Today, many people work desk jobs. And, a desk job is a job that entails sitting at a desk for long periods. For many years, desk jobs weren’t much of a thing. Instead, most of the jobs that were available had something to do with manual labor.

Fellowes Corsivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review

Times have changed, though, and while there are still plenty of manual labor jobs, today there are more jobs that involve sitting at a desk and using a computer. This is especially true if you live in a big city.

While desk jobs haven’t been around for a very long time, people in various health-related fields have noticed various trends. Trends regarding obesity, back pain, heart disease, and diabetes. While these trends are complicated, and they stem from a variety of different sources, desk jobs, and their prevalence, is one key source.

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When you work from a desk, you aren’t moving. Since you are working from a desk, you aren’t moving for long periods, and this is known to cause a variety of different health issues. Health issues that only become worse, as you get older.

Using a standing desk, you are no longer sitting and subjecting your body to those health effects. Instead, your body is standing tall and upright, and this reduces the risk of those health complications. Standing desks have become incredibly popular in recent years, due to the recent findings regarding sitting and health.

Fellowes Corsivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk

In this buying guide, you’re going to learn about the Fellowes Corsivo Height-Adjustable Standing Desk, which is one of the best standing desks on the market!

What Does The Fellowes Corsivo Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Offer?

To start, the Fellowes Corsivo Height-Adjustable Standing Desk is unique, because it is a standing desk that also allows you to adjust the height of the desk so that it becomes a sitting desk. If you are tired of standing and want to sit, you can adjust this desk so that you can do that.

What is especially nice about this height adjustment feature is that it’s incredibly easy to adjust the height. There is a small lever, and you can pull on this lever, and it adjusts the height immediately. It’s a nice, sturdy desk, and the level is the same way, so you don’t have to worry about your devices falling to the ground when you use this lever.

Fellowes Corsivo Desk

You’re going to notice, as well, that this standing desk is quite large. It’s wide, while also being quite tall, and it can accommodate quite a bit of equipment. If you have two large computer screens, you can easily set them down on this standing desk. You also have room for a keyboard and mouse, as well as various other accessories, if you attach the keyboard platform. Using a device channel, you can set your smartphone and tablet down, as well. This allows the entirety of the desk to hold all of the devices and equipment that you need so that you can perform your job in an adequate manner.

Many people have chosen to go with the Fellowes Corsivo Height-Adjustable Standing Desk because not only is it a very well-made and well-designed standing desk, it’s also inexpensive and incredibly easy to set-up. The desk comes pre-built. It’s in a large box, and you can pull it out of the box and place it wherever you like. The desk only weighs thirteen-pounds, so it isn’t difficult for you to pick the desk up and move it around. If you set the desk up somewhere, and you want to move it to another space, then you can easily do that.

As for the general visual aesthetic of the Fellowes Corsivo Height-Adjustable Standing Desk, it uses the color black to create a very neutral tone. This neutral tone is simple and very basic, but it looks nice, and it goes with just about everything. No matter your decor or visual preferences, this standing desk will go with it, and it won’t make that decor look weird or ugly.

Fellowes Corsivo Adjustable Standing Desk


Ultimately, the Fellowes Corsivo Height-Adjustable Standing Desk is a great standing desk. It’s a great standing desk that is easy to set up, easy to use, comfortable, practical, while also offering a significant amount of space for you to set up your devices and equipment.

If you’re looking for a good standing desk that isn’t too expensive, but offers comfort, space, and ease-of-use, then the Fellowes Corsivo Height-Adjustable Standing Desk is a great choice!

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