Nowadays, there are few pool cleaners that compare to the new Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme. With a vast range of incredible features that help whip your garden pool into shape, there’s little that the Nautilus CC Supreme can’t do.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Robot Pool Cleaner Review

When it comes to thoroughly cleaning our garden pools, nobody wants to be the one left in charge of the back breaking work that comes with scrubbing algae from the walls or removing grit, small stones and leaves from the water. With the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme in your cleaning arsenal, you can simply sit back and relax and let this smart, sturdy, and durable pool cleaner take the lead.

With over 35 years in the business of making pool cleaners, Dolphin have had plenty of time to perfect their cleaning regime, so let’s take a look at the features of the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme and find out exactly what it can do for your pool.

Size and weight

Considering its wide range of features, you’d expect the Nautilus CC Supreme to be weighty and oversized. Whilst it is on the large side, and could be deemed as heavy, you’ll find that this pool cleaner isn’t over the top, and won’t break your back.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Review

Nautilus CC Supreme

Where size is concerned, the dimensions of the Nautilus CC Supreme come in at 23 x 19.5 x 13.5 inches in total, and it weighs 45lbs, which makes it just about easy enough to carry to and from its storage spot and place into your pool.

It’s not overly cumbersome in the water either. The Nautilus CC Supreme can turn on a dime, meaning no area of your pool will be left untouched, and, with its tangle-free cable, you can rest assured knowing that it will never become stuck in a corner and unable to complete its route.

With the Nautilus Supreme coming in at such a size, you expect great things from this pool cleaner, especially for the not-so-budget price, and you won’t be let down. Naturally, the size of this pool cleaner has been determined by the sheer range of features that it has to offer, so it makes sense that it’s bigger. The question is, are the features worth upsizing for?

An extreme clean

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme offers a triple threat when it comes to making sure your pool is left squeaky clean. It’s built to ensure a thorough and spotless clean on your pool’s floor, walls, and waterline, and does so by utilizing its powerful motors, three unique scrubbing brushes and its superior filter system.

You’ll find that the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme can take care of any garden pool of up to 50ft, and with such fantastic features, there’s no secret as to how or why.

Depending on your preferences, your pool can be cleaned in 1.5 hours for the most basic, quick clean, 2.5 hours for a standard clean, and 3.5 hours for a more enhanced and thorough scrub, so there’s still plenty of time to enjoy your pool after the Dolphin’s finished its rounds.

Simply plug the Supreme and let it clean. Because the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme works independently from your pool’s system, there’s no need to worry about the rest of your pool being in full working order.

With this pool cleaner, you won’t need to think about low pressure or a damaged pool pump negatively impacting how well it can work, because they’re left completely separate.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme

Nautilus CC Supreme

In order to keep your pool sparkling, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme utilizes its Dynamic Dual Scrubbing Brushes and its Center High Speed Scrubber to ensure that no tile or step is left untouched or grime or particle is left behind. These are powered by the Supreme’s intense motors which not only push the pool cleaner along on its route, but also ensure that the scrubbing brushes work rapidly, and scour the grime from the walls and floor effectively.

You also won’t have to think about using up too much energy either, because the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme has an operating cost of around 5 cents per hour, making even its most intense clean a cheap and sustainable option.

Once the grime and dirt is lifted from your pool, it’s sucked inside the Supreme and fed through two, extra-large cartridge filters.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Robot Pool Cleaner

Nautilus CC Supreme

These filters are so spacious, that they’re capable of holding onto a lot of grime and dirt scrubbed from the walls and floors, as well as debris found floating through the water, such as sticks, stones and leaves. Once they’ve reached their full capacity, you’ll get a notification from the Full Filter Indicator, which lets you know that the filters need emptying.

Once you get this notification, emptying and clearing the filters is a simple and mess-free task. Simply remove them from the machine and empty into a bin, then give them a rinse and replace, and they’re ready to go for the next cleaning session.

Worried about how much such a pool cleaner could end up costing you? You don’t need to panic about it using up too much energy. With operating costs of around 5 cents per hour, you can go ahead and clean to the extreme, because even its most intense cleaning cycle is a cheap and sustainable option.

An interactive clean

Nowadays, most of our favorite gadgets come with Wi-Fi capability, in order to make your life that little bit easier, and the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is no exception.

In order to use the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme to its fullest, you need to install the My Dolphin Plus app onto your Smartphone or tablet, which is easy to do. Both the app and the pool cleaner rely on Wi-Fi connectivity to work, which is fine – as long as you’ve got a good Wi-Fi signal in your home (or even at the office, for those times that unannounced guests decide they want to drop by!), there’ll be no problems at all.

Through this easy to use app, you’re able to command the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme to do just about anything you need it to. You can set advanced cleaning schedules for the following days or weeks, choose between cleaning cycles effortlessly, delay start times and even ask it to spot clean certain areas.

You can even decide what sort of clean you want, whether that be a quick clean that focuses directly on the floor of your pool, a standard clean that takes care of the whole pool, including the floor, walls and waterline, or even an enhanced clean that allows for extra scrubbing time during those dirtier months. That means minimal effort from you from the comfort of your sun lounger and a rigorous, perfected clean from the Dolphin. What could be better?

Nautilus CC Supreme

Nautilus CC Supreme

Contenders to the throne

Of course, there are numerous pool cleaners that you could buy that may give your pool a sparkling shine for a fraction of the price.

So how does the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme fair when pitted against its contenders?

Whilst the other pool cleaners have a lot of high functioning features that help bring the gleam back to your pool, it’s easy to see exactly why this pool cleaner is held in such high esteem. Its superb features outrank many of the features seen on its Dolphin predecessors, as well as other high quality makes of pool cleaner.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways it outshines them.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs Plus

For a good clean on a budget, you can’t beat the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, which promises to clean your 50ft pool in 2 hours.

Clearly, the CC Plus will have almost identical features to the CC Supreme, yet this comparison is just one more that shows you exactly why the Supreme is the superior choice.

For starters, the Supreme’s extra-large filter cartridges outweigh those from the Plus, which are smaller. No surprises there given that the Plus is smaller overall, but that’s not all.

The Plus has no Wi-Fi connectability, which means that all instructions need to be put in manually, and, with only the Standard Dual Scrubbing Brushes on the underside of the Plus, and no Center Scrubbing Brush, this pick could leave you with less of a thorough clean, even with its longer runtime.

Even just for simplicity and ease of use, as well as just how much dirt and grime the Supreme can take on, it beats the Dolpin Nautilus CC Plus.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs Plus

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs Dolphin Premier

Another contender for the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme, is the Dolphin Premier, and older variant of the Dolphin pool cleaners, but one that can give a seriously good clean in record time.

Whilst the Dolphin Premier gives an overall good clean with its impressive 4500 GPH suction rating and a cable length of 60 ft to hit every corner of your pool easily, it certainly lacks the intense cleaning power of the scrubbing brushes and powerful motors that make the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme so good.

What’s more, although the Dolphin Premier’s filtration system includes a supersize leaf bag, as well as a cartridge to help capture even fine debris, it certainly lacks the space and superior filter cartridges that the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme, which can carry twice as much gunk and debris from its rounds.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs Dolphin Premier

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs Polaris F9550

Finally, the Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner is another great pick when it comes to pool cleaners. It offers a wide range of features unlike some that we’ve seen on the earlier Dolphin picks.

This 4 wheeled drive pool cleaner includes a motion sensor activated remote control to help you give instructions, as well as a 7-day programmable timer to help you keep on top of its cleaning schedule. Of course, all of this is built into the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme’s smartphone app, which can help you track cleaning schedules and do so much more.

Another fantastic way that the Polaris F9550 can help keep you keep on top of your pool cleaning regime is through its handy Easy Clean Filter Canisters and Dirty Canister Indicator which are easy to clean and keep you informed as to when the pool cleaner can’t take any more debris, a fancy function that helps keep the cleaner well-maintained.

Whilst the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme doesn’t have such a filter indicator, its two extra-large cartridges do ensure that a back-log of built-up dirt and grime can’t occur, especially if you’re using the pool cleaner once a week and keeping the filters clean after use.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme vs Polaris F9550


When it comes to the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme, there’s no other pool cleaner that gives you quite the same amount of cleaning power and prowess that leaves your pool sparkling and ready to be used on those hot summer days.

With the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme, you can take the hassle out of cleaning your garden pool completely, and enjoy your freed up time relaxing or spending time with the people who really matter.

That being said, this pool cleaner is expensive, and certainly an investment piece for pools that are cleaned regularly. Whilst it’s certainly worth the money, and an incredibly sturdy and durable machine that will last you for years, if you’ve only got a small pool that keeps relatively clean and tidy throughout the seasons, the Supreme may be a little too luxurious for what you actually require your pool cleaner to do.

However, if you do decide to take the plunge, we have a feeling that once you’ve invited the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme into your pool, you’ll never go back. This smart and intuitive machine will work wonders for your pool’s hygiene and leave you dying to jump right in.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme