Eureka Powerspeed NEU188A vs. Bissell CleanView

So lets start with the power, We tested their suction and airflow with an anemometer and found that they were extremely evenly matched. The Bissell Cleanview actually scored a touch higher on suction and airflow when measured at the hose, but this was because it had a 1 foot shorter hose than then Eureka, and thus a shorter distance for the air to travel, but when measured at the cleaner head they both had exactly the same amount of airflow at 31.3 cfm

So for this first round Im giving no points for power, since it was effectively a tie, but I am giving 1 point to the Eureka for having a longer hose.

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The power at the cleaner head was more than enough, in fact I was really surprised at the results of the crevice pickup test as they both did way better than the average upright vacuum, and here again no points were awarded since it was basically a tie as they both picked up every bit from both crevice sizes in 3 passes which was really good.

The Bissell did get a point over the Eureka with regard to attachments because even though they both had a standard set of attachments that conveniently were able to be stored on board. The Bissell did come with a suction powered turbo brush which could be the difference if you have carpeted stairs.

Before we get to the performance tests I will quickly plow though some more of the specs.

They had the same cord length at 25’ and the both had unusually large dust bins though the Eureka’s was a bit larger at 2.6l instead of 2 l on the Bissell

The Bissell did have a larger cleaning path width at 13.5” to the Eureka’s 12.6” and the Bissell has a longer warranty at 2 years to the Eureka’s 1 year.

The Bissell was about 3 pounds heavier that the Eureka though they had almost identical arm weight or vacuuming weight at the handle, and they both seemed relatively light, at least when vacuuming, but the Eureka get the point here for being quite a bit lighter overall.

The Eureka was a bit louder than the Bissell at 82 decibels to the Bissell’s 80 db.

As expected they both had very poor filtration, neither of them were sealed systems with HEPA filtration but at this price range that is expected.

The final spec test was build quality. They both were better that I was expecting for the price , and it was very close, but if I had to give the edge to one I would say the Bissell was better built if for no other reason than the bin components were slightly better and easier to disassemble for cleaning.

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