Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S Robot Vacuum Review

Do you want to enjoy the best vacuuming experience? Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S could assist you in remaining on top of your housekeeping goal. It comes with some improvements on the previous versions, which makes vacuuming more relaxed and enjoyable. It cleans diligently leveraging its numerous advanced features. With its smartphone application control, voice command feature, and a streamlined remote with an onboard quick-start-feature, the cleaning adventure is adventurous.

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Systematic Cleaning and Visual Mapping

The Vacuum cleaner works as it uses the Smart Navi 2.0 technology. It is easier to navigate your home while cleaning to achieve efficient cleaning. The NAVI 2.0 also establishes a systematic cleaning path that is perfect due to its visual mapping system
It has the capability of cleaning up to 1100 sq.ft and above per cycle.
The three cleaning modes ensures a thorough and effortless cleaning while you focus on some other activities like watching TV or chatting.

Infrared Protection

Ecovacs leverages a tried-and-tested infrared technology. Thus, this vacuum cleaner comes with an infrared anti-collision device or sensors aside the Smart Navi 2.0 system. The 711S also possess anti-drop infrared sensors. These prevent collision with objects and dropping down the stairs.

It is designed in a conventional round shape and has a 3.2 inches length. This makes it reach a height where other robots cannot access. There is a protective cover on top of the robot that prevents scratches, and a pair of grip wheels that create traction on paths up to 0.63 inches in height.

Wi-Fi Enabled

When you install the Ecovacs Home Application on your device, you can control the robot from any location while you focus on something else. It is also possible to know its current location on a map in real-time. It is also possible to schedule cleaning, switch modes, guide the movement of the robot, and also obtain a cleaning report.

If your hands are busy, switch to voice commands. You can achieve this by pairing the robot vacuum with Google virtual assistant or an Alexa. This will help you instruct the robot to initiate and pause cleaning or go back to the dock.

Remote Control Backup

When your smart device is not handy, or your Wi-Fi network slows down, the Deebot 711S can still function. The manufacturer adds an efficient remote control. Although the remote does not guarantee access to the full array of features, you can even control the basic modes with the remote.

There is a button, and an indicator on top of the rob’s vacuum positioned vertically above the sensor. The single button helps in starting and stopping vacuuming sessions. The indicator communicates the connection status of the Wi-Fi. This makes it easy to set up or troubleshoot.

Optimised Brush System

The 711S’ brush roll is exceptional. The standard brush roll that has bristles usually accumulate twisted hair. 711S blush roll solves this problem. It has rubber blades coupled with bristles, and the V-shaped design makes the brush roll to have the edge over others in lifting power.

The spinning sweepers are nylon-made and provide multiple benefits. They do not shed with use, and they are capable of leaving your walls and baseboards scratch-free the nylon is also resistant to bacteria.

Durable Lithium-Ion

Never return home to a slowed-down robot vacuum with a dead battery. Ecovacs customized the Deebot 711S to naturally drive and position itself to the dock so that it can revive without your help. The utilization of a lithium-ion battery implies the robo vac will not lose suction as its battery charge drains.

The high-limit lithium-particle battery can work for 110 to 130 minutes on a full charge, which is about 1,100 sq. Ft. for every cycle. The run-time decreases if you switch on the Max mode. In case you use Max mode all over the whole period, the working time will be around 70 minutes.

Three-Stage Filtration

Allergy sufferers and pet owners will see a definite distinction in indoor air quality. The Ecovacs Deebot 711S’ canister contains a three-organize filtration chamber. This chamber incorporates a creased high-proficiency media that catches fine particles, a per-channel for huge molecule trapping and a scent killing carbon layer.

The container itself can hold more trash than most rob vac bins. This transparent dirt container has a 17.6 ounces capacity, adequately diminishing the quantity of trash-can trips and the personal time that goes with the trips. The container easy to slide from the side of the robot, and it adjusts appropriately.

More intelligent and Stronger

Ecovacs enhanced its current innovation to make a robot that is more astute and more grounded than its forerunners. The optical sensor and guide retention make for the exact route, while its smartphone application and VA compatibility give purchasers the required level of convenience from a robotic vacuum.


Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S Robot Vacuum Review


Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S Robot Vacuum

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S Robot Vacuum

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