In this article, we will talk about the Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Upright-Style Vacuum. We put it through a lot of tests, and this article will be the results and our review. Let’s jump right into the pros.

This thing is very light and very easy to use. We personally like these upright style cordless vacuums a little better than the traditional cordless vacuums, at least in terms of the handling because the weight distribution is such that there’s virtually no weight on your vacuuming arm and it’s a lot less tiring on the forearm than the very lightweight Dyson v10, for example. We also like how these upright style stick vacuums stand up on their own, which is something that you will miss with a traditional cordless vacuum.

Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Upright-Style Vacuum

Another big pro with the Eufy HomeVac is the battery life. We were blown away to see it get 56 minutes and 45 seconds in low power, and about 22 minutes and 38 seconds in high power, which is significantly better than the Hoover Linx which was our first review in this series. It also had really good suction and air flow. We measured the air flow at the cleaner head at 38 CFM on high, and 26 CFM on low, and the suction at 41 inches of water lift which is extremely good for a cordless vacuum. In fact, it’s better than any cordless vacuum in its price range that we’ve tested so far.

Yet another area where the Eufy HomeVac beat the Hoover Linx was with the filtration. We were skeptical of the filtration claims because it was so cheap, but it passed our smoke tests with no leakage which was unexpected. Related to that, the build quality seems very good. It looks and feels like a more expensive vacuum. The materials are sturdy, and the components fit together well.

Another pro was its deep cleaning ability. Generally speaking, cordless vacuums tend to struggle with deep cleaning carpets, but the Eufy did quite a bit better than the Hoover Linx by scoring 88% on our embedded sand in the carpet test. It also did very well with edge cleaning, from both the side and from the front. In general, its pickup ability was very good on both hard floors and carpet as long as the debris was under a certain size. We tested it on both low and high power and didn’t notice too much of a difference between the two. It also did very good with pet hair on both surfaces, and it even did well with what we rate as small debris.

Eufy AK-T2401121

But of course, it can’t all be good news at this price so let’s move on to the cons. Because of its relatively small gates on the cleaner head, it just can’t pick up medium to large debris on carpet or on hard floors. This issue is compounded by the fact that the brush roll can’t be turned off. It has a low and a high power mode but no brush roll cutoff switch. And while the seal on the bottom of the unit prevents this from becoming an issue with hard floor pickup, which is good, it does mean that you can’t just pick up the vacuum to get larger debris because the brush kicks the debris all over the place when you try.

And because there is no hose, you’re stuck with either picking up larger debris by hand or disconnecting the cleaner head and vacuuming in this very awkward way. It’s not a deal breaker as larger debris isn’t a major part of vacuuming for some people, but for others who might need it for just that purpose, it would be a big problem.

Another con is the dustbin. It doesn’t have a button to release the debris but rather a latch so it can get messy. It’s a little more prone to stuck debris than the Hoover Linx but not too bad. It can be completely disassembled for deep cleaning, which is good, but you do need to make very sure you inspect regularly and keep the filter clean as it will cause a loss of suction if it’s not paid attention to.

Eufy AK-T2401121 Upright Vacuum

Another con might actually be looked at as a pro in some cases. We’ve read a lot of reviews, and there’s a consistent mention of a faulty brush roll that can break after a few months of use. Now, it seems that this was mostly the case with the older black version and they say it’s been fixed with the newer white version. However, the reason this might be a pro is that Eufy seems to have amazing customer service, like uncommonly good customer service, and they’re very quick to replace any faulty units. They do recommend that these units get regular maintenance and that you inspect the brush roll axles for pet hair tangles regularly, so that’s something to keep in mind.

One thing is that the charging time is pretty long, about six hours from fully drained to fully charged. We also don’t like that the battery is internal and not easily replaced. But on the plus side, we saw very few reviews complaining about battery problems.

So the Eufy HomeVac is unbelievably light and easy to use, really powerful, great filtration, it has good deep cleaning for a cordless, very good pickup for fine and small debris on both hard floors and carpet, and it’s at a crazy cheap price. Though it’s not for people who expect to have a lot of larger debris to pick up or people that don’t want to keep it maintained, and if you do have some issues, it seems that Eufy is very willing to make it right.

Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Upright Vacuum

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