Like almost every air purifier on the market, the Enviroklenz air purifier in this review contains a HEPA filter to filter out dust, pollen, pet dander, and other particles 0.3 microns and more substantial. The main thing that EnviroKlenz does differently here is that their hospital grade HEPA filters are enormous, they have 56 square feet of media, which is more than IQair and pretty much everyone else. The benefit of this is that the air purifier can absorb more particulate matter before needing to be replaced.

Enviroklenz has two models. The more expensive one we review in this article. It comes with 2 UVC lights which shine on the HEPA filter which kill living material like mold, mildew bacteria or viruses. Unlike systems that depend on destroying the organisms as they pass through the UVC light, the UVC light on the Enviroklenz is continuously shining on the microorganisms and cause it what Envioroklensz calls a “high efficiency of kill.”

But the real innovation with Enviroklenz is the way it deals with VOC. Odors and gases stuff too small to be caught by the HEPA filter.

To understand why their solution is unique, we have to follow the problems with the ways other air purifiers deal with VOCs.

Probably the most common way air purifiers try to remove VOC is with carbon technology. Carbon technology attracts VOCs and traps them, the problem here is that it is hard to tell when it is filled to maximum capacity and when it does fill up. Various environmental conditions can cause off-gassing or releasing the dangerous gasses it absorbed since they were never destroyed, only trapped.

In some cases, they treat the carbon with chemicals to try to destroy the VOCs, but that can contaminate the air as well. The process is not just the worst case scenario. It has been observed in several laboratory tests of carbon technology filters and is a real problem.

Another option for removing VOCs is Ionization. Ionizers release negatively charged ions into your air to stick to particles. This doesn’t eliminate or remove the chemicals, odors, or particulates. It just weighs them down.

Another option for dealing with VOCs is PECO and PCO systems, which uses light to excite the reactive material within the machine. The excited material then binds to and reacts with the chemicals and particulates that pass through the filter. The exposed reactions can result in several different byproducts to be released into your air. But more importantly, as we will see in the test section, it’s just not that great at VOC reduction, at least when compared to the Enviroklenz.

So Envorioklenz solved these problems by patenting a process called destructive adsorption, which is accomplished through another filter which uses three natural minerals. These natural minerals don’t just absorb the VOCs as the carbon filters do, but they also neutralize and breaks down the chemistry of the chemical compounds. It will make sure there is no possibility of off-gassing. Which as far as we know is unique among air purifiers, and as we will see it also outperforms other air purifiers in terms of pure VOC filtration efficiency as well.

Test Result

First, we measured the Airflow at the intake, that is how much air it was taking into the filter on each of its four power settings as well as how loud it was in decibels on each setting.

Interestingly we found that on high power it was registering around 62 cfm of airflow, which was mostly the same as the Dyson air purifiers we tested on their high power mode. The exciting part though was that the Enviroklenz had to pull that air through 56 square feet of HEPA media and, which means that its motor has to be much more powerful to achieve the same cfm.

As far as noise, we found that it was pretty efficient. For example, on its low power where it was pulling 24 cfm of air, it was registering only 48 dba. Either way its whisper quiet, but the Enviroklenze was more powerful with a minimal dba cost on low.

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