Dyson V7 Trigger vs. Shark Ion W1

Starting with weight, the Shark Ion W1 was the clear winner here as it was only 1.5 lbs compared to over 3 lbs for the Dyson and 2.7 lbs for the Pet perfect 2. I really liked the feel of the lightweight W1 but this sleek lightweight design does come with a cost.

For example the dust bin size on the Shark W1 was extremely small at about half a cup compared to about 2 cups on both the V7 Trigger and the Pet Perfect. It was small enough that I would say the W1 is really only meant for small messes not big cleaning jobs.

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The W1 did have a one button bin release which was pretty cool and seemed to work well, though I did find that pet hair didn’t come out quite as easily as loose debris. The Dyson V7 Trigger has the same bin emptying system found on most Dyson cordless vacuums which is fairly well designed and is not prone to stuck debris, though it does occasionally happen.

We tested their suction and airflow and found that the Dyson was the most powerful with 45 cfm of airflow on high power and 22 cfm on low power. The Sharks both only had one power setting and oddly the cheaper one, the Pet perfect 2 was more powerful with 43 cfm to the only 26 cfm on the W1.

The Dyson also had more suction power but the Shark W1 was pretty powerful at 64” of water lift. Which is higher than many upright vacuums.

Despite the lower airflow and suction the Shark W1 did really well on the various pickup tests, no it didn’t have the raw power of the Dyson V7 trigger but it did get the job done and without a single clog which was a big problem in the budget vacuum tests.

With things like carpet pickup and pet hair pickup the edge has to go to the V7 Trigger as it has the mini motorized brush which has an independent electric motor and is really useful for odd jobs like stairs or car cleaning. The Shark Pet Perfect also has a similar attachment, which good but not as good as the Dyson Min motorized brush, and the W1 only has the upholstery tool, which wasn’t all that helpful so its not going to be great for carpet oriented tasks.

One area where the Shark W1 excelled was with filtration, it was the only one to pass our filtration test with 5 micron particles though technically I don’t think the W1 has a HEPA filter only an EPA filter which is almost as good. The others do not have anything close to hepa filters, though it should be said that for a few extra bucks you can get the V7 Trigger Pro, which I will also link below, and it does have a hepa filter.

With battery life the W1 got 9:28, and the Pet perfect got 10:40, the Dyson got about 8 minutes on high power and 32:36 on low power.

When you consider their airflow though it seems the Pet Perfect had a better battery to airflow ratio, its also interesting that the W1 only got 9 and a half minutes at 26 cfm. I assume this is because they wanted to keep the weight down for the W1 so they didn’t include a very big battery.

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