Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Out of the Dolphin Nautilus pool robot trio, including the Dolphin Nautilus and the Dolphin Nautilus CC, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is perhaps the best performing model. While the trio may have many similar functions and look similar, the CC models are able to clean within a shorter time as compared to the original Dolphin Nautilus. The CC Plus is basically an upgrade of the CC, where it comes with bigger filters and is able to cover a larger distance. If these features are important to you, the CC Plus would be an ideal choice over the CC with a small additional cost.

Perhaps what makes the CC Plus worth the more expensive cost is its excellent cleaning performance. In just 2 hours, the CC Plus is able efficiently clean the floors and walls of a 50 feet pool. This is a remarkable performance that is difficult to find from another pool robot in the market.

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The Nautilus Plus comes with the CleverClean technology which allows it to map out where obstacles, such as ladders and steps, may be. However, it should be noted that the Nautilus Plus would require time for it be able to map the surface of the pool. Once it is able to do so, you will find that the Nautilus Plus will be able to avoid the obstacles in the pool effectively.

Unfortunately, the Nautilus Plus can only move based on its in-built navigational system. There is no additional application or remote that will allow you to control its movement.

It would also be good to note that the Nautilus Plus is not designed to clean the steps and the waterline of the pool. However, some customers have left feedback that the Nautilus Plus did manage to clean the waterline and the steps of the pool at times. In spite of this, you will find that the Nautilus Plus will be able to clean the walls and floor of the pool very efficiently!


The flow of water in the Nautilus Plus has been improved to prevent any unnecessary expulsion of dirt. In many other models, you will find that they come with a rear-expulsion jet, which might expel the dirt into areas that are difficult to clean. For the CC Plus, the water enters through the bottom to go through the filters, and then exits through the top of the robot. This water flow allows for much lesser dirt to be expelled unnecessarily.

As for the filtration system, the CC Plus has 2 filters – a mesh leaf filter, and an ultra-fine filter. The mesh leaf filter is meant to filter large debris like leaves and sticks, while the ultra-fine filter is meant for small debris such as dirt or sand. The filters can be easily inserted and removed as they are loaded from the top.

Swivel Cable

With the CC Plus, you will not have to worry about the wires getting tangled because it comes with a swivel cable that is designed to be anti-tangle. Therefore, as the robot moves around, the cable will be able to rotate accordingly. Also, there is a floating buoy on the cord to ensure that the cable is always floating on the surface of the water.

This might be an important feature for many pool robot users, since there have been many complaints of cord tangling issues.

Active Scrubbing Brushes

The active scrubbing brushes of the CC Plus have large blades and a small mesh pattern between the blades. These features combined allow the robot to effectively remove both large and small debris. Also, the brushes are able to scrub at two times the speed of the rate that the CC Plus moves. Therefore, you will not have to worry that dirt will remain within your pool.

It is also really handy that the replacement brushes can be purchased. While subject to various circumstances, the brushes should be able to remain in good condition for a year. However, you should note that if the surfaces of the floor or walls are rough, the brushes will wear off faster.


With the CC Plus, you will not have to keep track of when you should clean your pool. It comes with a scheduling feature, where you can decide whether it should clean your pool once, twice, or three times in a week. For every cleaning session, it will take 2 hours. If you find that the pool is still not fully cleaned after a cleaning session, simply manually restart the cleaning function. These functions can be easily set through buttons on the robot.

Set-Up and Operation

Unfortunately, you might find that the instruction manual for the CC Plus might not give you enough instruction. If this is the case, simply go to the Maytronics website to search for a more detailed manual for your robot cleaner. You will also be able to find videos and diagrams that would be extremely helpful for you.

Steps to follow before you first start up your Nautilus CC Plus:

Step 1: Remove all plastic covers on the brushes.
Step 2: Make sure the cable is fully unwinded and that there are no tangles.
Step 3: Line the power supply 12 feet away from the longest edge of your pool.
Step 4: Attach the cord to the power supply by making sure the notch on the connector is in line with the socket groove, and then lock by turning clockwise.
Step 5: Plug the robot to the power supply.

Steps to starting a cycle:

Step 1: Place the robot on the surface of the pool and wait for it to sink to the bottom.
Step 2: Make sure that not too much of the cord is in the water – just enough for the robot to reach all corners of the pool
Step 3: Turn on the power supply to start your cleaning session.
Step 4: Press any of the 3 buttons on the power supply to set the weekly cleaning schedule.

Steps to removing the robot from the pool:

Step 1: Turn off the robot before unplugging it from the power supply.
Step 2: Pull the robot to yourself by tugging on the floating cable.
Step 3: Make sure that you remove the robot from the pool by its handle.
Step 4: Leave the robot on the edge of the pool till the water is drained out.

Customer reviews about the pros of the CC Plus:

Many customers found that the cleaning performance of the CC Plus was more than satisfactory, even performing better than much more expensive robots. The CC Plus was also able to clean pools of irregular shapes which was a plus point. They also found that the ease of removing the filters was very convenient. Some even mentioned that they manage to save electricity as they could turn off the pool pump and let the CC Plus clean the pool.

Also, some customers were happy that the CC Plus was able to climb pool walls well, with some lucky customers mentioning how the CC Plus also cleaned the waterline and stairs. Customers also expressed satisfaction at its ability to avoid obstacles well, and at its portability.

Customer reviews about the cons of the CC Plus:

Some customers have expressed their disappointment at how the CC Plus required 2-3 cycles to clean large pools effectively. While the CC Plus comes with a scheduling function, many customers expressed their discomfort with leaving the robot in the pool. In fact, Maytronics actually recommends not leaving the robot in the pool when it is not in use.

Some customers also didn’t like how there was no caddy provided, and how there was no supporting app or remote to control the robot. Additionally, certain people found that the robot not cleaning the waterline of the pool to be an inconvenience. Also, some customers noted how the robot could get stuck on small obstacles such as goggles.

Overall, the Nautilus CC Plus performs well for its price tag, as it comes with various upgraded features from the previous models of the Dolphin line. If you do not mind some of the shortfalls of the Nautilus CC Plus, it will be a good investment to make in a robot pool cleaner.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

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