GarageMate Review

Are you a garage owner? Well, we can say congratulations to you because life has been easier. You no longer have to go through the stress of a garage remote anymore; like when you forget to change the batteries of your garage remote or buy new ones, and the awful moments when you are frantic because you lost them. With garage remotes your garage is insecure, it can be easily hacked, especially when you give them to someone who shouldn’t get a hold of them.

Have you thought of opening your garage with your phone; Your Android or iPhone device? With GarageMate, you can open your garage on these devices using Bluetooth. Most devices from 2013 have Bluetooth 4.0 and even later versions on them.

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GarageMate and Garage Remote

GarageMate, in comparison to your garage remote, is very safe and secure. First, it does not need Wi-Fi or an Internet connection. This means that you are not bothered by Internet insecurities, just your Bluetooth security alone. You also have the password security for the ultimate security. You could also decide to let your ‘guest’, such as your family or your friends in, using a password.


One of the many amazing features of the GarageMate is that you would find it super simple to install. Installation would take you little or no time at all. To install, first you have to connect your garage door opener to the GarageMate Receiver. You would find that there are only two wires (red and white) that you have to connect to your garage door opener. It is important to note that this connection does not alter your other connections like a wall switch if you had one or your garage remotes.

It only gets better; GarageMate is simple to use and efficient. You can have it connected to more than one garage at a time, and you can control these garages with just one App which is on your device, and you can also pair up multiple devices to one GarageMate. The App itself is simple and user-friendly. It works using one-click control. And yes, the App is free, all you have to do is install it on your phone.

Open your Garage With your Smartphone

Great Features

To open your garage door opener with the GarageMate on your phone, you have to make sure that the receiver is on. Also, your device’s Bluetooth must be on. You go to the App, and you would see a button, which happens to be the main garage door button. All you have to do is to click it. Yes, it is that simple. The opening of the doors works as far as 30 feet from your garage.

With GarageMate, you save a whole lot of money. Your Android or iPhone serves as your remote, so you do not have to buy batteries at all. Also, using the GarageMate is like having eight garage door remotes for just the price of one. Remember also that the App is free. It all doesn’t come with any extra costs.

GarageMate Test

Final Words

One of the great things about the GarageMate is that it is compatible with a vast majority of garage door openers having only a few exceptions. Most garage door openers are made to have a standard walk switch, and GarageMate readily opens all.

Open Garage Door with Phone

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