $50, while the expensive powerhouses perform better in large households. What exactly should you pay attention to when buying a vacuum cleaner? AbZumo gathers the most important information for you.

First of all, it is a misconception that cheap vacuum cleaners are by definition bad. The cheapest models have a number of limitations, especially in terms of operation. In general, the more expensive models have more options, are more economical in use, often quieter and more pleasant to work with. Often they also have a smaller range. The range of a vacuum cleaner is the size of the area that you can vacuum, calculated from the socket to the nozzle.

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Different types of vacuum cleaners

Simply classified there are four types of vacuum cleaners, which we will discuss each below. The most popular type in the US is still the Upright model, but canister models become also more popular.

Canister model

Most canister vacuum cleaners have a cord, so they have a limited range. The canister vacuum cleaner is pulled after you and rolls along on the floor during vacuuming. Stick vacuum cleaners offer the most advantages and are suitable for both small and large households. There are both types with a permanent dust container that you empty once in a while, but you also have models with a vacuum cleaner bag.

Small households

If you have a small household, the cheaper models are suitable. It also has to do with what kind of floor you have: parquet and tiles are easier to vacuum than carpet. Hair stuck in the carpet requires more suction and sometimes separate brush heads are needed to remove stubborn dirt. The cheaper vacuum models often have a smaller range. The volume of the dust container and the amount of adjustment options are also limited. Think for example of the lack of adjustable stick length, which is annoying for tall people.

Energy Use

The cheaper models often use more energy than the more expensive ones. This depends on the motor wattage and the suction power. The wattage is often indicated on vacuum cleaners and indicates how much energy the motor needs to perform. A 1500 watt vacuum cleaner by definition does not perform worse than a 1800 watt device. Now that more attention is paid to the environmental friendliness of electronics, a trend can be observed in which the performance of vacuum cleaners is decreasing. Experts have proven in the past that the wattage has little to do with suction power. The nozzle and filters also play a role in how well a vacuum cleaner works.

Vacuum Cleaner for Families

If you have a larger household, for example with children and pets, you should choose a more expensive vacuum cleaner. They often have a longer range and are suitable for larger spaces. The effective suction power is important here. Don’t just look at the wattage, but think about the effective suction power.

A vacuum with suction control is a godsend in homes with different floor types. Smooth surfaces require less suction power. There are two ways in which the strength of the suction is determined: mechanically and electronically. The electronic works with a button or slide on the vacuum that you can convert, for example when you go from parquet to carpet. The mechanical suction control is in the handle and can be changed with a sliding knob.

Bag or Bagless?

There are two ways in which dust is collected: with a vacuum cleaner bag or a dust container. You remove the dust bag from the machine after it is full. A disadvantage of the paper bag is that the suction power decreases when it is almost full. In addition, it is sometimes quite a task to buy the right vacuum cleaner bag.

Each brand and type of model has its own size. Vacuum bags are relatively expensive: you only use them once. If you use a container, the suction power remains almost the same. The dust container can be disconnected from the vacuum at the push of a button and the contents emptied into the trash can.

For hygiene reasons, it is also nice that you can easily clean the collection bin. The advantage is also that it is easier to see whether the dust container is already full; this is more difficult with a vacuum cleaner bag. A disadvantage of a permanent reservoir is that it is easier to come into contact with the dust that has been sucked up, annoying for people who are sensitive to dust. Models with a removable dustbin are often slightly more expensive to buy, make more noise, but are cheaper to use.

Stick vacuum cleaners

The stick vacuum cleaner has the dust collection on the stick. Sometimes the vacuum cleaner is a combination of a handheld and a stick vacuum cleaner, because one is attached to the other. Nice about a stick vacuum cleaner is that they are mostly cordless, which gives you an unlimited range. A disadvantage: they have to be plugged in beforehand to charge. In addition, the handle is often heavier and therefore less flexible in use.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The latest type of model is the robot vacuum cleaner, which is equipped with sensors. A robot vacuum cleaner cleans your house automatically after you have programmed the device. You charge the robot in a charging station. With a robot vacuum cleaner you hardly have to do anything yourself anymore. However, they are expensive to buy. Moreover, they are not as precise when it comes to the range; they don’t get into difficult corners that essy.

Noise level

A new trend in vacuum cleaners is the noise produced by the device. Most vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise, sometimes up to 90 decibels. This sound volume is referred to as dB. The higher the number, the more noise it produces. The average machine produces a noise of about 85 dB, while 80 dB can already lead to hearing damage. Newer and more expensive vacuums are less noisy.


Are you allergic to dust? Then a vacuum cleaner with vacuum bags is an absolute must. This means that you come into contact with dust as little as possible. In addition, it is also wise to look at the type of filter. There basically two type of filters: one to prevent dust from reaching the motor (which can reduce the performance of your vacuum cleaner), the other to prevent dust particles from returning to the living room when blowing out air.

The best known type is the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. It cathes up to almost 100 percent of dust particles. This type of filter must meet certain minimum requirements in order to be named as such. This type of filter is relatively expensive: sometimes as much as 25 dollars. Another well-known type is the S-class filter, which stops very fine dust particles.

Both filters are recommended if you suffer from allergic reactions to dust. The following applies to the filter system: the larger the number of the filter system, the more efficient it works. There are also filters for neutralising unpleasant odors. The so-called ‘air clean’ filter with a carbon filter prevents odors from escaping and coming out of the vacuum.

Tips for buying a vacuum cleaner

See what kind of household you have before buying a vacuum cleaner. The type of floor, the size of the house and the number of people all play a role.

Do you have pets? Then choose a model with a high effective suction power.
Find out what attachments are included with the vacuum cleaner and what type of wand it uses. The telescopic wand can be adjusted in height, which is nice when more people use the vacuum cleaner.

The purchase of vacuum bags is expensive. Moreover, it is sometimes difficult to buy the right vacuum cleaner bag. Sometimes bags are more difficult to obtain after a few years. A permanent dust container offers a solution, but is less hygienic. A disadvantage: these types suck less and make a little more noise.

Are you not that strong and do you have a house with several floors? Then pay attention to the weight of your vacuum cleaner.

Buy a vacuum cleaner online

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